Tuesday, September 4, 2007

♫ O K L A H O M A ♫

Oklahoma is celebrating its 100th anniversary of
statehood this year. Because most people think of the
stage play " Oklahoma !" when they hear the state's name mentioned, citizens are attempting to update the state's image by sharing interesting state facts with others as we celebrate our Centennial.

Oklahoma is not only the home of Ado Annie and Aunt
Eller from " Oklahoma !" but of the parking meter
(invented in OKC) and the shopping cart (invented in

The electric guitar also was invented in Oklahoma , by
a Beggs musician named Bob Dunn. The first "Yield"
sign was installed in Tulsa .

**Environmental Protection Agency recognizes Oklahoma
as having the most diverse terrain of any state in the
nation. The state, according to EPA, boasts 11
distinct eco-regions.

The state has more man-made lakes than any other
state, which give us more than a million surface-acres
of water and 2,000 more miles of shoreline than the
Atlantic and Gulf coasts combined.

The Sooner State has produced more astronauts than any
other state in the union. Owen Garriottis an Enid
boy, of course, while Tom Stafford is from
Weatherford, Shannon Lucid from Oklahoma City , William
Pogue from Okemah and the late Gordon Cooper from

Oklahoma is home to the Amateur Softball Association
and Hall of Fame, a world class zoo in OKC and more F4
and F5 tornadoes than any other state.

Oklahoma is the third-largest gas-producing state in
the nation and ranks fourth in the production of
wheat, cattle and calves, fifth in the production of
pecans, sixth in peanuts and eighth in peaches.

The state's colors are neither OU's crimson and cream
nor the orange and black of OSU but green and white.

Oklahomans practice 73 major religions. The largest is
the Southern Baptist Convention, with nearly 1,600
church and more than 960,000 members.

Oklahoma gave birth to Dick Tracy (cartoonist Chester
Gould is a native of Pawnee) and Donald Duck (Clarence
"Ducky" Nash, the original voice of Walt Disney's
Donald, grew up in Watonga).

Oklahomans have survived the Dust Bowl, any number of
killer tornadoes, the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City 's
Alfred P.Murrah Federal Building and various oil
booms and busts. Oklahoma is populated by people who
are caring, giving, hard-working, patriotic and
fiercely independent. Oklahoma is a good place to
live, work and play.

The challenge in this, our centennial year, is to make
the rest of America aware of what Oklahoma has to
offer, besides "beautiful mornings," "fringe-laden
surreys" and "a girl who cain't say no."

The official statehood celebration will be in November. In the meantime, individual cities are
staging various events associated with statehood and
the settling of Indian Territory which eventually
became our state. It's a great time to be an Oklahoman
and I wanted to share this with you!

**I shared a closet with the first shopping cart (or one of the first). The Morris family that I visit when we are using their hyperbaric chamber are related to the person who invented the shopping cart and the guest quarters I stay in have the framed letters from the Smithsonian Institute and the shopping cart in the closet. Pretty cool.


Julie said...

Wow!! How interesting! I am an Okie so I knew a lot of these facts, but several of them were new to me. Very interesting post.

Loving Annie said...

I never knew all of that about Oklahoma, Annie ! It is nice to know some many good things about the state you live in !
Cyber hugs to you and all those you love this Tuesday September 4th !
I listen to Shirley Jones singing that Roogers & Hammerstein soundtrack all the time.....

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Very interesting facts! There are so much more to places than we know. BUT, I'm still sitting here singing "Surrey with the fringe on top" and dreaming of Gordon MacRae:)

Deirdre said...

Love your facts. My students have to do state projects. I think I might challenge them to come up with unusual facts like you have. By the way, tag your it! Come check out my blog to find out why. http://stitchingteacher.blogspot.com/

Karen said...

Wow, thanks for sharing all those interesting facts about your State. Made me want to come over (mind you those tornadoes sound pretty scary!). I've only ever been to LA, New York Denver and Nashville. I have this 'dream' of travelling all the States in the big mobile home.

Loving Annie said...

Most definitely, Annie. Time went so slowly when I was a child; and now, it races.....

Karen said...

Now THIS was interesting! Happy 100th anniversary (and here's toasting you with a hot fudge sundae:)

Nancy Face said...

Great post, Annie! Yay for electric guitars, pecans (yum yum!), and Donald Duck! :D

Killer tornadoes...um...cool? ;)

It's awesome that you shared a closet with the historic shopping cart! There aren't many people who can say that! :o)

I absolutely love old musicals, and "Oklahoma!" is one of my favorites! ;)

Leann said...

thanks for sharing this with us.I support Oral and Richard Roberts and they are in Tulsa.Id love to come there and meet them.but all the tornado,s down there dont know if Id have moved there.
hope all is well with you and yours.
God bless and have a great week.:)

Natalie said...

In my family, we call them buggies (not shopping carts). And, yes, people make fun of me for saying buggy. :)

Penless Thoughts said...

Very interesting post, Annie. A lot of information here that even I, an Okie for many years now, did not know.

IRENE said...

That is so interesting! Thank you!I love hearing about people who are proud of their heritage! Enjoy the celebrations.

justabeachkat said...

100 Years! Wow! Happy Anniversary Oklahoma!

I learned some things this morning :-)


Haley said...

I had no idea OK had all that neat history! Wow! I especially like your little tidbit about the shopping cart. :-)

gail@more than a song said...

Some neat facts there, and the shopping cart....who'd have thunk it!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'm going to forward this link to my hubby - he's from OK. He's like a walking trivia game so he may know a lot of it, but it was all very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing!

Coach J said...

I think that's pretty cool, too. Thanks for sharing about OK.

JennaG said...

That was a whole lot of facts. I would be hardpressed to find that many facts about my dear state!

Kathleen Marie said...

Awesome! My Mom is from Oklahoma. I am trying to remember the town she was born in. I have a lot of cousins there. Mom grew up basically in Tulsa. I need to share this with her.

Excellent and thank you!

oh amanda said...

Oklahoma also has some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants. And it DOES live up to the part of the song that says, "where the wind comes whippin' thru the plains!"

Kari said...

Annie, thank you for commenting on my recent troubles and for keeping me in your prayers. It means the world to me. I know you've said in the past that Kat and I are scaring you with all our menopause madness talk, but I'm telling you...I'm really just hoping to survive this! Literally. It's been so rough. But, things always get better with time, right? That's what I keep telling myself. lol
By the way, I loved this post. I'm an Okie - just went up there the weekend before last to visit my dad in Midwest City. I would love to move home. We've started talking about it a little bit. I'm hoping and praying that one day it'll work out that we can get back there. I don't know about all those other misplaced Okies out there, but this one wants to COME HOME! lol Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!!

Tori :) said...

Great facts!
Now I feel bad for always saying "It must be an Okie" when there was a bad driver on the highway. Sorry!!