Tuesday, June 26, 2007

coffee & rain ~

It is raining and raining here. I'm not complaining... nope! I remember this time last year we had burn bans and fires. Today, however, there was flooding everywhere. I can't say that I saw this firsthand since I didn't actually leave the house today. Well, I did walk out to get the mail & something out of my car... does that count? Matt called at least every hour to tell me about the massive amount of water everywhere.

So, I've started drinking coffee! Matt just can't believe it. We've been married 18 years. I have made coffee every day (except some weekends when he beats me to it) and have never had one cup - EVER! Well, Julie mentioned that she was drinking it in place of a soda in the morning so I thought I would try it. Matt likes flavored coffee... like hazelnut or cinnamon. I buy these because even though I never actually drank any, at least it smelled yummy. So, I bought some of that powdered creamer stuff in a few flavors and had splenda packets. One big cup of coffee is one weight watcher point! Funny thing is that it seems to make me sleepy to drink it. I can't imagine that it is a reaction to the coffee, it has caffeine for goodness sakes, but I do feel very sleepy after a cup. I have also quickly found that like my coke with sonic ice, I prefer my coffee in a styrofoam cup too. Go figure! I also found a caramel drizzel coffee yesterday that is foldgers gourmet. It is really pretty good. Like I said, this is all new to me... but anything to wean the coke is a good thing. I have always hated coffee breath! I don't like it on me either. I guess that's what mints were made for. Matt thinks it is "cute" (his word) that I am a new coffee drinker. My mama will flip when she hears, she never touches the stuff :o)...

The monkeys kids are enjoying summer! Emelia has had a friend over since yesterday and just walked in (it's 9:00 p.m.) to ask for a bowl to put worms in! I hate worms fyi and do not want any worms in any of my bowls thank you very much. She saw my reaction and remembered the disposable dora the explorer bowls in the kitchen and out she went! Amanda stayed at a friend's house last night and I think she is avoiding finishing her unpacking!

I chatted online with Marcia yesterday, she asked how I am able to show attention to all the kids when Izzy takes a lot of my attention. I thought this was probably a good question to answer here... They are all so different. Emelia is thrilled to run errands with me, or do nails. I had my pedicure a while back with the french tips and she wanted one too. So, she and I went and bought the french manicure set and did her nails and toenails Saturday night. They actually turned out pretty good! Bailey is pretty much my shadow. He is a sweet 13 year old and will just hang out with me. I spend a lot of time with him. Amanda is almost 17 (yikes) and she is more like another grown up or friend. But I am careful to make sure she knows that I am the mom! She does her own thing a lot, but will just spend time with me.

One more thing... tonight was grilled burgers on my MPM... and Friday is those pioneer woman chicken sandwiches... anyway, I cooked half of that peppered bacon I bought for Friday and used half of the colby cheese too for the burgers. I seasoned them with the Emeril SW seasonings that Amberly mentioned using on her chicken and those were some really delicious burgers! Don't worry, I only had one and it was small... and a corn on the cob! Yummy!
The corn farm locally doesn't have the corn ready yet, but mom and dad stopped out of town this weekend at another farm and brought me a bushel of corn, so I got it all cleaned up and put in freezer bags. I just love Summer with all the fresh veggies!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Annie-- This is Keenan, DJ's son.. my mom said to tell you thanks for praying for her. I put a note on her blog about her surgery. All went well.

Have a good night.


JennaG said...

I really should do the coffee thing too--my problem is I only like the fattening mochas from the coffee shop. You certainly are an industrious woman--I'm always so impressed with you. Thanks for your prayers. I am going to go crazy waiting to hear what is going on. B. has always been the one to do the emer room runs--kinda strange huh? Usually it's the mom, I think. B. insists.

gail@more than a song said...

I only started drinking coffee more regularly this past year myself....but for me I mostly love what goes IN the coffee! Something flavored and splenda, yum.
I started using the liquid flavored creamers and love those.

justabeachkat said...

I had to chuckle when I read this since my son started blogging recently about how he is trying hard to like coffee. It just sound funny that you have to work at liking something. He cracks me up. I've never been a big "normal" coffee drinker. I like "fancy" coffees. My fav right now is at Starbucks - Sugar Free Vanilla Latte with non fat milk, decaf and extra hot. Yummy! At home, I use splenda and fat free half and half and some flavored pills you drop in the cup (my favorite is vanilla).

Let me know how the chicken sandwiches turn out. They sure sound wonderful.


Sheryl said...

Well, Kat beat me to it, but I'll second her suggestion...try Starbucks
non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte for a great coffee treat. And if you're in the mood for something cold, try their mocha lite frappucino. Not as cheap as a coffee w/ splenda and some creamer...but worth spending the extra cals for a treat...and as "special" coffees go, these are pretty low in cals.
BTW...I wish you could send some of that rain out here...we're dry as a bone!

Debi said...

I'm with your husband...I just think it's cute that you just started drinking coffee! I've drank it for 20+ years, and I'm still not sure I really like it!

Jodi said...

My hubby is trying to get me to become a coffee drinker, so I can ween myself of Coke too. But I just don't care for the taste of coffee, no matter how doctored up it is. Glad you are enjoying it and hope you can indeed ween yourself from Coke.

Send some of the rain my way, we need it bad!

Be blessed,
♥ Jodi

palmtreefanatic said...

we need rain too!
I never thought I would enjoy a cup of coffee either but I LOVE the flavored ones you buy at starbuckes etc...the really sweet ones like white chocolate caramel latte etc! If I make coffee at home
i need to put ALOT of french vanilla in it and boy is it sweet and tasty!;) I love the caffiene rush i get I can clean anything in no time;)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Your burgers sound yummy! I'll have to try those for sure. And I never thought of freezing corn. Thanks for the tip. Have a blessed day!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I hate coffee in a syrofoam cup. You won't be a TRUE coffee drinker Annie until you have your own personal mug :o) he he
P.S. The first present Mickey ever gave me, soon after I met him was a coffee pot. Now was that romantic? NOT!!!!

Marcia said...

Oh no, replacing the Coke with Coffee. Make sure it's decaf :)

Dion used to drink 8 cups a day at one point and he was WIRED!!!

Now, he has one in the morning and 1 decaf at night. I only drink decaf. And decaf tea :)

I love the rain - am jealous :) But we got snow today. My first snow ever. Come and look.

I've figured out these HTML things. Look!

Organising Queen blog and
Take Charge blog

Karen said...

I guess it's never too late to develop new tastes. Of late, I've been drinking diet Pepsi. I've never been a big soda drinker -- and definitely not diet! But, being on WW, sometimes I just want something "bad" and no pts. So, now I have a case of diet Pepsi on hand, drink maybe one a day. Ugh, just trading one bad habit for another, I guess. Oh, well! Welcome to the Coffee Club:) You're in good company!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I don't drink coffee either! Never have. Probably need to--I'm sleepy all the time. Is it hard to develop a taste for it? Blech.

Saw your comment over at Barb's, and thought I'd surf over and meet someone new. "Hi!" :)

Coach J said...

Coffee and rain....2 of my fav-o-rit things right now!! :) We did get a good soaking yesterday-about an inch-and hopefully we'll get that again today!!
You are so funny! Now, you need to invest in some Altoids--dark chocolate covered, of course--2 mints are 0 WW pts!! And they work on that coffee breath. You could try to add some peppermint flavoring to your coffee to see if you like that. Or, you could see if the coffee tastes good to you with your Sonic ice in it. You never know....I'm sending you my food stuff today. Not the best, but not the worst either.

Coach J said...

Oh, and Emelia sounds like my kids. I've just accepted the fact that mud pies and worms will touch some of my bowls eventually, and God made dirt (and worms) and dirt (and worms) don't hurt. :) At least she's keeping busy outside and not sitting in front of the tv. As for Amanda, I hate unpacking too!! Some trips, it takes me over a week to get it all done.

Tori :) said...

I don't drink coffee, but I gotta have my Diet Dr. Pepper. :)
I always love your attitude when I read your posts. Brings a smile to my face.

oh amanda said...

Wow! A new coffee drinker! My dh and I are the last hold outs in our family, too!

Miss Paula said...

I drink Folgers Mocha Fusion with a little bit of International Foods, Creme Caramel every morning.
Cannot do the straight coffee!!!

Your chicken sandwiches sound interesting. How do you make them?

Marcia said...


Our high here today was 8 degrees. When I was driving home this evening it was down at 3 and it is going below zero tonight.

Love how you said our trees have been kissed by God! Too beautiful.

Nesting Momma said...

ah...rain, coffee what a great combo. I love your music too. What a peaceful blog to visit. I need to blog roll you as I want to visit more! You have a beautiful family! Donna

HomeSchool Mommy said...

We have ONE day/week to mow the lawn (unless we want to mow in the dark), so if it's raining on that one day, we're just out of luck. Needless to say, with all this rain, our yard has been looking LOVELY!

I LOVE coffee, but I rarely drink it. It's probably a good thing I don't leave the house much because I would live at Starbucks!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OK, great post :) On the rain, I know you guys and parts of TX are getting flooded, but goodness, we're past dry and into full-fledged drought here! Please, please, please send me some rain! We've had 3 rainshowers in the last nearly 5 weeks, I've been keeping count. Not enough for my grass, shrubs and flowers.

On the coffee, I didn't learn to drink it till I was older than you are now :) I made a conscious effort to learn to drink it. I also made coffee every day for my hubby, he has grown up drinking it. We also have some really cute, fun coffee houses here (there's one not a mile from my house in an old Victorian home, it's sooo cozy) and have friends who like to "go out for coffee". I can only drink it if it has a lot of Splenda and flavored creamer. I don't think you get near the flavor from dry, powdered creamers. Try one of the refrigerated creamers next time, Annie, and I bet you like the flavor more. I buy that Folgers Caramel Drizzle also. Tried their Vanilla Biscotti and it was ok, but like the caramel more. My husband only drinks it plain and black, so I don't get a chance to make the flavored one very often.

Yum, fresh corn on the cob! Those burgers sound deee-licious :)

Have a great day!

Dawn said...

It's actually rainning here for the first time in so long. We've had sprinkles but nothing to good!

I love coffee but I'm funny. I have to have it Monday - Friday at the office but come the weekend I never think twice about it.

Michelle said...

I think it's so funny that you just started drinking coffee out of the blue like that! LOL I don't drink it myself, can't stand the aftertaste of it, but I will admit some of those flavored ones do at least smell good!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

My husband always jokes that I like a little coffee with my creamer. In keeping with my beverage **THING**, I only drink coffee first thing in the morning, but oh.....that first sip or two is just the best.

Our Peculiar Life said...

I have to say, I have never heard of anyone becoming a coffee drinker this late. (not that you are old!! No no, didn't mean that!!) ;-) I love the smell of coffee, but have never liked the taste! The way you "doctor" yours up actually sounds delicious. Maybe when we have that lunch of ours, I will have to try some coffee. LOL.

We had the pioneer woman chicken sandwiches on Monday night (I happened to have almost everything on hand) and they were DELICIOUS!!!

We got out today for some dr appts and Walmart and it was SO wet! There were a couple of times we were amazed at the amount of water. Or ponds where there weren't any before!

Have a blessed rest of your week!

Lauren said...

Coffee smells so delicious to me...I don't really know why.

I have a french tip manicure set and I love love love it! I have never gotten a manicure/pedicure though haha.

I love summer fresh veggies too!

jdoriot said...

When I started drinking coffee my husband said that I had "matured"! lol!!

You know, when you have a child that needs a lot of attention, I think God gives us moms the ability to meet all their needs in new and special ways. And I think one of those ways is to let the sibs help with all the care...and I know you do this! I had people ask me the same question...which I welcomed like you. It's one of those things that you just can't wrap your mind around unless you've been there..ok, I feel like I'm starting to ramble! lol!! Just know that I think you are a wonderful mom and that your children are truly blessed to have you as their mom!

Susanne said...

Had to laugh at your comment about Amanda avoiding unpacking. What is up with 17 year olds and not wanting to unpack? LOL!

*sigh* Mine is now packing to go for 3 weeks. :v(

Christi said...

Annie, you are such an inspiration to me!

I don't comment enough, but I love coming here to read what's going on in your world.

Have a great day!

Carrie! :o) said...

Oh No! You've stooped to drinking that nasty junk?! *Sigh* I thought you were better than that, LOL!!!!

Renee's Ramblings said...


Thanks so much for sharing you and your family's lives with us! You're inspirational! I don't know how you do all that you do each day...you're one busy lady.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it. Take care and have a good weekend!