Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm packed! Are we going????

Another busy day around here! Everyone is packed. I think Amanda has taken enough clothes for everyone going on her trip. Amazing. I didn't even know she had that many clothes :o). I taught her that by rolling the clothes up tightly more fits in the bag. So, she has the biggest suitcase that I've ever seen completely packed full. Good thing it has wheels or I don't think she could handle it. I have Bailey & Emelia all packed for camp too. I keep thinking of one more thing they need. I hope I have remembered everything. I packed a snack bag for the drive to Texas... (beef jerky, pistachios, choc chip cookies, pringles. etc.) because Matt and I don't agree on making stops along the way. I like to get there asap. So, he suggested that I pack some drinks and snacks as a compromise. I did. I took mom to lunch at Panera bread today. She had a salad with chicken on it, it had strawberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, blueberries and pecans. If you know me well, you know I hate fruit so in my opinion it looked pretty icky. I had soup and half a sandwich, it was delish. Ran in Target and got my target fix. I love that place. SOOOOO.... GUESS WHAT???????????????

Matt just called and said he is stuck at work, he may be there until Midnight. Something critical came up and the trip to Dallas may be cancelled. So... I am packed, the kids bags are packed, the snacks are packed, EVERYTHING IS PACKED... and we may not be going.

So, guess what I'm going to do (besides blogging for a minute)... I'm running to get a well deserved, much needed pedicure while he figures it all out because I can't just be here with everything packed for goodness sakes, right?


Jodi said...

First off... hugs, I hope the trip isn't cancelled!

And I am in shock.. not sure if I can continue reading your blog... how can you not like fruit! LOL I am eating some yummy, juicy strawberries as I type!!

Have a great weekend!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

OH NO! All that work for nothing. I hope your trip isn't cancelled!!
I hope everything works out for you guys and if you do go on your trip, have a safe one.

Irritable Mother said...

No way!!!
But you seem like such a laid back, sweet, well-adjusted woman, I bet if your trip IS cancelled you'll probably shrug it off and move on with life beautifully. Tell me how you do it, K?
BTW, I got a pedicure with my 89 year-old grandmother yesterday. It was fun! Hope your toes look pretty!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy the pedicure and those pretty toes. Hope the trip turns out. I like your good attitude about it.

Anonymous said...

Such is life, huh?! I hope you enjoy your pedicure and that Matt's night at work isn't too stressful. If the trip is canceled, just pretend you're on vacation and live out of your suitcase for a few days, LOL. Yeah right! :o)

Julie said...

I hope you enjoyed the pedicure. It is time for another one for me.
i sure you guys get to come down here.
Oh, btw, I got the Cds in the mail today! Can't wait to listen to them!


CoachJ said...

Oh, Annie. I'm so sorry. But how is it that you can just up and go get a pedicure?? I can't imagine that! I hope you're on the road now as I type!!

Karen said...

Smart woman, you are! That's what I do, when I'm feeling snowed under and need to think. I go get a pedicure. Seriously, it works everytime. Atleast if I have a nervous breakdown, my feet will look and feel great:)

Love your blog!

gail@more than a song said...

I hope it all works out Annie and that you are on your way!
I must know, what did you get at Target!
Love fruit so the salad sounds good to me but you can never go wrong with soup & sandwich.

Sheryl said...

Awww!! Sure hope you all get to make your trip(s) after all that hard work, planning, and excitement!!
Did you go color or french for your pedicure?? Inquiring minds....;)

Marcia said...

Annie, I am like you with road trips - I just want to get there. The only thing I'll stop for is to take photos and then the scenery must really be something else!

Now I'm going to shock you - I have NEVER had a pedicure or a manicure (now that I think about it). I don't know why - I just haven't!