Monday, April 2, 2007

~MeNu MoNdAy~ (April 2)

Happy Monday! I love Mondays, although this morning I'm headed to the doc with Izzy for her botox injections. She will have injections in her ankles and thighs... and hips... She has had this done once before and it did help. I was concerned about the actual procedure, but the way they sedated her with a nasal spray, she didn't act like it hurt at all. I have to admit I had to turn the other direction while holding her little hand last time because I could not watch those long needles (yikes)!

I stuck with the menu last week. Everything was good and will probably be keepers. Here's what's cookin' this week...


Foil - pack creamy mushroom chicken dinner
salad, rolls

Oven stew
(I'm trying this recipe courtesy of Eagles Wings)

WednesdayChicken fajitas
spanish rice

Slow Cooker Lasagna
(thanks Nickfamily)
garlic bread

Fridaygarlic chicken spaghetti
corn on the cob
hot rolls

Have a great week, and head over to Org. Junkie to sign up!

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Jodi said...

Looks like a yummy week! Have a great Monday!

annb said...

Your menu looks sooo good! I am going to try some of your recipes out on the fam! I'll be praying for Izzy today that she not have discomfort with her botox shots! Thanks for your kind comments on my site! I was surprised at the feelings that it brought out once I posted. I don't think I ever dealt with things then because I had Elizabeth to care for which kept me from dwelling on the "nightmare".

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Your menu looks great, Annie!

That's great that botox works for Annie. I'm curious, how does the botox help, is it injected in the muscle?

A Juggling Mum said...

Great Menu!!!

Have a great week :)

Rachel xxx

Misslionheart said...

Woah! I'm drooling!

Thanks for dropping by. Easter greetings on the way over from Ireland!


Anne said...

Oh, medical stuff is never fun! I hope it goes well again. You're menu looks great and I'm just blown away by all the pictures!! Great Job!!

Joyful Days said...

Wonderful menu, Annie. Praying for you and Izzy today with the trip to the doctor.

Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

I need to make the Garlic Chicken Spaghetti, my family will love this.

I will pray for a good trip to the doctors today!

Thanks for sharing,


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Botox injections?! The poor thing. I hope they work, my fingers are crossed for you (and her of course).

Love the layout of your MPM! Looks awesome.

Mandalyn said...

Your menu looks great! I will pray for you & Izzy at her doctor's appt.

God Bless!

Julie said...

You;re so funny! I already said a prayer for you, but I will keep saying them until I hear that you're back home. :)

Call me later, gator

Tammy said...

Yum! I like how you've posted pictures to go along. How neat!

Just prayed for you and your little one!

gail said...

The shots sound painful, it would be hard to watch.
I've made that foil pack chicken dinner and it was good we thought. The slow cooker lasagna looks interesting, have you made it before?
Thanks for stopping by.

palmtreefanatic said...

great photos and meals ahead! have a wonderful week!

~Melissa~ said...

Look like a wonderful week - the spaghetti looks especially good.

Good luck with the appointment - I'd have to look away too.

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! Great menu this week!!! I'm coming for the guacamole!!

JennaG said...

Your pictures definitely serve in making me HUNGRY. The plan sounds delish-as usual!

Trista said...

I love that you add the pictures in. That garlic chicken spaghetti looks great!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope all goes well with the shots and the doctor visit. I wouldn't be able to watch either, with those big needles. Ouch.

Your menu sounds, and looks, great! Love that you added the pictures! Yum on the garlic chicken spaghetti. I'm going to Sam's soon and going to look for that seasoning mix :)

Have a wonderful week and a very blessed Easter!

Sheryl said...

Mmmmm....every single day looks delicious!!
Hope Izzy's appt goes well today!
Have a blessed week and Easter!

Coach J said...

I'm so glad I took the time to catch up on your posts. I love the blanket and would love to know how to make one. Can you tell me? Also, I've been meaning to ask you for a recipe for the blueberry shake you make for Izzy. (And I mean quantities, this time.) I have blueberry bushes in my backyard, and pretty soon I'll be a blueberry pickin' machine.

Kathleen Marie said...

I pray all goes smoothly for Izzy. What is the botox for exactly? The menu sounds wonderful!

Have a great week!

runningtothecross said...

Thanks so much for dropping in! I just love new visitors! Your menu looks absolutely wonderful and you have pictures to go along with it, too!

I will pray for Izzy, too. What a sweet girl!


Tricia said...

I have to try some of these recipes - they look so yummy!!

Kim said...

Sounds yummy!

alisonwonderland said...

beautiful menu! (i'm going to try that foil pack chicken one of these days.)

sending cyberhugs to you and annie! hope the appointment went well today.

thanks for stopping by!

Quietromance said...

Yummy! The slow cooker lasagna looks good! I think its cool that this week you signed the mister linky right after for MPM! :-) Thanks for stopping by again today. Let me know if you try out the pizza pasta!

Anonymous said...

Your menu is mouthwatering!

Katie said...

Wow! Your menu looks soooo yummy!!! Thanks for stopping by!

KC said...

I hope Izzy is doing well now after the appt today, I'll have to run on over to her blog and see if you posted an update.
The menu for the week sound great. I wish I could post pictures of the food I'm eatting LOL, this whole thing going on with my computer is so annoying.. I'm keeping my fingures crossed that I'll be able to post this comment.
Great menu Plan and Happy Easter.

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Uuuuummmmmm!! Looks good. I really like how you posted pictures with the menu. I will have to figure out how to do that on my own! Thanks, Annie.

Robin said...

Looks like a great menu.

Sharijoy said...

looks like a good week... I keep seeing the foil chicken is it that good or just that easy??

IRENE said...

Hello Annie,
This menu is delicious! I;ll have to go and check some of those recipes...
Ill say my little prayer for Izzy's treatment and I;ll come back to see how she did.
Love and kisses to your little beaty,

org junkie said...

Hope you liked the foil pack is one of our favorites! I love how you show the pictures :)


Ashley said...

I hope you enjoy the slow-cooker lasagna. Thanks for the link.