Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Monday .... some memes & stuff.

It was a pretty good weekend.  We kept baby Will for Julie on Friday night.  Her sweet neice's life came to an untimely ending last week and the funeral was this weekend.  Please keep their family in your prayers, such a sad situation.  

Ten Things

Saw this over at Weaver mom and thought it would be fun...

1. Babysat baby Will...
2. Got a Christmas tree.
3. Went to church.
4. Cooked corn and green bean casseroles!
5. Trimmed Bailey & Emelia's hair.
6. Took a nap.
7. Went to dinner at mom's house.
8. Saw Julie.
9. lots of laundry.
10. Taxi-ed kids.

9 things on my agenda this week:
1. Rearrange furniture in den.
2. put up Christmas tree.
3. Wrap gifts.
4. Clean house!
5. shop for groceries.
6. make a menu.
7. balance checkbook.
8. catch up on bloggy friends.
9. clean out car.

8 shows I've watched (last week):
1. Andrew Wommack
2. 20/20
3. Amazing Race
4. Rachel Ray
5. Sesame Street
6. Dora
7. Backyardigans
8. Amazing Grace

7 things I cooked last week:
1. Green bean casserole
2. Corn casserole
3. turkey
4. dressing
5. gravy
6. spinach dip (not actually cooked...)
7. cinnamon rolls

6 things I read this week
1. bible
2. email
3. Andrew Wommack devo book
4. GH Mag.
5. Sale ads for black Friday
6. children's book

5 Reasons to be happy today (in no particular order)
1. It's Chilly outside
2. Christmas music is playing on the radio
3. God loves me.
4. I'm healthy & so are my kids!
5. I have great friends.

4 things I need to buy:
1. a laptop :o)!
2. cereal for Izzy.
3. groceries!
4. snack for Izzy to take to school for this month.

3 people I saw this weekend:
1. Julie
2. Alex (her daughter
3. Dylan (bailey's friend from out of town who spent the weekend here)

2 things I am thankful for right now:
1. God's love and forgiveness.
2. YOU!

If you haven't done this yet, consider yourself tagged! (If you do it, please let me know.)

"To Know Him" has started a new meme.  It is know and tell Friday!  It's Monday, but I'm going to participate anyway!

What makes you crazy?
A messy house &/or car!!!
It drives me mad to be in chaos!

Best brand of jeans?
I dunno!  I'm so very tall that sometimes I just buy them in the men's department so I  can find 36 or 38 in. length.  I like levis, but don't have a favorite right now.  I'm thinking about trying a new brand!

What do you do on rainy days?
Carry an umbrella and put my hair in a ponytail! :o)!
Not much else, wish for a nap... love naps on rainy days.  It doesn't happen often enough!

Remember to come back tomorrow to travel all the way back to your Thanksgiving memories!  I'll have to put on my thinking cap.  (I sound like my mom saying that :o).


Anonymous said...

What fun memes! We have several things in common, but one is that we both watched Backyardigans last week. It is a favorite at our house (I think it is cute too)!

Momma Roar said...

Boy you are tall. I buy my hubby 30" pants - but he has a long torso. But, everyone is tall to me - I'm just 5'1" :)

Sonya said...

Wow, you really are tall. My hubby also wears 30's.

I love both of these memes. I'll try and do the first one and get it posted tonight.

Jodi said...

Fun meme's!! I did the first one, come and see!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks Annie for participating in my MEME...come back every Friday when you get the chance... I know you are busy :) I shall be back tomorrow for Time Travel...

gail@more than a song said...

We kinda, sorta have a tree up...nothing else on it though!
I watched Amazing Race too, love it. A laptop sounds good.
Jeans are hard to buy for short people too!

Tori :) said...

Great meme! MIssed reading your blog last week. I'm playing catch up now. :)

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Hi Annie,

I'm trying to catch up a little out here and my word, I got so behind, I didn't even know about Amanda's accident. Amazing both our daughters are Amanda and mine was in a horrible wreck this morning too, as you know.

I'm still in complete shock that my Mandy wasn't hurt in a wreck that completely totaled her car. God is sooo good.

I know all about whiplash. It's really painful and I hope your Amanda recovers soon.

Fun memes you've done here.

I have to say, you may quite possibly be the only person I know who is busier than I am. I didn't think that was possible but I'm convinced you are ALWAYS going at a pace I could never keep up with. LOL

oh amanda said...

Cinnamon rolls?! Can I come over?

Yvonne said...

That was a great meme. Loved it.

My goodness you must really be tall!!!!

Nancy Face said...

It was sweet of you to watch the baby. That is so sad about Julie's niece.

These were very cute memes! I really enjoyed them! I know you've asked Lauren how tall she is, but I DON'T know if she ever told you! She is 5'9"...not exceptionally tall, but her friends range from 4'11" to 5'4"...and her boyfriend is her exact same height. That makes her feel really tall. ;)

Penless Thoughts said...

Fun read, Annie!! I haven't been around much, do to the exciting events in our lives, but hope to be back on track soon.

Marcia said...

Hey stranger

How are you doing?

This was such a fun meme.

Just popped in to say Hi before off to bed (11.12pm here)