Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tag~I'm it!... You're next!

CoachJ has tagged me to complete this meme.
Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

  1. I just ate a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera bread for breakfast! It is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast.
  2. My birthstone is peridot, and I really like the green color. If you remember my purse right now is green and my favorite flip flops are green too.
  3. I like to be barefoot at home. The first thing I do when arriving home is shed my shoes. That is one of the fly-lady rules I just couldn't handle, putting shoes on!
  4. I am a little bit bossy about being the one in the driver's seat ~ at all times... you can ask any of my friends, my parents, or my hub. I can't stand to be a passenger.
  5. I am a very reserved person, I don't show a lot of emotion. I am the one who opens a Christmas present and even if it is something I love you may not be able to tell that from my reaction. I cry seldom, and quietly... usually alone.
  6. I don't like trash in my car. EVER. If Matt opens a piece of gum or something and sets the wrapper in the cup holder it goes all over me. I have to be nice and simply pick it up and put it in the trash holder provided! The kids know better :o).
  7. I love to go to Target and walk aimlessly down every aisle, checking all the clearance end caps and looking at the stationary and seasonal items. It is like therapy just to walk around and look. I spent hours in the Target in Dallas while Izzy was in the hospital. It felt normal to just be there walking around, but then it was hard to see other children who were running and laughing. One day I was in line behind a man holding a little girl and he called her Isabelle and I started crying right there in Target in line. Which if you read #5 you would know that I wasn't very comfortable with that.
Now I must tag 7 people. Let's see...
  1. julie (I know you just had a baby but you need a fun break, right?)
  2. melody (maybe this will MAKE you update your blog!!!)
  3. carrie (if you go see Carrie, be sure to check out her goat face :o)
  4. irene (i'm sure reading yours I will only long to be in Greece all the more)
  5. sheryl (who has the cutest blog out there ;o)
  6. DJ (my spring fling exchange partner who sent me an awesome package!)
  7. Haley (I can't believe I didn't win that coach purse!)
Anyone else who has read this please consider yourself tagged~but let me know so I can come learn 7 random facts about you!


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't like my car! We just cleaned it out, but it won't take long to get it messed up again. My house is much cleaner than my car! Fun list!

Nan said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today! :^D

Lauren tagged me for this. I think I have a minute to do it now that my littles are all happily watching Sesame Street.

Amberly said...

Hey! I just came over to let you know I'd tagged you! Looks like someone beat me to it! Enjoyed reading!

gail said...

Coach J tagged me for this too and I'm having trouble thinking of something BUT I could be your twin on a few of them and might have to steal them!
1.LOVE to be barefoot
2.amost have to drive at all times especially if it's my suburban
3.I'm reserved too
4.LOVE Target too! only problem is the closest one is 90 miles from me but I go every time I visit sister Stacy.

Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by Annie! I could hang out here all day just listening to your music : )

Mike said...

Hate trash in the car? Guess you'll be hating me, but be good friends with my wife :)


Michelle said...

I can't stand to be barefoot LOL Even in the summer in the house I have to have socks on :)

Lu said...

Ha! I came by to tag you and you're already playing! Oh well! Tag!

Julie said...

Okay, I really meant to do the Tuesday Time Travel meme, but I got caught up in taking care of Will and I didn't get it done. So, I will attempt to do this one. I LOVE your new look! It is very clean and crisp looking. I love the colors!

I am having trouble signing in to my blog. Whenever I sign in, it knocks me off the internet. Hopefully, I will be able to get on tonight and do the meme.

Love u

Coach Jenny said...

Well, we have our first difference:
I am not reserved, I wear it all out there! I cry ALOT, and it's not pretty!! I do like to cry alone at first, but then I'm ok if dh comes along. But I don't cry mad tears in front of the kids because it frightens them.

JennaG said...

You are such an interesting person--I would love to go to Target with you and meander around--I don't like trash in the car either! I'm a barefoot person, but I never like to drive if B is available.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, Target! I always spend way too much money there!! As for the cinnamon crunch bagels! Soooo good! I miss Panera since moving here. Thanks for the tag. Mine's up!

Kim said...

I LOVE your new look, Annie. It's gorgeous. I had fun reading your random items. I'm a barefoot kind of gal, too. The guy who did my pedicure yesterday fussed at me for all the callouses. That's okay, though. He and the Flylady can just learn to live with it. I hope you are having a great week.

Haley said...

Ok, I'll look around for the template I like best, and then probably bombard you with questions about it! I appreciate your help with this.

BTW I am slowly but surely getting your package together! Yay!


Mandalyn said...

I absolutely love Target and Panera Bread!! I really enjoyed reading your list!!

Dena said...

You are on my TAG list - so now you've been tagged twice!!! Have a good day!

Sheryl said...

Love your new 'do!! It's so feminine and peaceful!
I enjoyed getting to know you better by reading your heart went out to you about your Target had hit that overflowing point!
Your family and Izzy in particular are in our family's prayers.
Oh...and I did play ;)