Thursday, September 20, 2007

you mean it's not friday yet?

I woke up thinking it was Friday! All day I keep having to remind myself it is Thursday. Why? To me the weekends are busier than the weeks so it's not much difference... but, this week is just off for some reason.

Well, me & Izzy took the day off yesterday... sort of. She took the day off and I deep cleaned my room and reorganized my closet. Whew! It was a lot of hard work! I had all this stuff pulled out of my closet piled on my bed, stacks to throw away, donate, put back etc. and I just had this very overwhelmed dizzy feeling. I immediately asked God to help me finish and before I knew it I was done! Isn't God awesome? He even helps with silly closet cleaning!

I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post about Izzy. I hesitated to write that post because I do believe there is so much power in our words and I try not to speak any negativity especially in regards to Isabelle. It was late Tuesday evening, I was tired and just wrote it. The prayers have been great and I really appreciate you guys so much. There was a question about massage therapy. Izzy sees Bear who is a massage therapist on Fridays. He does rolfing which is deep tissue massage and has been focusing on her legs and hips the last few weeks. He is really good with Isabelle!

On that note, I talked to Camilla when I picked Izzy up today and she said Izzy did great in therapy today. She did tall kneeling and she said Izzy kept her knees bent and was really moving a lot which is good. I really appreciate Camilla, she is a wonderful therapist for Izzy!

Karen & Sheryl & Nancy & Karen gave me the "you make me smile award." All four of these ladies make me smile!!!

I'm giving it to everyone who commented my previous post because all your prayers made not only my face smile, but my heart smile as well... and I realize there are about forty of you, but since I've gotten it four times I think it's okay :o)... Please take the button and pass it on to those who make you smile!


Karen said...

It is Friday - at least for me. It is a glorious Friday morning, with spring sunshine. Warm enough for a teeshirt and light jersey and a spring skirt. I've been walking to the mall and back savouring the beauty of the morning. School Holidays start this afternoon for 2 weeks.

I'm so glad that Izzy had a good therapy day, and that you got your closet sorted - I find God speaks so much through those things - sorting out closets and those matters which seem 'small' to us that it blows my socks off.

Love and blessings to you!

Karen said...

It sounds like you and Izzy have been working hard. It does feel good to get those organizing tasks out of the way. It always clears my head:)

JennaG said...

Weren't you industrious? I cleaned out our closet some this week too. I have a whole pile to take to a local thrift store. Glad Izzy's therapy went well today--and I'm glad she has Bear. Hope you have a good Friday--tomorrow!

Nancy Face said...

What? I thought it was Wednesday, haha! I took today off, big time! I did one friend's hair, then exercised, then wasted the entire rest of the day reading a book! Makes me feel guilty, because my closet is a WRECK! :D

I'm glad your day was so productive, and especially that sweet Izzy's therapy went so well! :)

You're the sweetest, passing all those smiles around...I'm always amazed and impressed at how awesome you are! :o)

Corrie said...

Boy am I sorry that it's not Friday...I'm so exhausted this week!
Glad you got some organizing done! That always feels good.
Praying for sweet Izzy!

Penless Thoughts said...

Annie, I know what you're saying about not speaking negative but stating a situation, so that those who pray can be more specific in our calling those things which are not to be, is a whole different matter and that is what you were doing :o)

Jodi said...

Its Friday!!! Yesterday must have been a "cleaning" day. I did a bunch as well. We do have a great God, He helps with even the not so fun stuff we have to do.

I'm glad Izzy's therapy well went!!

Have a glorious Friday Annie!!


IRENE said...

It IS Friday over here. It is funny with the time difference. I am so glad Izzy did better. She is such a fighter. And you are a great supporter.
My room needs a reshape. Let's be exact: is desperate for a reshape. I can hardly do any homework when I come back from work. Fix dinner, make a meal for next day, some washing up and if I can manage, some blogging before I go to bed.
Keep it up!
Love and kisses.

Marcia said...

Hey Annie

I want to see pictures of all that organising because I am super-proud of you :)

God is definitely in the details! He is SOOO interested in the little things that concern us. I am famous for praying for parking spaces and I love it when He comes through. Remember that person who commented on my blog that I'm crazy basically for believing that God's interested in my little life. *smile*

have a lovely weekend. We are having our big church conference next week so I'm writing some posts in advance that I can just post then. And cooking lots so I can reheat!

Marcia said...

Oh, it's Friday 2.48pm here!

oh amanda said...

I hate it when I get the day wrong!

Momma said...

Yay for Izzy! I am with you on the power of words. You know I watched a Creflo Dollar sermon one day and he said speaking negatively about someone or a situation in their life is actually like putting a curse on them. I believe that. know Izzy is already healed. We are just waiting for her to get up and walk around! Praise God for His healing power! I know he does...the Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it!

gail@more than a song said...

Well it's Friday now by the time I'm trying to catch up with everyone! I hope you're having a great day. And my weren't you industrious yesterday...everyone seems to be in cleaning mode except me. If you need more just pop by to show me how it's done!

Tori :) said...

Yet another well deserved award!!!

I've been confused all week too. I thought Wed. was Thursday!!

Kim said...

I'm glad Izzy had a good day. I didn't comment on your other post, but I did pray for Izzy. She is surrounded by lots and lots of great people, you included!

Coach J said...

Hallelujah for answers to prayers!

Michelle said...

congrats on the smile award! Glad to hear Izzy had a great PT session too!

ZAM said...

Hi, Annie! Congrats on the award..I believe in the power of our words too. God heals and Izzy will be better everyday.