Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First 7 ~ now 8?

I don't know how the 7 random things meme became the 8 random things meme, but it has and I was tagged by Allie over at Allie's Musings to do this (edited to add and Baba's blog) ... I'm thinking you guys are going to know more about me than Matt if I keep doing lists. I also think after doing the 100 things about me post and then the last few I am about random ed out, but because I love a good meme and cannot skip a tag I am going to dig deep for 8 random facts about me.

  1. I love Parmesan cheese, the real kind that has parmigiana ragiano (sp?) stamped on the side. I could eat it plain anytime!
  2. I like it dark in the house. I get teased about it from everyone because I keep all the lights off. Matt comes home from work and starts turning lights on and it bugs me. I don't like overhead light. I like light from some lamps, but overall I like it pretty dark. I even read without light most of the time.
  3. I like to smell soap. I get stuck in the soap aisle at the store smelling soap. When I was pregnant I carried soap in my car and smelled it often, I even had the desire to taste it (weird huh?).
  4. I like to give advice, most of my friends know this and must like me in spite of it. I always have a solution to a problem (almost always).
  5. I don't like anyone to mention the animal which is being eaten during a meal. It literally turns my stomach and I cannot eat another bite. Like if someone were to say, "pass the pig." I would get up and throw my food away. Yes, I know where it comes from I just don't like to think about it.
  6. I have the amazing ability of compartmentalizing my feelings. I can literally tuck a thought or feeling away to be dealt with at a later time or never.
  7. I hate trash. It stinks and is icky. I don't like driving beside a garbage truck, or walking by a trash container.
  8. I love cute pjs. There is nothing better than taking a bath/shower, using lots of good lotion and spray, and putting on cute pjs!

Okay, that was harder than I thought it would be and I'm pooped. I would maybe resist posting these weird facts about myself but since Corrie said she liked the smell of skunks, I think I'm okay :o).

Who to tag, who to tag, more like... who will do this? YOU are tagged, please leave me a comment so I can come read yours too.

And, while your still with me after all this... any suggestions about where to travel next week for TTT would be appreciated. I have several thoughts but would like some suggestions.



Sandra said...

LOL Annie we have a LOT in common I tell you, reading your list was like reading something I wrote myself LOL

Thanks for sharing, it was fun reading :)


Anonymous said...

Me too! I have a a cute pj collection. Cute pj's are incomplete if you're not wearing cute socks, too! LOL!

About the mention of the animal when eating! Here we go again! Me too! It makes me ill! I always like to say my meat is grown in a veggie garden! :o) I went for YEARS not being able to eat meat that I had prepared. Looking at it raw just left me sick feeling. No way I could eat it!

Allie Boniface said...

Hmm...7...then 8...it's like the telephone game we played as kids, only in cyber-space, I guess.

Loved your list!

Sonya said...

I love cute pjs, I like to smell soap, and trust me, if we are having fish, no one can mention it! I cannot eat it if we talk about it during the meal! I'm not sure why but it makes me physically ill to think about eating the fish!

Coach Jenny said...

how blessed you are to be able to tuck away feelings for a while, and then deal with them. I cannot.

Barb said...

Well finally! Someone else who knows overhead lights are tacky. I love the ambiance of soft lighting with lamps. My family teases me all the time about having to grope around in the dark. I hate overhead lighting.

And you should see me when we're having fish for dinner. I can see my aquarium from the dining room table. You should see how hard I struggle to NOT look at my fish.

Eight? This had better not be turning into eight. I've been tagged by three people for the Random SEVEN. And I'm sticking with seven. Like you, I've already told everyone every single thing they didn't want to know about me so it's hard enough to come up with seven random things. LOL

JennaG said...

You remind me of my sister--only she can't eat any meat that she has seen raw. Her husband has to do all the meat cooking. If he can't, then she has a vegetarian meal. I don't guess I've ever known anyone who carried a bar of soap around just to smell it! funny.

gail said...

Cute pjs are an absolute essential!
It is getting hard to do these things.....finally got my other one done you tagged me for but I left some of them off because it was long. Hope that's ok!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

It's funny you like it dark in the house. I HATE it dark!!! I LOVE light, especially natural light...so, I open the curtains, blinds and windows as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

You and my husband would get along well! He turns out all the lights, and I turn them all on (plus I open all the blinds as well)!

Anonymous said...

You and my husband would get along well! He turns out all the lights, and I turn them all on (plus I open all the blinds as well)!

Michelle said...

I had to laugh about your "pass the pig" comment! Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned there was supposed to be a Hawaiian Luau dinner at the club on base (that was cancelled)? Well I was telling my hubby what was on the menu and it mentioned some description like luau pig (I know it was luau but you know what I mean)...I told him I wasn't going to eat that. He said what? You get ham! I said yeah when it's called ham!! LOL Not just whole pig!

jtcosby said...

I hate the dark...and you make me laugh, it is so much fun to read your blog! ;) As for TTT, what is is? Then I can help you figure out where to go, SURE LOVE TO HELP!!!!

Irritable Mother said...

It isn't that I *like* the dark so much as it is I get used to it. Very often my husband comes home at the end of the day and I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner without having turned the lights on. He flips the switch for the ceiling and under-the-counter lights and says, "You know, I did install lights in this kitchen!"
Yes, dear. Thank you!

I've already done this meme, but tomorrow I'll be posting my 100 Things. Come and see!

As far as TTT, I think both Coach J and I met Jesus at 18. I'd like to travel there sometime.

Susanne said...

That was a great list. You should smell the soaps that are on sale at our local art gallery. Someone has a homemade soap business and they are lucsious I tell ya! You'd be in soap smelling heaven.

the night owl said...

hi Annie,...Thanks for doing this tag.I am confused now...7 or 8...I like it dark ,when I am watching TV, or a movie on the DVD.I went to a pig picking cook out once,and refused to eat it,after I saw the pig with his head on and eyes looking at me....
I think a bar of soap under a car seat would smell good...Take care.