Tuesday, July 31, 2007

written on bunnies?

Jennifer offered this challenge to Susan... My challenge to my blog friends is this: write 8 of your blog friends names in a unique way and post them. Then come back over and let me know. You must write the blogger's name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative and if possible use the natural wonders of the world!

Susan wrote my name on a stone and offered the same challenge to me!

So per the instructions, my first picture is for Susan.
She is such a sweetie and a mentor for me, truly.
She also lives in the same state as me!

Next is my bloggy buddy Kat!
Such a cute bunny huh?
I just love visiting Kat, she's a really special person!
Here comes Carrie!
Carrie is a bloggy sweetheart and I
expect if she accepts this challenge we'll see
names on her pretty veggies she's growing :o)

Oh, what about Jenna?
Jenna was one of my first blogging buddies and I just love her!
She has a pretty new blog design now, she's pretty fancy!

Can't forget the birthday girl!
Jenny and I have had some great phone conversations.
I just love Jenny!

Sweet Judi!
Judi hasn't been posting for a couple of days so maybe this
will inspire her to post, I love to visit her!

My IRL & bloggy buddy Julie.
I could make some kind of silly joke about rabbits etc. since she has
seven kids, but I won't!
Julie knows I love her!

Sheryl is my sweet friend too!
I always enjoy visiting her blog and her uplifting posts.
Her & her hubbie are so sweet together!

Following behind (because that was 8) is Oh Amanda!
She's one creative gal and even a top mama!
We sure see eye to eye on God stuff, that's huge to me.
I just can't wait to see what you girls come up with...

small print...
I must thank Amanda for her bunny assistance. She has scratches to prove she helped out (don't worry, I gave her money for the movie to make up for it all)
No animals were harmed while shooting these photos, there was one close call with ugly rosa and Susan bunny, but she was rescued just in time!


Tori :) said...

How cute is that??

JennaG said...

Wow, I'm impressed with the time you took to do that--thanks so much for including me. My internet has been a booger today and yesterday, and I am having a time staying online. As soon as it's fixed, and I figure something out to do, I will attempt this. No promises though on when! Hope your day is great.

Anonymous said...

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Coach J said...

Oh, what a cute idea!! And I've got lots rolling round in my head. Betcha can guess what my first thought was! ;)

Nancy Face said...

Oh so cute! I LOVE bunnies! :o)

ComfyDenim said...

That's a fun idea!!
Thanks for sharing it...
All I can think of is hanging my blog buddies names on our tree out front. :

Or maybe putting theirn names on forks in the front yard. *L*


justabeachkat said...

Thanks Annie. I've been gone literally ALL day so I've just seen this, but I'm honored. Love the bunnies! I'll work on mine and will post something as soon as I can. Cute idea.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Annie that was precious. I never would have thought about bunnies and I just love it. This is really a fun one. It's amazing how very creative this blog world of our is. Thanks for taking the challenge!!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh my goodness...that has to be one of the most original. I've loved seeing these name things on some other blogs. Very neat.

Karen said...

What a cute idea! Gorgeous.

oh amanda said...

oh my oh my oh my. I don't know if I can get more creative than that! My mind will be spinning tonite! FUN!

Julie said...

Laughing out loud about the rabbit comment!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
You are so hilarious, my dear!
Now I have to get some sleep so I can wake up in the morning and be creative. Check my blog tomorrow night and see what I came up with.

Momma Roar said...

Very creative Annie - I like the bunnies!!

palmtreefanatic said...

oh thats great Annie!
Too cute!

IRENE said...

That's just great! I have an animal visitor on my WW post, today!
Love and Blessings.

gail@more than a song said...

Cute Annie! I miss Judi posting lately.

Marye said...

this is great! You are so creative.

jennifer said...

When I started this meme, I was thinking of something Susan(penless) wrote to me in an e-mail,.

But to see it taking off like this is incredible! I love this!

The bunnies are so creative! A+
I love how fun this is.

I have been adding the creative ways friends have written my name to my sidebar...

Lauren said...

I LOVE THE BUNNIES! I want a bunny so bad but my mom doesn't agree.

Sheryl said...

Cute, cute, cute! Now...to get the creative juices flowing in this slightly, overcrowded brain ;)
I'll let you know when mine is up.

tAnYeTTa said...

cute cute cute! i love your blog! you're so creative! my son just said oh, oh, i wanna see the bunnies again! LOL

Jesse said...

So cute! I used to have bunnies and they were always fun and sweet. Yours are beautiful! :)

Sarah said...

oh for pity's sake - i was logged in as my husband. That comment above (from Jesse) is actually from me!!)

Haley said...

Wow annie! This was really creative of you! :-)

Corrie said...

I don't know HOW you thought of that. It is so adorable and sweet! Of course it is if it's of you!!!
Very cool!

ZAM said...

soooo soooo cute! i love looking at these huggable creatures.. so creative!

Dena said...

Super fun - I love bunnies - what a cute idea!

Alice Teh said...

Brilliant idea! Not to mention lots of cute, cute bunnies too! I have some bunny pics on my blog too. :D

Anonymous said...

Awwww, so cute! I was also tagged by Sarah (Short Stop) for this. I'll have mine posted in a few days. :o)

Coach J said...

Ok, mine's up!! Come see. I used your idea, 'cause none of mine were doing good in the pictures.

sheryl said...

Just wanted you to know I tried to do your name in blossoms and leaves...and it totally did not match what I had in mind...at. all. ;)
So, anyhoo...I'm passing on this one, but I wanted to let you know I did try :)