Monday, August 13, 2007

time travel tuesday ~ first day of school edition

In honor of today being my children's first day of school, I thought we would travel back to a first day of school that was memorable.
Do you remember your first day of school?
Maybe your first child's first day of school was a memorable day.
Did you cry? Did they?

I decided to do first day of school kinda last minute because honestly Tuesday slipped up on me this week! But, school was certainly on my mind today.
I am going to begin with today. It was Izzy's first day of school in the pre-k class. I had just a brief moment of sadness. You know the sadness that comes over you like a big black cloud and you feel consumed? I pushed Izzy into her class today. She looked adorable as usual. Coordinated from her red rhinestone barrette down to her heart printed shoes. She wore a little bracelet too. I suddenly went from looking at her to looking at the little girls running into their classes with their mamas following after them having them stop to pose on their first day. That's when the cloud came. My mind reminded me that had Izzy's accident not occurred, she would be running into her pre-k class and I would have my camera ready. I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind and praised God for the gift of my Isabelle. I praised Him for her life and for that moment of taking her into school. I praised Him for the miracle that I get to be a first hand witness to, and I thanked Him for blessing me with the task of being her mommy. She is a blessing, a doll, a miracle and I love her.
Now, the other three... they are equally loved believe me! Bailey started the day by calling from the bus (on his cell phone) to tell me he forgot his agenda and schedule. I took Amanda and we stopped to deliver Bailey's things then Amanda was late. Emelia caught the bus with her friends as I watched. She was so excited! She wanted to switch shoes as the bus came around the corner. I had to quickly encourage her to keep the shoes she had on and that they were perfect with the outfit :o). They all had a good day. Izzy's teachers said that she really enjoyed the interaction with the pre-k kids. She also told me she could see improvements over the Summer. Love improvements! We came home and did therapy so she is asleep early tonight after a very full day.

Now, my first day of school I can't remember exactly... but, I was the biggest mama's crybaby you have ever seen in your life so I imagine that first day was spent dragging me away from my mom and then being annoyed by my wailing! Sheesh. What was up with that? I have one clear memory from that first year... me and my bff Alicia were drawing self portraits and I drew mine complete with the clothes I was wearing. The teacher marched me up to the office to show it off. She was real impressed. My mom still has that picture.


Anonymous said...

I remember so much about Kindergarten. I remember having to save the "new" tubs from margarine. It now was in tub form not sticks like "Oleo". We were to bring these to put "Paste" in. White paste that all the boys, "ew" ate. That dried all crunchy. I remember fingerpainting now that was fun. My apples and oranges looked the same only different color. I had a great teacher. When she was dying of cancer she had a reunion (25 years later) and she willed all her students $100 and a Bible. Ah Miss Howell!

OKGardners said...

I truly miss the First Day at School jitters that I went through with my now-grown children. It was an exciting time that you will never forget as their MOM - and they will never forget either.

I loved school and always had the job of getting all the younger neighbor kids to elementary school by holding their hand and walking them the one block to our school and back home later in the day. I was a "MOM" figure even as a young student. What fun!

sheryl said...

Love the pictures and hearing how the first day went for your cute kids!
I don't remember a single first day of school...but I remember (and still experience) the excitement of getting ready for school.
I'll get my post up in the morning.

KC said...

I'm glad everyones 1st day went well.
I'm sorry that cloud started to crowd your thoughts of the day.. and I Thank God that you had Him to turn to at that time and that he gave you the power to over come those thoughts and to praise him for the wonderful little girl you have and the joy she brings and the life she is living.

I love all the pics of the kids. LOL sounds so crazy, but at the same time I think almost all my days sound crazy like that. OH the joys of having kids :)
Great time travel.

Nancy Face said...

Wow, what a busy, hectic morning you had! The pictures of your kids are so cute!

I was very touched reading your account of Izzy's first day at school. Your strength is an inspiration to me.

I ♥ this post! :o)

Jodi said...

Great first day memories! I could almost "see" Izzy in her head to toe outfit while you were describing it! Glad she enjoyed her first day!

Hugs to you Annie!!
♥ Jodi

oh amanda said...

We'll see Izzy running into a class soon!

Lorie said...

I really enjoyed reading your story. You are one powerful faithful woman! I have a hard time when my kids can't do things that others can and they can run around! Thanks for sharing your story.

kim said...

Hugs around you Annie. What a beautiful post and how faithful and comforting God has been to you. You are an inspiration! I love the sound of Izzy's outfit--I bet she was just darling. It sounds like your other kiddos had a great day too.

I am going to wait to post my first day entry until my boys go back to school this year. We don't start until the first week of September here!!!! But I will enjoy reading everyone's entries.


Marcia said...

Oh Annie, you account of Izzy brought tears to my eyes. You are STRONG to keep focussed on God!

JennaG said...

You are a strong woman. I think having feeling like that (about Izzy) is natural. You are wise to push them aside and start praising the Lord for all you have and all Izzy is and is to be. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jessica said...

What a great post! I can't wait for Joey's first day of school!
And don't feel bad, I really don't remember my first day of school either!

annb said...

You always seem so great about "shooing" away the black clouds! I think that moment must have been pretty difficult. You have such a great attitude and I know that having Izzy here and that she is able to start school is a true blessing! I continue to pray for her miracle and rejoice with you at each of her accomplishments.
In His Love and Blessings,

gail@more than a song said...

I don't remember much about my first days of school but I loved them for all my kids! We took pictures most every year on the first day, they hated it then but fun to look at now.
Sounds like your crew had a good beginning, and that Izzy had a full and fun day! And you praising God through it all, that encourages us as well Annie.

Donetta said...

Hello, I come by way of another blogger.
I hope your days become smooth.
I posted but was unable to get the icon onto post.
Thanks for hosting

justabeachkat said...


Boy, I remember those hurried momemts right before the bus came, especially with girls :-)

I think your feelings when you took Izzy Bear into the classroom is very natural. Don't beat yourself up for that. It's only human for us to thank about "if only" sometimes. But your faith is strong and our Heavenly Father is even stronger. Isn't it comforting to know He understands and is there anytime we need Him.

Hugs and love,

Corrie said...

Izzy is so adorable, as you said. You are such a great mom, Annie. I am glad that Izzy's teacher had seen improvement over the summer. Glad that you were able to get Bailey's stuff dropped off..always something, right? =).

Michelle said...

Well I'm glad you chose first day of school for this TTT because this IS Kayla's first day back to preschool from summer break today LOL

You gave me goosebumps with your post! I think it's great that through your dark cloud you could push it aside and see the miracle that is Izzy. You know what? She may not be running into her classroom, but she is STILL going to school, and having a first day of school moment, and you were still there bringing her to school, and still had your camera - so it all still happened. And what a gift that is - you are so right!

Corey~living and loving said...

You are a fabulous mama. I am glad you were able to lift your cloud. I got teary reading how blessed you are to get to see this day with her.

oh and I might jump in next week. :) This looks fun.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a wonderful post and you're faith is so strong. Thank you- you are an inspiration!

Haley said...

Glad to hear Izzy's day went well! :-)

I have a new contest you might want to check out! :D

Nancy Face said...

Annie: Thanks for your concern! Today someone was offended by my post about Zach's preschool. Although I meant it as an amusing memory, they unfortunately saw it as an attack. I received some angry, even hateful comments, which left me in tears most of the day. I deleted my post and apologized to the one person who identified herself. Even though my apology has been ignored so far, I feel much better because I know I did the best I could. Thank you so much for the sweet comments you posted on Lauren's means so much to me to know I still have some friends! :o)

Mandalyn said...

I think any mama would have the same thoughts as you!

I'm so glad your kids had a good day at school!! This was a sweet post!

ZAM said...

i cannot remember much of my first day, try as i might...and am still looking forward to that day i'll send kiddo Matt to school too..and guess, what i feel sappy now thinking about it [i think i'm going to cry when I will be seeing him amble to his room]

Jessica said...

Izzy IS a blessing and she DOES look quite adorable. I love love love that dress! I'm so into the girly coordinated outfits too.
Reading about your children's first day of school makes me nervous, I feel like I never want to part with ME. LOL.

I can't remember my first day, but I was extremely friendly and didn't mind leaving my mom (who probably wanted me to show a little resistance LOL)
That's adorable that your mom still has that picture!

Karen said...

I really enjoyed this post, Annie, and look forward to doing a "first day of school post" in the next few days. My kids all have different first days -- but by next week, they'll all be in school -- halleluia!

Your writing about Izzy is so touching. I have no doubt that God has wonderful things in store for your little girl. She's so blessed to have YOU!

LoveMyStarr said...

Izzy is such a blessing as are all your kids! I'm glad they (and you, too) made it throught the first day!

I was a cry baby, too, but for some reason I didn't on my first day. My mom thought I would. They sat me next to my cousin, Kerri, and we became BF that year. She was mean to me, so after that year, we weren't close friends. Such drama!