Thursday, January 3, 2008

tt - thirteen things I did Wednesday!

1. PUT AWAY MY CHRISTMAS STUFF!!! It's about time, huh? I actually organized everything much better than last year. I labeled my storage tubs by room and they are snug in the attic! It's a happy thing. I ran in Walmart tonight and bought snowman burner covers (WHY oh why?... 75% off just does something to my reasoning skills)... anyway, I also left the decor in the hall bathroom because it is non-Christmas type snowmen/snowflakes. The rug is blue with white snowflakes and I got the toothbrush holder for the kids that makes their toothbrushes the arms of the snowmen... and a snowman soap dispenser... and snowflakes hanging from the mirrors. I have decided to leave it all until I change over to Valentine's decorations in there! BUT, I could not find my valentine tubs in the attic today so I'm slightly disturbed and feel a twitch coming on (I hate to misplace things).
2. Swept & mopped the front room and kitchen/dining room. There was wax down the hallway (wood floors) from our power outage because the kids had to use candles to walk down the hall (yes we had flashlights, they just liked the candles). So I even scraped all the wax that has irritated me every day. You know when you look down the hall and can see the shading of something but just walk by time after time? When you finally do something and realize it took less than five minutes you think, "why didn't I do this weeks ago instead of sweeping/mopping over it???"
3. Organized the top of the hall bookshelves. I guess because they are so high they have become a catch all. I pulled everything down and threw most of it away.
4. Took that little thing off the front bottom of the fridge and washed it.
5. Washed the trash can and lid. I had one of those silver metal trash cans in the kitchen, you know the kind that have the push thing on the little door... HATED IT!!! I mean it was cute to look at but functionality was 0%. It was terrible. I finally bought a trash can that I love! It's the little things that make me happy!
6. Did izzy's stuff... Gave her a bath, put her foot splints on... and put her in her stander for an hour. She had a good day today.
7. Made Emelia a dds appointment because she mentioned last night her tooth was hurting (oh no!).
8. Did all our laundry. Can't remember how many loads today, but it's done!
9. Had mom and dad over for dinner and to watch the OU game on tv.
10. Went to walmart (as mentioned previously) to buy food items ... and milk.. and soy milk. I threw out all the snack food today. All of it. It's a new day!
11. Had dad down for lunch. Matt and the kids went home with him and helped him gather broken branches. They got a lot done down there and I got a lot down with them out of the house for a few hours.
12. Reorganized the kitchen. With all the Christmas stuff gone it looks empty, but really really clean. I like that.
13. Called Office Depot to ask them what to do about my new laptop. The screen goes black about every 45 minutes and I have to reboot. Not good. They said to bring it back and exchange it for another. You know what that means? I will be backing up files (yet again) tomorrow to start over! What is up with that? I'm not complaining... at least it happened while under warranty.

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Leeann said...

Holy Cow, Woman, did you have a busy day or what? That would take me a week to accomplish! Good job!

Make it a great week!


Yvonne said...

Wow, I'm tired and I just READ the list. I have one of those silver trash cans in my kitchen and I feel pretty much the same way, but I just haven't found anything I like better.

I need to take the thing off the front of the fridge, too.

I hope you rest tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

youe had a busy day today!

julie said...

Wow, that quite a list. I am impressed. I took down all my Chrsitmas decorations today also, and threw away a lot of stuff I don't use anymore. I feel much more organized now.

Happy New Year,

IRENE said...

Hello Annie,
Happy 2008 to you! That was a great way of kickstarting the year. Well done!

IRENE said...

P.S. Lovely new look!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

You got a ton done! Can you come to my house now?

My laptop's been doing the exact thing yours is! Mine's not under warranty, though.

Nancy Face said...

WHA...? You did all that IN A DAY? It would seriously take me a week! It took me an entire day just to put away all the Christmas stuff and clean the living room!

The snowman/snowflake decor in the bathroom sounds so cute! :o)

I pretty much never clean that thing on the front bottom of the fridge...and you can tell! :0

I got rid of all our snackies, son is not pleased! ;)

Sorry about the troubles with your laptop...I'm glad it's under warranty!

Jodi said...

You were very productive yesterday! I hope the exchange of the laptop is a smooth one! On a side note, do you have it set to sleep mode by chance?

OKGardners said...

If you want to investigate laptops a little further, WAYNE builds computers to YOUR specifications. He built our desktop one in ONE Day. We were amazed. Pretty reasonable, too. This advice is only if you decide to get your money back on the laptop and look elsewhere. Just a thought. - Betty

Dena said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background! Soooo cute - WOWSA - did you ever get a lot done in a day! You put the SUPER in superwoman!!!!

Lauren said...

Your new layout is insanely adorable. I am in awe!

You sure were busy yesterday! I hope you had a nice night's sleep!

gail@more than a song said...

You get so much done, I need to come take lessons from you!
Uh oh on the computer...that doesn't sound good, hope mine doesn't start acting up.

Mel's World said...

Oh my stars...that completely stinks about having to "back up" your files again.

Sorry 'bout that!


kim said...

First of all--WOW! Can you come over to my house for a day??

Second, your snow theme bathroom sounds adorable. Post pictures, please!!!!! (I left a couple of snowman items out on my counters too--;)

Third, I love, love, love your new layout. It is so cheery!