Sunday, January 14, 2007

Amanda's new friend...

Well, Amanda has a new 'friend' named Andrew. He is a nice guy. He is 18, goes to college and works at Kohls. He is active in his church which is good. So far we have found him to be very nice and respectful.
Amanda has such a different attitude towards guys than most girls. She acts like she could take them or leave them. I think she expects a very respectful behavior and I am proud of how she conducts herself.
It was good to have everyone back in school. I was able to take Lady (dog) to the park for walks in the morning. They started ladies bible class at church on Thursday mornings which was nice. Nancy Haigler is the teacher, I love Nancy.
Friday we were hit with the first of three strikes of an ice storm. It wasn't too bad on Friday, but I ended up picking the kids up from school early just in case the roads did get worse. I also ran out for supplies in case we were stuck in all weekend. We ended up getting out both Saturday and today. I don't really mind driving on slick roads and my Suburban is so huge and heavy it does really well.
The kids are out of school tomorrow, I think they would have cancelled it due to weather anyway.
I ordered a new book on Amazon. Matt and I have been looking at the ebook version.
Here is the author's blog...
I think his book is going to be great.
We are doing the Beth Moore bible study as a family now. I always enjoy her studies. I learn a lot and feel like the knowlege is led by her but comes directly from the bible.


annb said...

I checked out the site on healing and it definitely looks like a site that I will visit again. It's so strange to think that Amanda and Chance are old enough to have "friends". Chance has a friend, too. They spend hours on the phone, but he says they are just friends. They aren't dating - he has gone to the show with her and her family, but that's it so far. I have talked to her on the phone and met both her and her mother last fall before school started. They're growing up so fast! He's my baby and the last one at home! Tomorrow is his birthday - 17 years old! I'm proud of the young man he has become.