Thursday, January 3, 2008

lookie what I got...

I took back the Toshiba.
It was going to a black screen about every 40 minutes and the only way you could get back on was to power it off and back on.
It wasn't sleep mode. I had sleep completely disabled.
It kept doing it over and over.
If I was in the middle of something I would lose what I was working on. I googled the model no. and the issue and found out it was happening to many people.
SO... I took it today and exchanged it for an HP Pavillion!
My folders, documents, and bookmarks are already loaded.

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Theresa said...

very sleek, have fun with your new toy--I believe everyone no matter how old needs a toy for Christmas.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I don't have a Toshiba, but mine's doing the same thing. I've had mine for over a year, though...and it just started a few weeks ago.

I know I won't be getting a new laptop, though, so I'm just hoping it doesn't die completely. If it does, I'll have to use my desktop! UGH!

justabeachkat said...

Oh Boy, what a beautiful toy! I'm so happy for you.

BTW, your blog opened up quicker this time than ever before. Wonder why? Usually, for some reason, your blog is the slowest one to open of all the blogs I visit. Not tonight. Yeah!

Hope you and Izzy Bear are staying warm. It's sooo cold here in the Sunshine state.


Jodi said...

Awesome! I have a Toshiba, and so far (*knock on wood*) I have had no issues!

Yvonne said...

It looks like a beautiful computer--I hope you really enjoy it. I know you will put it to good use.

IRENE said...

I haven't been in good terms with my laptop yet. I still prefere the desktop. But once a)I figure things out and b)we move to our home where I have placed connection mains in all rooms, I hope things will be easier and better!
Enjoy your new laptop. It is a great invention!

Nancy Face said...

HOORAY! I hope this one works perfectly for you! :o)

Sonya said...

Very cool! This looks like a nice looking laptop! I absolutely love my MacBook and will never go back to a Windows machine. My computer has not crashed or froze up in three months!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh Annie, I hope you love your HP Pavilion! It's so weird that you posted this on Thurs 1/3... my HP Pavilion died that afternoon. No video. Long call to HP and they couldn't fix it, nor would send anyone out. I have to mail it back, since it's still under warranty. They said they'd send me a box to mail it in, with packing instructions, and it's been 4 days and still no box. I imagine it will be 3-4 weeks before I get my computer back. I just hope they fix it and don't wipe out my hard drive. I hate to lose everything! I miss having a laptop, they are very addictive. :) Hope yours does great for you, enjoy!