Monday, November 12, 2007

MPM (well, sort of...)

Hi guys.
Well... yesterday's lunch went off very very well!  I got up very early and started peeling potatoes and got everything done just in time to get to church.  Dad came down for lunch (mom was gone out of town to see her dad) and Amanda's friend was here too.  We had a nice quiet afternoon and then headed back to church.  
I have black beans cooking away right now for dinner... they'll be served over rice with salsa over the top.  I have tons of leftover potato salad but it doesn't seem too appetizing with black beans and rice :o).
Tomorrow I am going to make chicken spaghetti because it's easy.  I have Melody penciled in for lunch after I get Izzy to school.  She's been a bit stuffy the past few days so hopefully she'll be up to school tomorrow.  
Wednesday I think we'll have sloppy joes with ground turkey (because we're health nuts you know?) for supper, they are quick and a great easy before church meal.
Thursday I am thinking something mexican-ish.  Either chicken enchiladas or chicken tacos. Something like that.  I'll have refried beans and spanish rice for sides...
Friday I hope we'll get pizza or something like that.  
I ran to Macy's with mom this morning and she got me the prettiest big jade ring, I'd post a pic but ...  Anyway, trust me ... it's pretty!  
One last thought (before I race to stir my black beans and clean the laundry area because my washer has decided to drop water from underneath and has to be looked at (ERG!!!) ... It looks like Christmas at the stores ALREADY!  

Oh... if you want to see real menus from really organized people :o) go over to Org. Junkie!


KC said...

Your as organized as I am LOL..
your so called MPM looks tasty..

So still no computer???

Nancy Face said...

The meals sound yummy...we use ground turkey, too!

I'd love to see a picture of your new ring! :)

I'm sorry your washer is sick. :(

Tori :) said...

You are so good to plan your meals. I need to do better. I should just copy yours each week. :)

Karen said...

You sound pretty organized to me! Hope your washing machine gets better soon.

Haley said...

Sorry to hear about your washer. :(

Hope the black beans turned out well, and that Izzy gets to feeling better!

IRENE said...

I think you have arranged things brilliantly, taking care of everyone and everything. Wishing you a peaceful and loving week.

IRENE said...

Oh and please stop by. There is a little something waiting for you to pick up! Love you.

Jodi said...

Your menu sounds yummy! Sorry to hear about your washer!!

gail@more than a song said...

We're having something sort of "mexicanish" tonight!