Monday, April 30, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday~A NEW MEME!

Welcome to the first edition of Time Travel Tuesday. In another attempt to get to know all my fellow bloggers a little bit better, I thought it would be fun to learn about your past.

Each week I invite you to join in remembering a certain age from your past.

This week we will focus on the age 12!

What was a popular song & movie when you were twelve,
what is a memory you have from that age?

I was 12 years old in 1981.
The #1 and #2 songs were Hall & Oats, "Kiss on my List" and Rick Springfield "Jessie's Girl."
The movie "Chariots of Fire" won the academy award that year for best picture.
I was in 7th grade at Choctaw Junior High. I was boy crazy, liked makeup, my church youth group, and boys!
I remember going to the Tulsa workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my best friends' Patty, Rachael & Robin. It was a church sponsored expo with booths and speakers, but the four of us thought we were too cool for school and wondered around trying to find cute guys to talk to the entire time.
I also remember Mrs. Calhoun's 7th grade English class and will never forget her singing, "l-y, l-y, adverbs." Another fun memory was being in Drama club and getting to play the lead in our little play. It was so much fun and was one reason I majored in Communication Education.
This was a fun little trip down memory lane and I can't wait to read about when you were 12 years old.




Joyful Days said...

Okay, Annie! I played. "When I was 12" is up over at my blog. What a trip down memory lane.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Annie! I will try to think on it and get something up later today!

Coach J said...

Oh, Annie, you're really pushing it here!! :)
I've got a full day, but will get up something this evening.
My past is not the best; the fact that I made it through and I'm forgiven is the only reason I can talk about it!!

Amberly said...

I'm not great at remembering specific ages, but I did have some vivid memories from age 12. I have mine posted!

Anonymous said...

Goodness me! What a memory you have! I honestly can't remember much from my childhood. Yikes ... either I'm old or just failing in the memory department, LOL.

I enjoyed reading your memories, though!

Quietromance said...


This was sooo fun! I cannot wait to do more of them! Also I really liked reading your memories. :-)

I wish I had a picture of myself at 12...yours is gorgeous.


Barb said...

How fun, Annie. On this very day in 1981, May 1st, I gave birth to my second child. Let's see. I was 12 in 1962. Ugh.

What a cutie you were in 1981. Still are, of course. :-)

sheryl said...

I'm actually so relieved that others don't have specific memories of age 12...thought it was just me ;)
I posted what I do remember thanks to the internet jogging some of those memories.
Fun stuff!

Michelle said...

what a neat idea! I missed it this time, but hopefully I'll be able to participate next week! I was 12 in 1985 and in 7th grade, gosh that seems sooooo long ago LOL

Julie said...

How fun! I will have to sit down and think about this tonight. I was 12 in 1988! : )

We got home late this afternoon. Everyone is doing well and we are looking forward to American Idol tonight~ Jon Bon Jovi!!!!!!!!!!


Coach J said...

OK, mine's up. It's really amazing how much you remember once you start writing!

Irritable Mother said...

Twelve for me was in 1983...and if I wasn't so tired, I would try to remember what happened during that year.
I will definitely jump on board with this meme in the future. Unless you pick my rebellious years...I might skip those. I'm on board with Coach J, being thankful for forgiveness!

Corrie said...

This is a great idea! I will definetely play in the future. I've been reading some of the others and they are so fun! Thanks for thinking of this!

Mimomma said...

1967, Folks! Oh well, I guess I;ve earned the right to wait so late to finish my post seeing's how all you young chicks are the ages of my Kiddos!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to say that you looked so cute at 12 years old hehehe.
I was 12 years old in 1990 ;)

kim said...

I just played Annie--sorry so late! What a fun topic to write about. I was 12 in 1973--some of you ladies could be my daughter! Yikes! Thanks for hosting this....