Monday, January 7, 2008

7 random facts

Tricia tagged me for the 7 random facts meme...

I've done random facts before, so hopefully I can think of 7 new ones. I'm pretty weird, so it shouldn't be too hard...

1. I love balancing my checkbook.

2. I burn candles everyday, I love the smells!

3. I love getting email and real mail too!

4. I try to keep all the dishes always done and all the laundry done all the time.

5. I like to have my bed made every morning first thing.

6. I am cold most of the time. I love folding clothes and holding the warm soft towels while folding the other things straight out of the dryer.

7. I am trying (again) to stop drinking coke.

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Joyful Days said...

I need to be more like you for #s 1, 4 & 5.

Maybe since I am in the throes of hotflashes I can use that as my excuse not to fold clothes.



Karen said...

1. Between you and me -- and JUST you and me -- my checkbook NEVER balances.
2. I do too!
3. Me too!
4. It's in my dreams, but I rarely accomplish it.
5. Me, too, and that's one way I've missed my routine the past few weeks.
6. I'm rarely cold. I'm always warm. I wear open-toed slippers to let the heat out.
7. I just discovered Diet Coke this year and I love it!

oh amanda said...

I NEVER make my bed. I just hate doing it! I'm just going to sleep in it again that night! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just had to smile at #6. I was just folding laundry, and I had a warm towel draped across my back. I love the warm, snuggly feeling!

Nancy Face said...

I love balancing my checkbook, too, haha! :D

I love scented candles, and when they get low I like to put them on the "candle cozy" electric melt-y thing so I can keep using them! :)

I Love hugging warm laundry when I'm cold! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love to balance my checkbook, and my expenses! I'm a bit OCD with the expenses. But I guess my husband loves me more for that! Hehehe.