Thursday, November 29, 2007

13 thursday

Thirteen things to do today!!!

1. Call bear for Izzy's appointment time.
2. Put all the tubs and boxes that held Christmas decorations back in the attic.
3. Run to Office Depot.
4. Go to Target and see if they have sold out of a particular toy for Emelia (can't list because she reads this sometimes :o) they had it, I got it!
5. Change and wash bedding.
6. Go to Michaels and look at the potted lighted outdoor trees. sold out!
7. Do my daily bible reading. I'm almost finished with Psalms now. (Remember we started reading ten pages a day to finish in 90 days?)
8. Order gift sacks for teacher presents.
9. Visit bloggy friends and see what's going on with them.
10. Catch up on email!
11. GET DRESSED lol (in something other than flannel pj's)
12. Take Izzy to school (she's much better!, thanks for the prayers)
13. Rake leaves


Shawna said...

We haven't even thought about getting decorations out yet. I think it's about time!

Theresa said...

You are one busy lady! hope you got to get to #11 before you went to Target :)

Nancy Face said...

Can you even believe how many trips to the attic it takes to set up and take down Christmas? ;)

Wow...I only study one chapter a day...I'm in Matthew right now.

Why wouldn't you want to stay in those happy flannel jammies? ;)

I'm so glad Izzy is feeling better! :o)

Coach J said...

hope you got more done than just #1--for your sake, not for mine ;)

oh amanda said...

No wonder you didn't have time to rake leaves today!