Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random ?'s from Carrie ~ Pre-K ~ Bear

Today has been another great day! It is again shortly after two and it feels like a full day.
This morning Izzy's SE teacher Barbara (whom I LOVE!) called to check on the casts... to which I told her what happened yesterday and then she wanted to schedule her IEP. Now, IEP's are always something I don't love to do, but the team that works with Izzy are so amazing it really is painless. Anyway, Barbara said that Margaret (speech therapist)

pause... rewind...

Almost two years ago on enrollment night for Izzy's first day in her special class, I went to meet the teachers and take her supplies. I met Margaret the speech therapist and said, "Oh, you'll be working with Izzy?" to which she replied without a smile, "Yes, it will be a challenge." Now this didn't go over very well with me. I didn't want her near my Iz with that attitude!

pause... fast forward...

said that Izzy really does take in a lot of information and that she needs more input... So... they are enrolling her in the normal Pre-K class for Fall! She will be scheduled to go back to her other class some if it is too hectic... but, isn't it wonderful? Margaret has completely changed her attitude about Izzy and has become a champion for working to help her.
I am just mouth dropped open amazed at how God works things out when you give it all to Him. My prayer is that Izzy can walk into her pre-K class next Fall!

The session with Bear went very well and I am glad again that we didn't have casts. He showed us a technique using Chinese acupressure that by pressing on a spot of her calf, her foot flattened naturally. I was amazed by this! We learned too much stuff and I hope that I can retain half of it to work on this week.

On another note, Carrie has sent out these random questions (how fun, right?) and I saw that Jenna and Melody answered them and I am just getting around to doing it.

1~ Look around!! Describe to me the very first handmade *gift* your eyes run by that was made for YOU from one of your children. Then, tell me why you have it displayed where you do.
Well, I have pictures on the fridge of Emelia and Izzy that they made at school. I can't see anything else sitting around. I suppose I'm a bad mommy in that sense :o(.

2~ Looking back on our childhood, we all can remember something we *always* wanted as a kid, but just never got. What is the one thing you can still remember to this day that you never had the *joy* of receiving?
A swimming pool. I always wanted a pool in our backyard. My dad finally relented and we had help putting in an above ground pool that was built inground so it was deeper on one end. We left for vacation and I couldn't wait to get home and finish filling up that pool. There was a freak tornado that came through the last night we were gone, the only damage done was that pool was destroyed. My dad took it as a sign and would not put in another one. (he got me a water bed instead)... Anyway, odd that my own backyard pool is what caused izzy's near drowning. Maybe I should have listened the first time? The pool is still here. I take care of it, chlorine etc. It is hard sometimes because of what it represents to me. I have a hard time getting in it at all. We felt like it was an important lesson for our other children when the accident happened... they asked, "Are you going to destroy the pool?" And Matt replied, "No, we're going to build a fence around it and keep it locked. The pool is not responsible, it was just an accident." The kids still love swimming and are the first to ask if we can get it ready for the Summer.

3~ What is one phobia that you have that others may find silly? I'm not talking fear of snakes. I mean *silly*, as in, others just don't get why on earth you're scared of *that*?
This was easy... GERMS. I am a total germphobe. I carry antibacterial gel in my purse, car, every room in my house. I wash my hands a lot... My kids hold their hands out every time we get in the car for their squirt of gel. I rub it on the basket handle at stores... I am over the top freaky about it.

4~ Name one saying that you made up out of the blue. Nobody in the general public would know what you meant by it but your family is all too aware of exactly what you mean when the words spout out.
"My cousin came to town." This is what I tell matt to let him know it is 'that time' of the month.

5~ You have the power to grant one miracle to someone outside of your own family. This miracle can not be frivolous. Who would you grant this miracle to. What would the miracle be? How would you go about granting it?
Since Izzy is in my own family and Jenna and Melody already used her :o)... I think my mind is on Heather right now. I would take that tumor right out of her brain instantly.

That was fun! The way this is supposed to go is for anyone who wants to be randomized by me to let me know in my comments. I will come up with 5 questions for you and you can answer them on your own blog. Join in, it's fun! And let me know when you have your answers posted so I can come see! And thank you, Carrie, for the questions! I enjoyed it.

OH! One more thing... I checked the update a little bit ago and the love offering for Heather was at $5150 at 1:30 p.m. CST!!! Isn't that awesome?

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Kim said...

I am so happy for you that things are going well for exciting for her to do the "regular" Pre-K classes. I loved your random questions. If you want to make up some for me, send 'em on...

I hope you're having a great day!

jdoriot said...

This is wonderful news! I'll be praying about the IEP...we only had one with Gus and because he was so young it was not really a big deal...but a lot of work! lol!! I think it's great that Margaret sees that Izzy is wonderful and worthy of her help. And I love that Bear showed you the accupressure that helped to flatten her foot...I'll be praying that you are able to retain all of this new info! lol!! I have a feeling you'll do just fine!!

Mandalyn said...

I'm so glad that everything has worked out--despite the "hiccup" in appointment times!!! I've been thinking of ya'll! You know, the Lord always has a plan for what happens to us!!

I also love reading answers to questions so I can learn more about everyone. With that said, I've tagged you!!:)

annb said...

Sounds like a great IEP for Izzy! You must be so glad that the Speech Therapist is on board now and believing that Izzy is on her road to full recovery. I'm always amazed (not sure why I'm amazed, because God tells us over and over that he hears our prayers and will answer) at how God shows us, that even when we think something may not be working (Izzy not being casted) is really his answer! It's great that Bear has shown you the accupressure points to work with Izzy!
I love the random questions and I want to get in on it, too. Maybe you can think up some good one for me! annb

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I love reading your blog...

Would love to be random-ized!

JennaG said...

I didn't know you were a germaphobe! Interesting--I have a real life friend who is very careful about that. I enjoyed reading your answers--and I don't think you are a bad mom for not having homemade gifts lying around--that would make me a bad mom too! Great news about Izzy--I'm happy for you all.

JennaG said...

Ok-no one wanted to be randomized after my questions--your answers must be really great--I guess I get out of thinking up questions though!! ;)

Michelle said...

that is so wonderful the ST had such a change of heart after working with Izzy! but I'm sorry to hear she had that attitude to begin with! If you're going to be an ST working with kids who have challenges you shouldn't have an attitude like that! great news on the school placement for Izzy too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie!

I posted the MEME on my blog too... how fun!


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

What a tremendous blessing this is! My prayers will keep up with Izzy.

Quietromance said...

How exciting is it that Izzy will go to regular pre-k!!!! Yay for that!

Also, I thought the set of question thingie was really neat, and if you have a time, I would love to answer a set a questions from you. :-)


Borbe Bunch said...

I am very aware of the world of IEPs :) I am blessed to read of another mommy that has therapy as part of her world...I am encouraged by your heart and love for your daughter and how you want the very best for her! WE are the voice of our little ones and Izzy is blessed to have you as her mommy!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Great answers! This is like the interview I had on my blog. It's fun. I am a TOTAL germaphobe too. I think it comes from being in the NICU so long and all the precautions we had to take when he came home etc! And I had to laugh at your made up phrase! LOL! So glad everything is going so well with Izzy. She is a wonderful, beautiful child. You are an awesome mommy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
We don't know each other and I don't have a blog.I started reading yours after finding the link in my niece-in-laws blog.
I am the GrandMother of one eleven year old who is so precious.
God Bless you and your family. Izzy is so beautiful! God is still in the healing business.
Martha from Alabama

Anonymous said...

How exciting and encouraging that Izzy is up for Pre-K!! I know that makes your heart feel so good!

Loved your answers to the meme. I figured germs would be your phobio ~ since I understand that issue so well, LOL!

No way, you're not a bad mom! I tend to hang on to so much for fear that one day the girls will say, *whatever happened to that picture I made*. I don't lie very well, LOL.