Sunday, September 2, 2007

week in review

What a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon it has been! There was a scheduled potluck tonight at church, but because so many people had mentioning going out of town, they canceled it. At first I was a little disappointed, because ... well I love a good potluck and this one was Italian in theme. But, now that I'm halfway out of my first nap I am seeing the benefits. I could be in there concocting a special casserole and I get to be here on the couch instead!

Another benefit of the day is having a daughter old enough to drive to Braums to get sundaes for everyone! (mine was hot caramel). YUM. Matt's mom and her hub John were here yesterday, John made his famous and my favorite penne pasta with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, tons of garlic, artichokes, fresh herbs, and fresh tomatoes right at the end... oh yeah, and tons of fresh grated parmigiano regiano cheese too. I had leftovers for lunch today and it was even better than yesterday. I made my garlic bread so we're safe today from all those werewolves...

This week flew by like the past few. I think the routine of school makes time go by faster somehow. Izzy had a good week in school again and is still lovin' pre-k. I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart to know that she is thoroughly enjoying herself. Seriously.

I had lunch with Laura at Old Germany one day, it was delish and I enjoyed catching up with her life. Friday I took Iz to Bear. Afterwards we stopped and ate quickly with mom at Panera. You can tell I'm doing excellent at my diet by all the food talk huh? There's always next week.

I mentioned in my previous post the movie "the ultimate gift." I forgot to mention that it is a fox faith movie. I went to that website sometime ago and put a lot of the movies listed there on my blockbuster queue. I have enjoyed them so much.

Praying for ...
  • Izzy's healing.
  • Parker
  • Heather
  • Luke
  • Abbie
  • Kari
  • Collin
  • Susan's granddaughter Oksana, and Susan
  • Darla, one of my oldest bffs from way back who is a minister's wife and stranded in a place she is not happy.
  • Betty, who hasn't been feeling well.
  • Michelle, Joe & Kayla as Joe is deployed next week.
  • Zenaida's friend Vic who is in ICU after terrible motorcycle accident.
I'm so thankful that I KNOW that God answers prayers! Please leave any prayer requests you might have in my comments and I'll add you on. If I forgot you (like I did Darla last week) just remind me and remember I'm still half asleep :o). But, I want to pray for you and think prayer is very powerful and necessary.

I'm so thankful for...

  • God's love & forgiveness!
  • health
  • joy
  • Izzy's teachers and prayer warriors
  • my family
  • good friends
  • YOU!

My sweet friend Judi isn't doing weekend reflections anymore. She has offered this to me if I wish to do it. I am going to put a mr. linky here for week in review if you want to share your review of your week with the bloggy group.


Tashasc30 said...

sounds like you had a blessed week.
thanks for the sweet comment on my son dedication post.
that was sweet!

Karen said...

It sounds such a wonderful week! What a grateful heart you have. I don't know if you read SassieKiwi's blog (she is on my link list) but she has a shout out for prayer. Her 14 month old niece Ruby has just been diagnosed with leukaemia. They are in the middle of tests etc, but it's a very difficult time for them all.

oh amanda said...

You had a good week! And the pasta...can I come over?

Dawn said...


Thank you so much for adding Collin to your Prayer list. You and I Pray for Izzy and Collin everyday.

What a blessing that we have become friends.

I fixed my blog spot, but ther is still nothing on it as I do not know how to add to it.

I hope I did it correctly.

All Prayers will focus on Izzy this week.

Hope and Prayers, Dawn

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you are going to continue the Weekend Reflection link on your site! thanks for doing that! I will get to your tag soon!!

Glad you had a good week! Caramel sundae...that sounds really good!

Michelle said...

oh that pasta penne dish sounds yummy!!

Since Joe is deploying next week could you please add our family to your prayer list? Thank you!

Nancy Face said...

Sunday naps are such a treat...not to mention sundaes and your favorite pasta, yummy! :D

I'm glad Izzy loves school! I pray for her each night. :)

sheryl said...

I always enjoy your week in review! I'll try to join you next week.
Sooo happy that Izzy's loving pre-k!
All the good food is making me hungry...but, it's late, so I'll be good and go straight to bed instead! :)
Have a wonderful week!

Carrie! :o) said...

Sounds like a wonderful weeks with lots of good eats, LOL!

ZAM said...

Surely you have had a wonderful week.
Glad Iz is doing great.

BTW, I hope you could include my friend's hubby who has just gotten out of the ICU. Terrible motorcycle accident that had him in and out of the ICU. Thanks!

Irritable Mother said...

Annie, I'm so glad Izzy is loving school. Still praying for her!

IRENE said...

Oh I am so pleased to see life flow. That is what matters I think, even if we occasionally want to think otherwise.
Thank you for stopping by! I love sweaters, too. I think I must post about them some day!
I have done the name meme that you have posted in august. It was so interesting. One of the best memes I've done so far.
Have a loving September.

Melissa said...

I found your blog through Chelsea Morning. Thanks for the link to FoxFaith Films. I took your idea and added a bunch of their films to my blockbuster list. I saw The Ultimate Gift last week and loved it as well. Such a great movie with a positive message!

Coach J said...

Diet smiet. This is such a battle that I just don't know how to overcome! I get so mad at myself.
On that note, that pasta and ice creams sounds wonderful!!! I'm just not cooking today, so leftovers sound wonderful to me....

OKGardners said...

Annie, Thanks for adding me to your prayer list. I am feeling MUCH better - after Round #2 of antibiotics and lots of cough syrup. We made it thru the closing on our house AND our 21st Anniversary - both on Aug. 31 - but decided to celebrate both a little later when I am feeling better. Thanks again for the prayers! They work! We will continue to keep your entire family in prayer, too. That's what friends are for. Love you, BETTY

Tori :) said...

Wonderful review!!
Can I just tell ya- I MISS Braums so so much!!

Jodi said...

Great week you had! Glad Izzy is enjoying school.


gail@more than a song said...

Sounds like a good week...pasta and ice cream sundaes and resting on the couch! Yay!
I've got that movie in my netflix queue, hope to get it soon.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Thanks for the Fox link! I will check it out now. Have a wonderful week!

justabeachkat said...

I'm so glad your week was good.

John's pasta sounds incredible! And garlic bread...oh my!...sounds like a heavenly meal.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Annie- I just love your weekly reviews. And I do have to say I am a big fan of potlucks....yum!