Friday, June 15, 2007

day six - diet devo...

It's Friday! I am having trouble waking up today. Matt got called out late again last night, so not much sleeping. Our anniversary (18th) is this weekend and we had planned to go out tonight, but I'm not sure it would be much fun if we are falling asleep while trying to eat dinner... we'll see. Bailey and Emelia come home tomorrow afternoon so things will definitely liven up around here. I have a ton of things on my to do list for today. Mostly involve cleaning... It is raining buckets here. Seriously, it's like flooding everywhere. Amanda called last night again (from Canada). I really do enjoy her calls and want to hear about the day she had but sheesh, it is 79 cents per minute international roaming and .50 per text. She sent about 13 messages to me yesterday and the day before and talked about 12 minutes. I am thinking two weeks of this could end up with a huge cell phone bill! She shopped yesterday, I asked her what she bought and she bought t-shirts for all her siblings, isn't that sweet? I thought so. I am so glad she is having such a good time and fun experience seeing new things.
We listened to a really good teaching last night about being joyful. There are so many scriptures talking about being joyful and yet it seems many 'Christians' are just not so much. Not a criticism, I realize life can throw some curves... but this speaker talked about the fact that by being joyful you have won. Satan is trying to get to you and if he can't steal your joy he has failed.
Okay, here is day six in the diet devo...

"And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission." Hebrews 9:22

If we learn anything at all from being a Christian, we learn that good things do not come without a sacrifice. Jesus had to give everything. He had to in order to reunite us with God. If we decide to be the best we can be, then we need to accept the fact that there is some sacrifice required. When we learn to sacrifice, we learn what it means to be Christian. Sacrifice is a good discipline. Sacrifice teaches us what is really important, and it helps us be thankful for what we have. When we stop to think of how great Christ's sacrifice for us was, it inspires us in our diets to become better people; people worth dying for!

Todays thought: Dieting can draw me closer to being a disciple!

If you are a coke drinker (like me :o() you should pop over to Michael's blog and read the article about soda. It wasn't a fun read, don't let me fool you... but, it did make me think and I need to work to eliminate my best friend coke from my diet... I'll be praying about this.

I highlighted my brother's daughter's (two of them) hair yesterday. They looked pretty good.
I even took back that immersion blender, fortunately I had kept the box and receipt. I just exchanged it and you know what happened the first time I used the new one? It got caught on a vitamin again. Never happened before yesterday and then twice in one day! It didn't kill it this time so we're all good. I did have a nice little walk through target.

What are you glad about today? I'm glad it's Friday, I'm glad I get to see the kids tomorrow. I'm glad God is watering my flowers for me.


amy said...

Great post. I gave up soda in 2006 and I felt sooo good..Thinking about going back,
DOnt you just love the word joyful?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, I wish you could send me some of your rain. We have had one shower here in the last 3-4 weeks. My grass, flowers and shrubs are really feeling the drought too :(

Glad some of your crew will be home soon, and hey, Happy Anniversary to you guys! Hope you get to celebrate and enjoy the weekend :)

Carrie! :o) said...

Awww, I hope y'all can get out and enjoy dinner tonight. You deserve it.

It's been raining buckets here, too. We went so long without rain. I'm really enjoying the downpours.

Coke is one thing I don't think I will ever give up. We all have one thing we have to have and that's mine. We can't be perfect and if that's my only really bad habit, then so be it, LOL. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't expose myself to the sun ... so, Coke will be my one bad thing in life, YEAH BABY! hahaha!

What am I glad about today? Hmmm, several things ... the girls' Dad paid his child support on time (although, not the full amount)and I can go grocery shopping tomorrow, the rain because it's making my garden grow...

Karen said...

Nice post about being joyful! I need to think about joy, not just being grateful. Gratitude is almost like an obligation. Joy is something that comes from within. Thanks for this post!

Things I'm happy for today: my daughter comes home from camp tonight, I got to meet a really great friend for coffee this morning, and my cousin had a baby boy (her third). Lots to be thankful (and joyful) about!

Dena said...

You are a highlight QUEEN!! Y'all are saving a fortune on hair!!! It has been raining here too - I love it! it is watering my new plants.

Can't wait to hear all about the kids trips!

In love with my wife said...

18 years!!!! That is awesome! Happy anniversary!

justabeachkat said...

Congratulations! 18!

You're so right about being joyful. May we all find joy in every day.

Just a few things I'm glad about today: great tennis match this morning with friends; lunch with my hubby; listening to great music; yummy fruit; looking forward to riding bikes tonight with my hubby after it cools down a little.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Barb said...

We got the shock of our lives when Krissy and Andy went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Krissy used her cell phone to call me every single day and we talked and talked and talked. We never once thought about roaming charges. From Hawaii to Colorado! The cell phone bill was over $200.

I told Mandy and Aaron, don't call me. We can visit when you return from Maui. LOL

Actually, I'm glad about everything today - everyone arrives for the wedding one week from today!

Marcia said...

Oh my word (Barb's comment!). I think you must ask Amanda to only text once or twice a day and phone just for a few minutes.

When we go on holiday, we leave all cell phones at home. But I do log in and check email ;)

Happy anniversary for this weekend - have a wonderful time with Matt tonight.

Today I am grateful for my computer going in (typing on my laptop) - we think there's a virus because it is running slowly. Anyway, I spoke to our ISP and they say it must be on your side because they don’t block any yahoo, hotmail, etc accounts.

Try emailing me directly to Marcia @ iburst dot co dot za. Let's see if it works?

Needless to say, I haven't received your other emails too except for your comments on the blog. Very frustrating.

Penless Thoughts said...

I so hear you about the "joy" topic. That is exactly what our sermon was on Sunday. It's true, if satan can steal our joy he's won a victory in our lives. Paul tells us in "whatever state" to be joyful. He was.....even in prison. There is a bit difference between happiness and joyfulness. I think too many people get mixed up on that.

Hope you feel up to going out tonight and have a grand, joyful time :o)

Loving Annie said...

Happy upcoming 18th anniversary Annie !

Judi said...

I hope you will liven up for an Anniversary celebration! I know you must be missing those kids too. I hope you have a great weekend. Nice Friday's Feast too by the way.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's raining here in Yukon again:(

IRENE said...

irst, let me wish you all of God's blessings for your anniversary. Lots of good, love and happiness.
Second, I think many Christians are being taught to be miserable because this is a place of exile and we ought to be longing for Paradise etc. I may be wrong from a theologist's point of view, but this is not a way to lead your life. At least I wouldn't teach my children that. So yes, I am all for a conscious state of godly Joy.
And Annie, although I haven't read the article you suggested yet,do give up coke. First it is bad for you. C drinks it and it such a bad example for the kids, especially little J who wants to do as daddy does.
Plus, if coke is the one food/drink you cannot live without, this is the one you should be giving up as part of your devotional dieting. I eliminate sweets when fasting. (Although I go back to them afterwards, eventhough I know sugar makes me moody...).At least make the effort and see how it goes.
It's all a matter of doing it one step at a time.
Best Wishes.

gail@more than a song said...

Happy anniversary!
Yikes on Barb's comment, hope your bill isn't too high. It does sound like she's having fun though.
I quit drinking cokes years ago and feel better because of it; sweets I'm still struggling with!

I saw on weather channel that you guys were getting the rain! Wish we could get a bit but maybe not as much as you have.
I'm glad my bible school week is over! And that I'll get to see 2 of my 4 kids on Sunday.

Irritable Mother said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope, too, that you're able to enjoy one another in celebration of 18 years as husband and wife.

Yikes about the phone costs. It always bothers me to think about, "How much is this call costing me," when someone is obviously excited to be sharing some news or experiences with me. If only money really did grow on trees!

And, let's see...I'm glad the kids all got along better today than they did yesterday. I'm glad I got some writing done today. And I'm glad my driver's license isn't posted on the internet. Did you get that e-mail from Jenny? lol

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you get to do something special.

Lorie said...

Happy Anniversary.

I got a question on my blog for you about your Lemon Chicken Recipe. Would you please come and visit me?

annb said...

I poured the last of my soda down the drain tonight! Chance left today on his trip and he called me tonight! I told him I that I miss him already and he said, ". . . and I"ll be gone a lot longer!" He's such a sweetheart! When he called they were in Mississippi and said the river was really high! I asked him if it was scarey, but of course not to him. I'm ready to change your next shipment of the JP if you decide that's what you want to do. It would probably save you a lot of trouble with your blenders:)

Marcia said...

Annie, okay I got your email from the other address and I replied back straight away - did you get that one?

I'm grateful that at least we know I get email from your other address! :)

Sheryl said...

Congratulations and Happy 18th Anniversary to both of you!!

Sure glad you were able to exchange your blender!

And while I'm a day behind, today I'm thankful for my honey getting back safely from his business trip; for
the guys and I getting to make a trip to Big Trees the other day; and, I'm thankful for the 'net and blogs and online friends. :)

SoDak Angel said...

Happy anniversary! You seem like you have such a lovely-loving family. Keep believing...dreaming...knowing!

CoachJ said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys get at least a good dinner together!
I SO need some of your rain! We're about 16 inches under average right now! Talk about dry...and dead.

JennaG said...

I'm so glad that Amanda is having a great time in Canada--she will always remember this trip. I'm glad Emelia and Bailey had such a great time at camp. Mine were so ready to be home. OK--about the coke--I have cut to 1 can per day, but I just don't see me giving that up. I mean--it's not like I'm smoking and drinking, you know!!
Hope Izzy has a great time with Bear today--and a very Happy Anniversary to you and Matt. Mine and B's is in 2 weeks. Happy 18th to you guys and to us! Talk to you later.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

A great book about being joyful is Warren Wiersbe's Be Joyful. It looks at being joyful in light of Paul's suffering described in Philippians and how despite his imprisonment he counted it all joy.