Friday, June 1, 2007

weekend reflection

  • Refrigerator drama... mine broke, and then was replaced.
  • The kids all have friends staying here this weekend and it is a madhouse! I am getting ready to look for a hiding place... if I can get them full long enough... or find enough towels for their many trips to the pool! ugh. Did I mention Emelia handed out my towels to the neighbor kids last week. Since then towels are a precious commodity around our house.
  • School is officially out, although Izzy will go on Wednesdays for therapy starting next week.
  • We continue to do therapy and lots of standing with Izzy. She is doing very well.
  • I finally did a little update on Izzy's blog!
  • Lunch was fun with my brother Mike. I had "evelyn's pasta" in memory of matt's grandmother who I loved and who also died recently :o). It was penne with lots of grilled veggies along with hot bread. YUM. Mike had marsala chicken which also had penne pasta and shitake mushrooms. We shared so it was fun to try both. Can you believe we didn't get cheesecake at Cheesecake factory? Hello! I meant to get a slice to go but it was so crowded I just wanted to get out of there.
  • Amanda still hasn't received her passport. Hopefully it will come soon since she leaves next Monday!
  • I taught Emelia to do counted cross stitch. She is making a frog. She is doing really well for a 9 year old! She is counting it out and it looks really nice so far.
  • the chicken cacciatore was delicious. Everyone loved it. *****
  • the crockpot meatloaf was delicious too! *****
  • the coconut lime chicken was a HUGE disappointment! It was bland and not very good. I thought it would be so good too!*
  • the kfc twisters were wonderful! That sauce that you make with them (mayo, sugar & pepper) made them! I made a big batch and then sliced them smaller and they were gone in a flash. Better than kfc in my opinion... *****
  • I made that breakfast casserole last night so breakfast would be done for all the kids this morning. I bought a loaf of jalapeƱo cheese bread in the bakery at walmart and it was really good. A little spicy, but Matt said it was perfect. Everyone had salsa with it. I also skipped the bacon so I wouldn't mess up the kitchen last night and just used canadian bacon. It was just as good.
  • I got some good mail this week! First from Tori, she sent the cd her husband made of beautiful instrumental music. Then a package from Elastic Waistband Lady. She sent ME stationary and post it's they are so cute! They say "anything is possible" and then she even sent Izzy her own good mail of goodies. So sweet! That envelope alone was good mail. Catherine sent a postcard from the museum of Automobiles! Thanks guys, these were so much fun to get, I love good mail! I have some packages ready to send out too!
  • TTT went well last week, remembering our first dates, although most of us remembered or traveled back to our first dates with our husbands... makes it easier I think, especially for those of us whose husbands read our blogs.
  • This week for TTT we will travel back to special times with our fathers since father's day is around the corner and then the next week we will travel back to our favorite vacation (Julie thought of that one!)
  • Haley sent a package today, it actually just came so I haven't taken a pic of it yet... but if you remember she had a coach purse giveaway? Well, she mentioned she found something else and sent it (it was a purple dooney purse & wallet) and she made some adorable flower pens, and there was beads for izzy and bracelets and keychain for amanda and post its that are so cute and body spray. It was a plethora of goodies. Thank you Haley and fyi, Amanda has claimed that purple purse as hers! I didn't have a chance :o)
  • I've really been getting to know some blog friends better this week. Blogging is deeper than just silly little memes, I love a meme... don't get me wrong. But, I have met some of the neatest people from so many places it amazes me. The encouragement I was given when I spoke my beliefs the other day was such a blessing.
i'm thankful for~
  • God's love.
  • God's promises.
  • My children.
  • My parents.
  • My friends.
  • working appliances.
  • YOU!

Visit my friend Judi over at Mommy of Two to see more weekend refections and sign up to write your own.


Sonya said...

Glad you had a great week Annie! It sounds like your house is exciting right now! Love the picture of Izzy. She looks so happy and peaceful!

Tori :) said...

I love your weekend reflections! Great post.

kim said...

What a great week you had...even in the midst of the refrigerator tragedy! I think I will reflect tomorrow as I have a scrapbook circle journal spread to finish so I can get it in the mail on Monday.

CoachJ said...

Another good week. Hope your weekend is restful!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good week. I sure hope you don't go outta your *noodle-doodle* (a.k.a. *head*) with all of those kiddos running around. LOL!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I love reading about your week. Thanks for the updates!

Nancy Brown said...

I love your entry this week. Very nice!! thanks for Visiting and telling me about your ST. I still dont know if I like our OT.. I guess I need an attitude adjustment

inspired said...

You have a great testimony of Faith .. God bless ..

palmtreefanatic said...

what a nice weekend reflection,
I know having extra kids in the house can be a bit overwhelming especially when they never want to go to sleep;)
enjoy the rest of it:)

IRENE said...

Good Captain, Annie!
I love ME. I have her calendar on my desk and a pillow hanging from my front door. It reads "Count your blessings". great reminder before I get out the door and first thing when I come in!
Put up a Weekend Reflection, too!
Have a beautiful week.

Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning Annie !

Mandalyn said...

I love the picture of Izzy! She has the most beautiful smile!

I'm glad you've gotten nice packages in the mail! It's nice to get surprises like that! I think it's so sweet the people include Izzy in your good mail! It's so thoughtful!

Leann said...

I remember when my girls were still home.we had kids running in and out all the time.and I was begining to think I had two or three daughters I didnt know I had.they called me mom and spent more time with us then with their own makes me hope the things they learned about Jesus will one day come out and turn them to him if it hasnt already.

girl you have your hands full.I know you have the Lords help...

I think back at all the thing I did when young.take the whole house and clean from top to bottom in one day.
paint two rooms and get every thing back and put away in one Iam surpprised to be able to get my bedroom done in one day.guess Im getting old.
God bless you have a great week.

KC said...

What a wonderful weekend reflextion.. Have I ever told you I love these post.. and I am always thinking I should be doing this, but then never find the time to do them..
has Amanda got that passport yet.. nothing like pushing it to the last minute huh??

Anonymous said...

Wonderful week! I am so jealous of all your Good Mail! ;)

I love the picture of Izzy. What a sweetheart.