Friday, February 1, 2008

know & tell

Question 1
What is your favorite fairy tale? Probably the princess and the pea. It's kind of a joke around here that I'm obviously not a princess because I have sat on remotes and such and not known on many occasions.... I'm easily distracted what can I say?
Question 2
If you could be guaranteed a spot on the reality show "Survivor", would you go? NO. I would not go under any circumstances. I would, however, send Matt :o)! I don't like fruit or fish. It would just not work for me.
Question 3
Meanest thing you ever did to a sibling??? I know what kind of question is this :) Hmmm... I am the youngest and only girl... My brothers are 6 and 10 years older than me.
I can remember the usual silly pranks, but overall I can't remember anything flat out mean except maybe telling mom or dad something I shouldn't have. I'm sure given the opportunity they could think of something really horrible I have done. I am sorry now if that helps?
Question 4
Best Fashion Era... 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's or now...
Probably 80's or now.
Question 5
Have you ever skipped to the end of a book before you finished reading the book? No, I don't think I have... if so I can't remember.

Bonus Questions (I found these questions through a website, and boy are these challenging...)
Question 6
What's the most humanly impossible thing you will ask God to do this year? Heal Izzy. completely.

Question 7
What is one thing you could do this year to increase your enjoyment of God? Let my guard down and just breath Him in. Let go of reserve and enjoy living in His presence. Spend time in His word to know more about His love. That's three and I could keep going...

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Nancy Face said...

I looove fruit and fish...but I would never go on Survivor, either!

I ♥ your cute wedding picture with your brothers! :)

It cracks me up that your 80's picture has curtains like the ones I just put up in my house...I am an old fashioned girl, tee hee! :D

I ALWAYS read the ending of a book before I've finished chapter one or two...drives my kids CRAZY! :S

Your answer to question six is my very favorite...BELIEVE. :)

Toknowhim said...

Your answers to questions 1 and 4 made me smile... Thanks for participating every week... It has been nice to get to know you better every week. Your answer to question number six is so touching.. Blessings friend.

Yvonne said...

What a fun post. I would NEVER go on Survivor either--and not just because I would be the first one kicked off ; )

I love your wedding picture--so cute.

We all need to believe. Thank you for #7--such a wonderful think to think about. I keep thinking about the post you did about the tandem bicycle.

Jodi said...

I loved the 80's! I see there is progress on the other blog...Kellie is such a good doobie!!

Have an awesome day!

Barbara H. said...

I couldn't handle Survivor.

I hadn't thought of Princess and the Pea -- that was a cute one.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I would NEVER go on Survivor, either! No, thank you! (I love, love, love fruits and fish, though.)

Great answers!

Whitney said...

I don't think I could go on Survivor either. It's not that I don't like fruit and fish (actually I love fruit and fish), I just wouldn't want my entire wardrobe to consist of those tiny bandana/shirt things the girls wear and itty-bitty shorts. I wouldn't want America seeing me like that!!!

ellen b. said...

Hi Annie,
I enjoyed reading your answers. God bless you and yours...

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Annie!
I enjoyed your answers, I played along too! have a great weekend!

Mel's World said...

I loved getting to know you even better Annie...if it helps I wouldn't go on Survivor is ALWAYS fun to watch, but go, no way!

Shawna said...

I always skip ahead in books, not to the very end, but a few chapters. Let's just say I like to have previews.