Monday, April 9, 2007

Menu Plan Monday~April 9

Chicken Squares
(thanks Hambones)

Breck Wreath
(thanks Homeschooling Momma)
Corn on the cobb

garlic chicken spaghetti
baguette bread (from panera)
green beans

baked potatoes
rolls & brownies

Heading to Dallas for the weekend!!!

It was a nice relaxed weekend, just what the doctor ordered :o). We had Easter dinner at mom & dad's house, followed by a chilly Easter egg hunt. The menu was ham, corn casserole, broccoli casserole, potato salad, banana pudding, lava cake, fresh pineapple & strawberry salad and hot rolls. It was GOOD! Monday morning I am taking Izzy to see a myofascial therapist who also does rolfing and craniosacral therapy. These are all three types of muscle manipulation & massage that were suggested by the neurodevelopmental team for Izzy. I found a man in Edmond who is trained in all three so we will see. I am hoping this is something Izzy can benefit from. Izzy spent the day sneezing, please pray that she is not getting a cold. Amanda and Emelia have been a little under the weather.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, I'll post about the appointment when I get a chance.

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Tricia said...

Yum! It all sounds so good!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter day.

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you had a restful weekend! I know you enjoyed that! I'm really interested in the chicken squares--they sound really good. Let us know how you like it! I will be thinking of you and Izzy when she goes to the new specialist!

God Bless!

Quietromance said...

Sounds like your Easter was just was you needed! Hope all goes well with you and Izzy at the doctor tomorrow.

BTW your menu looks delicious. Can I get the chicken squares recipe from you sometime?

Heather said...

Glad your Easter was a good one. I like the pics of each nights meal! Have a wonderful week! Happy

megan said...

Your weekly menus AND the Easter menu had me licking my chops! Your family sure gets fed well... Good luck on your appointment with your Izzy!

Jodi said...

Yum-O!! I have made that wreath before, but just used hamburg/taco seasoning.. your recipe sounds delish will have to try it that way too!

Have a great week!

The Cheerio Queen said...

Thanks for the comments on my page. Your page looks great! You are now added to my favorites. :)

I noticed a lot of the people on your blogroll are blogs I read daily. :)


annb said...

I'm excited to hear how the "Rolfing appointments goes for Izzy! I have been keeping up on Abbie's updates and it sounds like they're really doing things for her! I may have told you before, but when Chance or I start showing symptoms of a cold we double up on the JP for about a week and so far that has "cured" the cold before it settles in! I'll will be praying for Izzy about the appointment today and your menu for the week looks really good! I thought I would be ready to start posting mine this week but, alas, I can't seem to get that organized! Thank God - he's still working on me and I will be there soon!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! your menu is making my mouth water! I think i will start lunch as it is only 10:30!
I am praying for Izzy! Hope she stayes well! I feel a little run down myself and this can be the 1st sign of a cold not good!
I am glad you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend!

runningtothecross said...

Thanks for stopping by again! Your menu look delicious too!

I love the music! (So do my children!)


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So glad you all had a good Easter! Your Easter menu sounds yummy :) Hope the appointment today goes well, and you guys all have a wonderful week.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

So glad y'all had such a wonderful Easter! With good eats, too! Yum!

I sure hope Izzy isn't coming down with a cold. I know how much of a loop that throws into everything when the kiddos get sick.

Your menu looks yummy as usual. :o)

Sonya said...

Sounds good as usual Annie! It sounds like you had a great Resurrection Day! We had much of the same thing to eat! Hope you have a beautiful week!

~Melissa~ said...

I'm glad you had a restful week! You have a wonderful menu, the chicken squares look good. Have a great week!

Joyful Days said...

Annie, as always I am inspired when I come here to visit. Great menu. Praying for the therapy to be a blessing to Izzy.

Wonderful week wishes,


By the grace of God ... said...

Great menu! Will be praying for Izzy and her appointment today!

By the grace of God ... said...

Great menu! Will be praying for Izzy and her appointment today!

Kim said...

Your menu sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for the recipes.


Posh Mama said...

Your menu looks great! And it looks like you had a fun and chilly Easter! Have a great week and keep us updated on Izzy's therapy. God Bless!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Love, love, love your layout for MPM!

Rona's Home Page said...

Those Lime Chicken Tacos sound like something I would like to try. Thanks for the suggestion.
Have a terrific week!

gail said...

It all looks really good! And you so cleverly put pictures of it all!

Hope the appt. goes well.

Christi said...

Okay, scratch my poor menu - I'll come eat at YOUR house.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Hey Annie! Yup, I copied your menu this week since I was zip out of inspiration! That's the reason they look the same! I still love how you put the pix with your menu. I aspire to be so organized...

Have a blessed week.

Michelle said...

Hi Annie.Thanks for visiting.And boy your recipes look yummy..Have a great day

Barb said...

Oh, I hope she's not getting sick. Just what you both don't need right now.

Your Easter dinner sounds heavenly. And your menu plan for this week makes the pot pies I threw into my oven tonight (Cameron was here all day LOL) sound just pathetic. Yours sounds wonderful.

I love the music you've got going right now. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

What a delicious sounding menu. I will be praying for all your babies! I hope Izzy's appointment was good. Thinking of you guys! :)

HsKubes said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Your menu looks great.

~ Christina

JennaG said...

Hmmm... for some reason, you aren't updating in Bloglines. I was surprised when I popped over here and saw a new post! I thought it a little odd for you to not have done your menu plan! As usual, your menu looks just lovely! Eatin' good at Annie's this week! Thank you--by the way,I did have a very nice day!

alisonwonderland said...

have a terrific week! it all looks delicious!

Robin said...

YUM! Love the pictures.

Q&Q said...

And pictures too! Looks great! Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.

Sheryl said...

Another yummy menu and, of course, I love the pictures!!
Have a blessed week!

UKZoe said...

I might try something like that wreath recipe. I have a sheet of ready rolled pastry that needs using up.

Anonymous said...

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