Saturday, May 5, 2007

Weekend Reflection~

  • Amanda was inducted into the National Honor Society Tuesday evening. She will now begin doing hours of community volunteer work. She will be able to count her hours in Montreal (mission trip) and also hours doing therapy with Izzy.
  • Make a wish foundation volunteer came over this week to get information to plan Izzy's trip to Disney world this Fall. We will be gone for 7 days/nights! Very exciting.
  • I actually followed my menu plan completely this past week.
  • The chicken cream cheese enchiladas were delicious! and I made a little extra chicken and used it for taquitos to freeze. They were great too.
  • The pork chops & mushrooms were really good too, the family loved them! I served them with baked potatoes and there was a lot of gravy.
I'm thankful for~
  • God's promises.
  • My family.
  • My IRL friends.
  • My bloggy friends.
  • Y-O-U!!!
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic week for you. I almost stuck to my meal plan completely. I forgot the pineapple for the polynesian meat balls we were supposed to have last night! What an awesome thing that you get to go to Disney! I wish I could go! I didn't get to do Time Travel Tuesday but I am going to try to this week! Love ya!

Mimomma said...

You are an inspiration to me and to all those, I'm certain, who have ever had a child suffer a near death experience. I take strength in the fact that you recognize GOD IS ABLE to lift you up. My prayers now include your sweet family!
Congrats to Amanda! A very very special, truly earned honor!
My heartfelt thanks and love,

Sheryl said...

What a wonderful week! Congrats to your daughter for her NHS induction. How exciting to take Izzy to Disney world!
WTG on sticking w/your menu.
Love your new template :) Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie-- I got some of my Spring Fling pictures posted to my blog. I hope to have more posted later today...

Have a Super Sunday!

Irritable Mother said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the new template. When I visited here the other day I thought, "Hey, this is new, isn't it??" But then I thought, "If it isn't, and I say something about liking the new look, Annie is going to think I'm loopy." So I didn't say anything.
Sooooo, now that you've confirmed it for me, I love your new template! :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting ~ going to Disney! I know Izzy will have a wonderful time!

Hope this week is just as nice! :o)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

WOW! Great week. Congrats to Amanda!!


Julie said...

I just love reading your blog! It makes me feel closer to you instead of 5 hours away. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Oh wait, that is next weekend, isn't it? Guess I had better start birthday shopping for Ave. 9 years old, can you believe it?
Do you feel like highlighting my hair while you're here? I'm thinking Sat. morning early I will drive up to see you. Then we can spend the morning and you can see Thurman in the afternoon. I don't think Will is up for Thurman just yet, so we'll have to pass this time.

Gotta run- Will is calling!

Anonymous said...

We're going to Disneyworld this fall too! I am sure you are as excited as I am. I think I already told you this, but I love your new look!

Michelle said...

Your blog makeover looks great!

Mandalyn said...

I didn't know that the Make a Wish Foundation was planning Izzy a trip to Disneyworld. I think that is wonderful!! Your family will have a great time!

I'm glad you had such a good week!

LoveMyStarr said...

Lots of great things happening! Have fun on your upcoming trip! God is good!!

Kim said...

I love how organized this post is! Your new look is so pretty (I think I told you that already, but just in case)...

Great job sticking to your meal plan last week; I didn't have a plan. How pathetic is that? I've got one jotted down for next week. I'll post it in the morning.

Have a super week!

Sonya said...

Wonderful week Annie! I am always encouraged by your posts and how you always come back to the Lord no matter what has happened to you during the week!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like a great week - congrats again to Amanda. I bet that was fun, to start planning the trip to Disneyworld :)

I LOVE that you follow up with feedback on the recipes. I'm going to have to check on those enchiladas, yummy :)

Hope this week is equally fantastic!