Friday, April 20, 2007

Here are your questions!

Ann, Elizabeth, Haley, and Kim took the challenge to be randomized.

So you guys and anyone else up for the challenge: Copy and Paste the questions below into your blog. Make sure you answer them! Then, ask who wants you to randomize them! Wait a few days and then create your own 5 random questions for the people who replied to your post.

Mark... Set... Go!

1. What is a holiday tradition that you always did growing up that is maybe a little different than how others might celebrate, but means something really special to you?

2. In your home, where is your favorite place to be and why?

3. What was the best gift you ever received, who was it from, and what made it so special?

4. If time and money were not a concern, how would you spend a free weekend?

5. Name someone who has inspired you in life and explain why.

Let me know when you've posted your answers!

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Anonymous said...

Great questions, Annie!

Irritable Mother said...

OK, I would like to do this, and I know if I right click on your box of questions I can *select all* and copy it into my blog. BUT, I don't know how to create that box when it's time for me to create my own random questions. Is it hard to do? (Keep in mind I am very UNSAVVY when it comes to the computer!)
If I can figure it out (or if you can walk me through it) I'll join in! You can e-mail me at Karen

JennaG said...

Those are good questions, Annie. Mandalyn took pity on me and volunteered to be randomized--I just posted my questions. You did just fine without my help, I see!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for the help. I'm in! :)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Thanks for the questions! They were fun to answer.

Anonymous said...

Annie-- Love the questions! I will post then on my blog a bit later today with the answers.

Also, this morning at 9:50am I heard a knock at the door....when I opened it... the postman had this wonderful package in his hand, along with other mail! My son got the camera and took a picture as I turned back toward the living room. I will post more pictures later... but the Swap goodies arrived! Thanks bunches!!!!

Blessings to you Annie, I am so glad we 'met'.


Mandalyn said...

I have a question that is off the topic--please excuse me. :) I have noticed that many bloggers have signatures. Can you tell me what program you used to create yours? I would like to try to create one for my blog.


annb said...

My answers are up! Thanks for the questions - this was fun! I really like the memes with questions - helps with getting to know people better!

Mandalyn said...

Thank you for offering, Annie! I appreciate your thoughtfulness! I know that you have plenty to do as it is. I am going to try to extract some creativity from my brain and try to design one myself. If you don't hear back from me, you will know that my brain could not handle the overload!:0)LOL!

IRENE said...

I loved the questions. Thank you!You may come by and read my