Thursday, November 1, 2007

holiday shopping

I have not bought one Christmas present. Not one. I'm not really concerned, I usually get really intent on Christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving and then finish up well before Christmas. I liked Elizabeth's idea about giving each child three gifts representative of the gifts given at Christ's birth. I am hoping to implement that idea into my gift giving this year.

Emelia wants a new ipod to replace the one that was left in the stands of the last football game she went to with a friend she spent the night with. We drove back to the field and she looked and looked, but someone must have found it before her. I think Amanda would like perfume to be one of her gifts. Bailey has already put his request in for guitar hero for his wii. I need to look into that!


oh amanda said...

I love that idea, too. I'm glad you reminded me about that. Last year we didn't even buy Lydia a gift. Her bday is in January and the grandparents were generous. I knew she wouldn't remember!

Coach J said...

Left her iPod?? Oh, I hate that for her! Did I tell you that I left my bag at a McDonald's in the town we were playing in last week? With my shuffle in a pocket? And my wallet and cell phone in another? Thankfully, all was still there when my head coach went back for it-whew!!
I'll have to check out this web site for shopping. I love to do the majority online. It cuts down on my time and those extras that I forgot I "needed" :)