Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Choosing life insurance is a very important task, especially for parents. I think it is very reassuring to know that we have a plan in place should something happen to either Matt or myself. Matt is fortunate to have a great insurance plan through his employer. One of the major benefits for working for ATT is the wonderful insurance for our whole family.

Several years ago Matt's employer at the time moved to another country, leaving us without any insurance at all. We were forced to look at insurance quotes. We finally found an independent insurance company and paid out of pocket for insurance until the new employer's insurance began. After Matt completed the first six months of his new job, their insurance policy went into force and we were able to cancel the temporary policy that we had.

Although growing up my father was always a self employed contractor and carpenter and we never had insurance, ever. I still find it very comforting to know that we have policies in place. I think my main security is health insurance, but the life insurance is a comfort as well. I remember if we were sick it was so expensive to go to the doctor and dental work was also very expensive.

I learned also looking into insurance that there are whole life policies, these are more expensive than term policies, but the rates do not go up for your lifetime. You can actually cash in your policy if you need emergency funds before you life is over.