Thursday, July 19, 2007

thursday stuff~

Had lunch with my friend Melody today... I told her we should take a pic for the 'blog' but we forgot until she was getting out of my car and into hers... she suggested we could take time to do it... but it was an 'ugly' day for me so I decided to skip it this time. We ate at panera (don't worry Jenny... I had a cup of broccoli soup and a sour dough roll). It was fun to visit with her and my whole point in driving to town was that I needed to run to the bank. I drove away from eating and got several miles towards home only to realize I didn't go to the bank!!! I turned around and went back, and they were slower than usual. I had to be home by 1p.m. so Amanda could leave for an outing to White water... Anyway, I made it.

I got the coolest thing in the mail today!!! It was from my secret mailer! This is one of the groups that have branched off of the good mail girls. I love good mail. I got some cool pop rocks from Chele. Me and Amanda shared them! I haven't had pop rocks in so long! I also recieved the cutest stickers and sweet card from a bloggy friend "Tori." Thanks Tori! Linda (Ribbon Rock Star) mailed me a couple of the sweetest clips ever, I put one in izzy's hair as soon as I opened them. Thanks Linda! and Melissa sent me a great recipe too! But today I found this on my front porch!:
Isn't this just so cute? Thanks secret mailer, you're awesome!

I've mentioned the huge amount of rain and that my ivy is finally growing up the tree like I've always wanted so I took a pic today before Amanda ran off with her camera (mine is broken and I'm getting another soon... hopefully).

And finally Izzy's new stroller came. It is huge, too big in my opinion but it came nonetheless... We always say we will use it until Izzy doesn't need it and pass it along to another somebody... I guess that other somebody will be a big girl who needs a big pink stroller :o)... Here is the pic as it looks now. We got this thinking it would be lighter getting it in and out of my suburban, but it has to be disassembled to transport and that metal part is quite heavy. A blessing was that my fellow ND parent buddy Dawn from Colorado has a light stroller that her son can't use now so she is shipping it to me. Yeah Dawn!!! for those quick trips in the store you know? We'll be set!
Here's how it looks on the website (these things are like $6K, crazy huh???) You can see Izzy's is raspberry rather than the red shown...That's all I have today, well all I have time for. Gotta get Izzy fed and then hit my list! Have a great Thursday!!! I'll leave you with a pic I found while downloading these pics off the camera (amanda's camera) it is her with her new friend T...


justabeachkat said...

Hi Annie

That's a great photo of Amanda...she's a beautiful girl.

Hope you and Izzy Bear have a great day.


Momma Roar said...

Sounds like a fun day - goodness, I haven't been to Panera's in a while...I've got a hankering now!

I love the idea of the secret mailer!

Dena said...

What a FUN day! I love lunching with ladies - And someone is going to need a pink stroller - I think EVERYTHING should be pink!

Amanda and her friend are cuties!

oh amanda said...

Fun day--lots of good stuff in the mail! And I looove the pink stroller!


Penless Thoughts said...

$6,000 for a stroller. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. Love the pink color though and I pray it meets your needs. Amanda is beautiful and loved the picture with her friends.

Nesting For Natalie said...

Loooove the song on your blog!!


Karen said...

Sounds like one of the perfect summer days:)

Judi said...

I need to go to Panera and have an "everything" bagel. Yum. Sounds like a good day Annie! Cute pick of Amanda and T. :)

Irritable Mother said...

Her new friend, huh? So, does she like this "friend" or does she like-like him? He's looking awfully happy to be with her! Cute pic.

Melody said...

Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and saw myself! Scary!

Michelle said...

you have been getitng a lot of fun things in the mail! That stationary is wonderful!

That is some stroller to cost 6K! Wow! Sorry it's not easy to transport though!

Sheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Your daughter and her friend are cute!
And, no, I don't believe you have "ugly" days...that's impossible!

Nancy Face said...

Amanda is so beautiful! And pink is the happiest color! :)

Carrie! :o) said...

What a great picture of the 2 of them. He reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on who. Have a good day!

Marcia said...

Annie, you've got to know I'm thinking the exact same as Karen! "Friend" indeed! So give us all the details okay because T looks very pleased with himself :)

I better check with the post office to find out where my package to you is (maybe somewhere in the US by now). Just realised it's been a long time, even by SA postal standards.

Oh my word $6000 - that's R42000 (half a car!).

I've had computer problems again - and lost a lot of data. This is the problem when you're overly productive :)

Anyway, have to get back to work.

Organising queen and
Take charge blogs

Tori :) said...

That's awesome that your friend has a liter stroller you can use!

JennaG said...

I love the Pettigrew crew thing, But what is it? Am I the only one who can't figure it out? So glad you are getting that stroller.