Friday, December 21, 2007

know & tell friday

Question 1 In the spirit of Christmas... Artificial or Real Christmas Tree? Both... I have bought real trees many years and the past two years we have used a fake. I love the real trees, but we put it up usually right after thanksgiving so by Christmas it is very dry! Can you say "fire hazard"...
Question 2 If your life was a TV show...what would the title be?
My life as annie.
Question 3 When you go to the movies what do you get from the Concession Stand?
Popcorn, coke, and some kind of chocolate!

Question 4 Cosmetic that you cannot live without? Hmmm... probably this...

Bonus Question (gotta think about this one...)
If you could go back in time to a pivotal point in your young life and give yourself one word of advice, and it would be guaranteed that you would follow the advice... What would you tell yourself... ( It is OK if you tell more than one thing :)
Wow... so many things! Trust God, finish school BEFORE getting married, etc.

Visit "To Know Him" to play along!

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Coach J said...

My fire hazard is doing good so far :)
I can definitely live without eye shadow. It hurts my contacts, so I very rarely wear it.
And I'd have to write an essay to answer the Bonus Question.

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for participating and again I see we share things in common. Blessings to you and do have a wonderful Christmas, even if you don't get all of your 13 things done :) Blessings...

justabeachkat said...

Just wanted to say "HI" and Merry Christmas!


Barbara H. said...

Love your TV show title. I couldn't come up with anything. Great answer to your bonus question.

I'm so sorry I missed TTT this week. I saw the question and was thinking of possible answers, but I never got to sit down and write them -- it was a crazy busy week. I probably blogged less this week than I have since I started it. But I missed it and hope to be back next time.

Your ice storm and power problems made me think of a suggestion for some future TTT, though -- to describe a time when we encountered extreme weather.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Jodi said...

Great answers Annie... I used my blog title for the TV show question too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! ♥

Nancy Face said...

I'm with you about the Christmas tree! I love real ones, but I know someone whose house burned down because of their dry tree! :0

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas card...I loved it! :)

We had the Chicken Taco Quiche for dinner last night, and it was sooo delicious! Funny thing...we were too scared of fat grams to use the half and half, so we substituted whole milk for it. The egg mixture was very runny, and the deep dish pie pan wasn't deep enough, so it overflowed all over the cookie sheet underneath! But we'll use the milk again next time and just decrease it to 1/2 cup! :o)

Latoya said...

Hi Annie,

I liked visiting your site. I really like that song that was playing "Healing Rain" -- it was a blessing. I enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. You have one of my favorite songs on here too (Voice of Truth) -- I like that song a lot.