Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a wordy wednesday... awards etc.

As I was driving Amanda to school earlier this morning we were discussing how crazy it is that the year is almost over. It has gone so fast ... we then discussed how much we'd like to be back in Florida :o)! She is growing up. It's a little sad, but I'm so proud to see how she is maturing and what a good girl she is. It just goes so fast. Okay, enough nostalgia.

Izzy had a wonderful day at school yesterday. She really enjoys her friends and seems to be enjoying the letters of the week. So much so that I'm going to get some letter and number cards to work with her at home. She lights up when she goes into her pre-k class too. She did really well in vision therapy yesterday. We are seeing constant changes, although tiny changes, we see them and know that God is working in her everyday. We praise and thank Him for the miracle of Izzy.

On to some bloggy business...

Irene, the green greek, has given me a bloggy award (the color of friendship award) and I want to first say thank you to Irene. She is one of the nicest friends I have met and it amazes me that I have met her across so many miles, blogging. Just amazing. She is a constant encourager and a blessing. So, thank you Irene for such a sweet bloggy acknowledgement.

I want to pass this one on to Nancy; CoachJ; JennaG; OhAmanda; Jessica; Tori; and Haley. I could pass this to so many people but with time restraints on the computer (and Izzy ready for her breakfast) I'll stop here, but I value each of my bloggy friend's friendship so much.

Lori has given me the bloggers with integrity award.
Thank you so much Lori for thinking of me for this award.
This award was authored by The Little Aussie Cynic to honor those blogs with integrity.
Here's Aussie's post:
"After looking, reading and watching many many Blogs and bloggers I decided to issue some recognition to those fellow bloggers I feel maintain integrity in the Blogs. All these bloggers incorporate within their wonderful sites, an integrity not always seen. They share terrific stories, topics, discussions and images. All Well worth a look."

I want to pass this one to Susan, Penless Writer; Sheryl, Taking the Challenge; and Irene, the Green Greek; and Karen from New Zealand.

Karen gave her entire blogroll this encouragement award. I want to pass this one not only to my blogroll (because I actually use bloglines now so my blogroll is much larger than the one on my sidebar....) but also to everyone who has been so encouraging to me during my lack of laptop time and have continued to pop by and leave such sweet messages. Thank you so much. I hope to be up and running sometime in the future :o)!

Karen is a wonderful friend, I'm sure you know her, but if not you should stop in and say hello. She lives in New Zealand.

Thats all the time I have for now, but I hope you all have a wonderful blessed Wednesday!!!

p.s. my washing machine is FIXED!


Haley said...

Thanks for the awards Annie! :-) Glad to hear the washer is fixed!

Kayelyn said...

Woot woot on having a working washing machine. I'd go insane without mine.

Awesome awards you got there. Deserving of everyone of them.

Irritable Mother said...

Congratulations on the awards, Annie. I fully agree you deserve each one of them. You are such a blessing to so many of us here in blogland.

Kari said...

Congratulations on your awards! You deserve each of them, truly.
Glad Izzy is enjoying school so much. And I'm glad your washing machine is fixed. I'd probably rip my hair out if mine broke! (Calmness is NOT my strong suit. lol)

Nancy Face said...

I love having a daughter who is grown up! She has truly become my best girlfriend as time passes!

I'm so happy Izzy enjoys school so much, and that her vision is progressing! :o)

Thank you so much for the wonderful award! You are such a sweet friend, and you have just made me feel special once again!

I'm happy you received all three awards! You are very deserving of every good thing that comes to you.

Yay for working, non-leaking washing machines!!! :0

Karen said...

I am very happy to hear that Izzy is doing so well with Pre K and that there are changes and improvements. Continuing to pray for her and you all. Oh and thank you for this award, I was happily reading this post and then - ooh, an award pounced out. Thank you :-)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congrats on all of your awards. You deserve every one. I'm glad your washer is fixed. I know how aweful that can be.

Tori :) said...

I agree, this year *has* gone by so fast!!
Thanks so much for the award.
I'm glad PPP has started approving. They approved 14 of mine this week-- finally!!

Dena said...

I always love to see new awards on my sweet bloggie friends! Yeah - And the year has FLOWN by - I am so grateful Izzy is doing so well!

zamejias said...

Hi! I hope everyone in the family is doing good. Have a blessed week. :D

Jodi said...

Congrats on your awards and getting the washing machine fixed!! Now only if we can get your laptop fixed!! I am missin the Time Travel Tuesdays! Glad to hear Izzy enjoys school.

Be blessed!!


Nancy Face said...

Hi Annie! Have a great day today!

KC said...

sniff.. they do grow so fast.

Congrats on your awards.

Coach J said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I miss you ssooooo much! You don't know how many times I've thought about you and what you were doing at that exact moment and how I should just pick up the phone and call you. Lately, I thought I'd wait until I'm at least in a better mood-you know, so you don't hear the "down coach j" just yet. ;)

Susanne said...

You certainly do fit all the awards. congrats.

Michelle said...

glad to hear Izzy is having a good time in school!

Congrats on the awards and yay for a working washing machine :)

justabeachkat said... much to be thankful for:

Your sweet relationship with Amanda; Izzy doing so well in school; your great awards (congrats); your washing machine is working!


oh amanda said...

How sweet, my true & good friend, Annie!