Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Today was a good day. I took Izzy to school. We were only late enough that the doors had just been locked, but one of the sweet teacher's assistants came to let us in so it was all good... I saw the chance to run by panera and then to target and I took it!
Panera was out of souffles (artichoke & spinach) double rats! But, I got a cinnamon crunch bagel and some hazelnut cream cheese and kept going... to Target! I thought I would just walk through the clothes to see if any tops or anything 'jumped' out at me. Usually when I am in the mood to find a perfect something it just doesn't happen so expectations were fairly low. The opposite happened I was grabbing shirts left and right! Then capris, then t's... I thought well, I'll go try them on and that will end this. It didn't. They were all pretty cute. I have hesitated to buy the high waisted tops in the past because I don't want anyone to ask if I'm pregnant and be embarrassed and as a result embarrass them so I just didn't... but, there were cute ones today so I couldn't resist. Like this one...over a white little t of course, but what do you think? (also remember I am over six feet tall so it's not quite that long on me...)

I got a brown top and another green top and a white t and khaki capris and jean capris and then it was like common sense set in and I'm like, "hello, you have a basket full of stuff! What are you doing?" So, I called Matt (at work) and said something like this..."hey matt, how much money were you planning to spend on me for mother's day?" and he said something like this, "why?" and I said, "well, I'm kinda at target and have several things that are cute and was trying to decide what to get..." to which the love of my life replied, "get them all." with a delayed, "how many things are you getting? oh well, it doesn't matter... get them all." I did. Thanks honey.

So, I wore the one you see above over the little white t, with the cuffed denim capris that looked oh so cute in the mirror at target and I just didn't feel so cute in it. I realize this post is completely trivial, but anyway, now I'm wondering if I made a bad decision going with the high waisted almost maternity type tops? I love them on other people, I just don't know if they are me... I will say that Emelia and her little friend who went to church with us both said how cute the top was which either means it looked cute, or I was in a top made for a 9 year old girl. (or both?)

So, I want honest opinions. No sugar coating.

Church was good tonight. The songs were awesome, the message was great. I came home and watched Lakeesha go home from American Idol and then sent all the kids to bed. It doesn't get any better than this right?



Anonymous said...

LOL, you crack me up! You remind me of myself when I had the urge to shop for clothes. Maternity clothes just don't get me that excited, LOL! As for the top you're talking about ... I'm sure you looked super cute! The girls would have told you otherwise, I bet. Even if they thought you looked like a 9 year old, they would have let ya know, LOL. I, however, think they're cute on others, just not me for the reason you mentioned...maternity ...have I mentioned I don't enjoy my maternity clothes all that much? LOL! I have an idea! Take a picture of you in the outfit and let us see!! I'll take a pic of me in my maternity clothes and post it if it makes ya feel better. That way you can see for sure that what you bought DOES NOT fit into the maternity category, LOL!

You enjoy the rest of your evening. It's after midnight here and I'm wide awake. David's on nights this week and I don't like not having him here this late, *sniff-sniff*! :o(

Amberly said...

I say go for it! I'm loving all of this long stuff that's in style right now! No more shirts that don't reach the top of your pants! And I love Target's clothes! Sounds like you had a blast!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I love long tops, but I agree with Carrie--we need to see the outfit on you! :)

JennaG said...

Yep--let us see it! You could ask Amanda--since she is older and would probably be completely honest--my oldest would anyway. She loves to tell me about my fashion faux pas! I'm glad you were able to have some Annie time and found some things you wanted.

Anonymous said...

I love it when I can hit the shops by myself. I think you probably looked great in your outfit! I just bought one of the high wasted shirts yesterday. I really like it so I don't care if someone asks if I am pregnant! Surely people have caught onto the style and would not be so silly.

Irritable Mother said...

"Oh well, it doesn't matter...get them all." What a great guy!
I often feel like I *shouldn't* buy things for myself - that's pretty common among moms, isn't it? When my hubby tells me to just get a new outfit, I feel like he's just given me the biggest, best gift ever.
Yea for Matt!
And I'd like to see the picture, too.

Sandra said...

I LOVE that top and would SO buy it Annie.

I love the high tops and I'm not pregnant either but if it looks good why not???

I say go for it, I LOVE long tops, I'm not into the short above the waist ones, they just do nothing for a body image unless you're a supermodel LOL

Sheryl said...

I sooo had to laugh when I read this...I've had the same conversation with my honey! We are definitely blessed women!
As to your're tall and thin and you're worried about how you look???!!!
Girl...try being short and ...ahem..."plump"...then you would worry about the "maternity" look! ;)

amy said...

Cute...I love this blog and the song playing.We are huge Casting crown fans. Im okay with however American Idol goes down now. They are all good but since learning Jordyn played with Michael W Smith this past christmas, we love her..SHe was awesome in December.

Sounds like you have been busy

Jill Norwood said...

I have the same thoughts about those long loose tops. I think they are so cute on the hanger and on other people. I'm tall, too, and I think they look better on taller people. I'll bet it looked really great on you.

CoachJ said...

I'm sure it looked great, but just to be sure, could you swing by my house and model it for me?
How very nice for Matt to say buy it all, honey!!!

Haley said...

I bet you looked wonderful! But I totally know how you feel about second guessing clothes purchases.

As far as my opinion on the maternity tops...well I am all for them right now. HEHE

gail said...

Target has some cute stuff and I bet all your new stuff looks great! You'll have to show us some pics!
Those tops are the style now so plenty of people will be wearing them. My girls are pretty good about telling me what to wear and not wear, especially my oldest one...and sometimes the older they get (and me!) they tell me for sure!

Michelle said...

good for you for buying some new things for yourself! I think the top looks great!

Marcia said...

Annie, I agree with everyone. We want a photo!

But quite honestly, I am sure you look stunning in that top (I was almost horrified to read you want to go on a Weight Loss Challenge).

That said, I'm feeling guilty enough to do the Weight Loss challenge myself. Have about 3.5kg to lost (nearly 8 pounds) and unlike you, I don't have the height to pull it off. I'm 1.58m (don't know what that is).

And your husband is such a great guy!

Dawn said...

Hi Annie,

I have several, but now I guess I need to go to Target and look. I bet they are really cute on you.

Tom did almost the same thing with my Brighton stuff, I just said Collin picked these out for me, which was the 4 pieces and he said yes, I knew he would. I think I told you I got the Bibi collection.

Happy Mother's Day to us!!!!!!!

Susanne said...

Those type of tops of very much in style right now and seeing you're so tall I'll bet it looked great. *sigh* I have to go shopping. Everything I have is old, old, old and I've gained weight so it dosen't fit, but I so dread going. Where is Stacey and Clinton when I need them?