Saturday, August 18, 2007

weekend reflection

Well, after my rant yesterday I feel like I've said enough for now.... but somehow I'll push through and reflect on the past week...

School started last Monday. I'm happy with the way it is going this year and think it will only get better as everyone gets into their schedules and routines. Izzy goes in the afternoon this year and I'm loving that. We have all morning which I thought was going to be semi-leisurely... but turns out it takes the whole morning to feed her breakfast, lunch, bath, dress... it's fun though and nice and quiet. Everyone seems to be enjoying teachers and classes... well, except Amanda. She says trig is hard, but I think she does enjoy a challenge. The main complaint is design I, which is a drawing class right now. She had to bring a sketch pad and has artistic differences with the teacher who wants them to sketch with a pencil. She wants to use jumbo markers and has filled up the first few pages with a picture of her chi straightening iron and an alien girl with heart antennae. I don't think her teacher appreciates her talent (yet)... I'm sure it will all work out. We've been doing therapy with Izzy in the evenings and as you know she had shots on Friday morning. She did not sleep well at all Friday night. Matt went to work Friday morning at 8 a.m. and didn't get home until this morning (saturday) at 5 a.m. He was a tired puppy. Izzy didn't sleep so I didn't either. I am glad that we were able to have a cat nap today and that Matt's hard work will be reflected on his next paycheck (ching ching) :o). You know you always have to think of a thing to be glad about right. We had yummy chinese food for dinner and dad came down to eat with us. Well, we had Chinese & pizza. Bailey and Amanda hate chinese food, so we have to do both. The best part about the chinese carryout is that there is plenty for the next day too so lunch is covered after church tomorrow and can I just say I'm lovin' looking forward to church every time! What a blessing!

My menu plan didn't stay exactly on course last week for some reason. It's okay though. It's good to have a plan but also remain flexible (in my opinion)... I bought a really nice ham today (on sale) and am making glazed ham Monday which is probably one of my very favorites. I bake it with brown sugar and pineapple slices (even though you know I HATE fruit) and cherries in the middle of the pineapples and mustard. So yummy. I didn't get the beans cooked, it was just too hot ya'll to slow cook beans last week. It was over 100 everyday. So, this week looks like it will be cooler and I'll have a great ham bone left to cook in my beans on Tuesday so this week is shaping up nicely.

  1. good reports from doctor's visits!
  1. health
  2. having so many people (including you btw) to join in faith with us!
  3. a husband who loves me more than anyone in the world.
  4. a husband who loves God.
  5. wonderful children.
  6. supportive blog friends who let me rant and leave sweet comments.
  7. Jesus.
  8. Air conditioning.
  9. YOU!!!

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Kari said...

I can't wait to do a post about it, but since this happened because of something YOU blogged about on your birthday, I want to tell you about it first! I've been reading your blog for a little bit now and on your birthday, you mentioned a perfume by Brighton and said how much you loved it and how pretty the bottle was, etc. I've been on the look-out for it ever since. It's so hard for me to find a perfume I like - it's literally been YEARS since I've been able to call a certain perfume my favorite. Anyway, this weekend I finally found a store that carried all 4 Brighton scents. Oh my goodness! I was in heaven! I acted like a crazy woman in that store - sniffing perfume like a fiend. lol Anyway, I decided that Dream is for me. Love the scent, love the bottle and love the colorful little bag it came in! Thanks for the tip (even if you didn't know you were giving one out!lol)!

Jodi said...

The ham sounds heavenly! Hope next week is less stressful for you!


Karen said...

Wow, it does sound very hot over there. Phew! I love the fact that you are real, honest and you hold on with hope and always spread rays of happiness around the globe. You inspire many!

Mandalyn said...

I love baked ham and I cook it the same way you do, minus the mustard! I've never tried that before! I'm glad you had a good week and that your children are enjoying school!:)

KC said...

Glad all is going well with the school thing starting back up. Amanda sounds funny with her markers over penciles.
I liked your two by two post also and Think I"m going to do that one tomorrow.

sheryl said...

Great weekend reflection! Life is full but very blessed, isn't it?!

Nancy Face said...

The mornings with just you and Izzy must be special! I hope Amanda gets her way in design class! And I hope you get enough sleep!!! Enjoy that scrumptious ham, and have a beautiful Sunday! :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds like a good week (except for Izzy's shots). I'm glad the kids like school so far and I hope Amanda can work things out with her design teacher.
Hope the weather cools off for you too. 100 degrees is just way too hot! Blessings to you!!

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Annie!
what a week! Your kids go back to school so much earlier then our kids do! our kids start 1 week from coming tuesday! I am pretty ready to send them back;)

Your ham sounds delicious! I didn't know you didn't like fruit? wow! I know you would NEVER believe me when I tell you, (seeing my weekly menu) I don't either! We include it in almost every meal anymore! WHY??? Well I kind of had a life change when visiting my brother seeing how their 3 yr old was devouring things like fresh broccoli, carrots, fruits and other healthy stuff! My kids BARELY eat bananas. In Fact Adam my oldest won't touch a banana. Funny thing is HE is the one I ate 1 daily with when I was pregnant!
So anywho, I have decided I NEED to instill healthier choices in my kids as I do not want them to grow up like me and be happy to have candy bars for a meal;)lol! yes I am truly a junk food junkie. However I am TRYING to get good healthy food back on track in our lives... loosing a little weight would be a bonus!!! So funny the other day I TREATED the kids to fast food and they were thanking me over an over for buying them junk food as they been waiting for this day. Therefore I have slacked on my meals for the week too! once school starts I think I will get on a better schedule myself! This week felt hectic for some reason!
I am sorry to go on and on, anywho... Here is wishing you have a nice stressless week!!!

Anonymous said...

Ham Yummy!!!!
My kids starts back to school this tuesday.

Penless Thoughts said...

I knew your bounce right back!!! Love your name on the movie house. How cute is that?

Ham is one of our favorites, too, and a ham bone in the bean pot. Nothing better.

I'm so thankful you are eager for church. I truly go to church EVERY service with my "Expectors" on because I know I am going to be blessed.
Love ya & ((hugs))

nancy said...

I always love your uplifting even when things are hard. What an inspiration. Good luck next week with less stress...Prayers for you!!

Marcia said...

Ooh, I love Tina's comment!

I forgot to say that I'm sending you an email via CoachJen (crazy, isn't it?) about the motivational gifts! Lookout :)

Debi said...

Well, despite all the hassle that went with it, I'm so glad to hear the doctor's reports were all good! Have a wonderful week!

Michelle said...

what a great recap to your week!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great update and it sounds like things are going pretty well, overall. I love your list of blessings at the end, lots of good things there :)

And I must be hungry, your ham sounds delicious! I love ham baked with pineapple and brown sugar, it's just the best :) Of course, Chinese food is my favorite, but I do love ham too!!!

Have a great day and a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about ordering chinese, too. There's always lots leftover and it's yummy for breakfast, LOL said...

Sounds like you are feeling a little bit better! (: We all have days like that. Mine are always at home trying to stay sane with 5 crazy boys.

LoveMyStarr said...

I'm happy things are going fairly well with your kids' school. Now, I'm hungry for Chinese food! Hope this week is better!

gail@more than a song said...

Amen to the air conditioning! Hot, hot here too.