Monday, January 14, 2008

a tag... I'm an open book meme

Got tagged over at Mel's World for this fun meme!

If your life was a book, what Genre would it be and why?
Non Fiction, quirky with a little humor.

Would it be a stand alone or a series?
Definitely a series! Many many chapters in this book!

What would the title of your life’s book be?
My Life as Annie would be the first book, Drowning in Faith would be the second...

What’s the spiritual theme of your book?
Trust God, through it all just trust Him!

What would your goal be?
To grow in maturity in Christ.

What’s the motivation for your goal?
Pleasing God.

Who’s your hero?
Jesus Christ. My savior, and healer.

What’s your conflict?
Leaving behind my past and breaking through into the present.

Who’s your antagonist?

Where are you in your life’s book? (The beginning, middle, end, have you reached your black moment, are you into your resolution?)
The middle!

Is there a happy ending?
Oh it's wonderfully happy and praise worthy!

And now what is a Meme without a tag
It's a fun meme, I hope all you guys do it (let me know though so I can read yours!)

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Nancy Face said...

I loved your answers! :)

Mel's World said...


I am SO glad you did this meme! I love it! It is always a great way to get to know each other!


Vader's Mom said...

That was cute! Loved your answers.

oh amanda said...

I like! What great titles for your books!

(ps--I'm getting an error message on my bloglines about your blog. It wasn't showing any updates. I wonder what's up with that?)