Monday, November 5, 2007


Well the new power supply arrived this morning just before time to take Izzy to bear.  I had to run in and check to see if it was the fix I was hoping for.  I am sorry to say it was not.  Still no power.  Anyway, I really miss my blogging time a lot.  Someone commented it was like having your brain disconnected.  That is so true.  I did so much on  my laptop.  My bills are listed, the passwords are stored, my bookmarks.  I wish I had backed it all up... including all my pictures!  I'm hoping it can be fixed.  


Dena said...

Dude - that is the WORST! I mean computers and phones really are our brains these days! I hope it gets fixed SOOOOOOONNNN!

Haley said...

I hope it can be fixed too! Thanks so much for the sweet good mail! :-)

Tammy and Parker said...

Sending you hugs and hoping things get!

Sandra said...

Annie, I hope your laptop gets fixed soon, I can totally understand, when my computer breaks I feel like I'm lost, I have everything on it....makes me wonder if I'm not just a little too dependent on it :)

Have a wonderful day,

Kayelyn said...

I have had this happen before. I bought an external hard drive to do the backing up on. I hate to admit this, but I haven't done it yet and I've had it a year! I think I will repent today and schedule a time this weekend.

So sorry about your woes. I wish I could help you out.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so sorry, Annie! I was hoping the new power cord would do the trick for you. Sometimes things are not so fun at all, are they? But things WILL get better! Hang in there, and know that all your bloggy buddies ♥ you!!! :)

justabeachkat said...

Oh Bless Your Heart! This makes me know I must back my things up. I pray yours will be back and running smoothly very soon.


Luke's Mom said...

I'm hoping that you will be able to retrieve all the things from your computer, I would be lost without mine. But, I think I would be more lost without my cell phone as it is my only directory, I really need to back that up.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking Luke to a Rolfer and I really feel that it is the best therapy that I've tried for him. He seems to really be responding well and Matt the Rolfer is teaching me some of the techniques so I'm excited to try them out.

Still praying for our miracles, it's coming!

Love in Christ,

IRENE said...

And my computer wouldn't let me comment on your posts last night! Perhaps an audio book would be a consolation. Or music on the stereo? Or luxuriating in not multitasking?
I do hope you get back to regular blogging.Love and blessingsxxx

Marcia said...

Hi stranger

And then I forgot my flash drive at home today so I can't do all my usual stuff either which means it's time to delete emails - one of my favourite tasks (really it is:)). And sort out any scraps of paper in my office in a bag and on my work desk.

I can't believe you might lose data again. I've been so scared of losing stuff again - I am backing up maniacally (sp?) every chance I can. And deleting stuff I don't need - did I mention I like deleting. It's decluttering for computers :)

Miss you!!!


ZAM said...

I hope it will be fixed soon. I can relate about "the brain being disconnected" thing. :D

Anonymous said...

Awww, bummer dude! That stinks!

Oh, I found the *I can't get into Annie's Blog* culprit. Theat music player you have on the sidebar. That's where the errors are when I try to get on!

Hope you get back up and running soon!

KC said...

oh Man that sucks.. I hope you don't lose everything, I hope they can get it fixed for you and soon.
We'll be missing you in the blogging world.

Jodi said...

Bummer!! I hope you figure out the problem!!

Nancy Face said...

Hi Annie! I'm hoping happy things come your way today! :o)

kim said...

I am sooo sorry Annie. Like your picture depicts, sometimes it seems to not just rain, but pour. I miss you and hope you can hurry back to the neighborhood again soon.

OKGardners said...

Annie, there is a wonderful place in Edmond that can FIX your computer and retrieve all your "goodies" you are missing.
It is just west of 15th & Broadway - COMPUTER ZONE, 844-5520, 169 West 15th St. (North side) Wayne Hing is the owner and he is a brilliant computer guru that has been in that location for over 10 years. We use him ALL the time. He is great! Ed said he would be happy to pay for your repair/brain surgery/or whatever it takes.

Betty & Ed (Satisfied Computer Zone Customers)

Pam said...

Hi Annie!
Oh dear, sorry to hear about your computer. Hope you are able to get it fixed.

Take care, God bless!

gail@more than a song said...

Ugh, computer problems are never fun. Hope yours is resolved soon Annie!

Corrie said...

Hey Annie!
I hope it works out okay. I lose my mind when my computer is down too!!! (or when it is occupied with fantasy football feinds!)
Hope to hear from you again soon!

Yvonne said...

Oh, Annie, I hope it al gets fixed soon.