Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's thursday~day five in the diet devo...

I got some pictures from Amanda last night that she emailed from her phone. She texted me that they confiscated her pepper spray at the border and I thought she was joking, but she took a picture of the confiscation form that she had to sign. I don't know if she even remembered the pepper spray was in her purse, it's a key chain. With all the bad things going on in the world, you just have to take measures for safety. She is such a beautiful young girl. She called from her room late last night and said she loved it in Montreal, that it was very European there. She said there was graffiti on a lot of things and predicted the new people mover they rode out on would be decorated by graffiti before they come home. I hope not. It was good to hear her voice and weird that she is so far away from me. I haven't heard from my little campers. They must be having a good time.

It's day five in the diet devo book...

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
Once we decide for ourselves that being overweight is wrong, then it is vital that we put ourselves in God's hands. Though being overweight is not a sin, few people would say it is good. We should avoid everything that is not good. God will help us whenever we turn from things that are bad. Prayer is an important part of our attempts to lose weight. We can trust God to bless all our efforts to do what we feel is right. There is no reason to feel guilty for being overweight, for God forgives us our weakness and offers His own strength as our own. We can start our diets with a clear conscience and an assurance that God is with us every step of the way.

Today's thought:
We have nothing to feel guilty about.

I finally posted a little update on Izzy's blog. I get griped at for spending a lot of time on my blog while neglecting Izzy's blog which was the start of blogging... I just have more to say than Izzy :o) and when there is something to report, believe me... I will write it everywhere. But, I know people read it who are family and friends and they are looking for some information there. I will try to do better... I have asked a few people about re-doing her blog. I haven't really gotten replies and Susie is too busy. I just put that template on there, but would like something more "izzy."

Another quiet day for me & Iz. I'm going to throw dinner in the crock pot and do some housework and yard work, get her in the stander a few times, try to do some therapy with her, I was going to wash and vacuum my car but it is pouring outside so that will wait. I just saw on the news that there is flooding in western oklahoma.

I heard a speaker last night say that an intercessor is simply the one declaring a winner. That was really interesting to me, you always hear about intercessory prayer. The speaker went on to say I declare victory over you and the devil is defeated. I hope to study this a little more this afternoon.

*this just in*... you know my wonderful red kitchen aid immersion blender I have raved about that I use for Izzy's food? It just died. It got jammed on one of her juice plus vitamins and now it won't work. I am trying with all my might to play the glad game about this... I guess I'm glad that I get an excuse to go to Target today?...


Jenileigh said...

It sounds like Amanda is having a good time although I know it has got to be incredibly hard for you not to worry about her so much. I'm continuing to keep her in my prayers.

Your quiet day with Izzy sounds so peaceful. I wish I could come over and join you. I'm going to pop over and check out her blog.

Diet Devotion for the day. How true. The Lord will give us His strength in our weakness. All things are possible in Christ who strenthens us. I think sometimes it is hard to not feel guilty when you falter with trying to lose weight. This was a great reminder. :)

Have a blessed day my dear Annie and Izzy! {{{Big Hugs}}}

Penless Thoughts said...

With the history of these things you better buy a back up. It is terrible that things are made so shoddy anymore. Glad you heard from Amanda. We'll look forward to pictures.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I love reading these diet devos!

Mom and Grandma had a blender that they ordered off an infommercial and they seemed to love it. They made protein shakes in it at least once a day...usually more. I wonder what kind it was?

I'm like hearing what you're studying! I told mom the other day that I want to come study with you and all the time...seriously. If I lived closer, I would probably ask you!

Haley said...

A trip to target is always a good thing! :-) I'm glad that you always have a positive outlook, even when things go a little off balance.

I;m glad to hear that all is well with the kids, and I hope you and Izzy have been enjoying the quiet!

Have a great weekend!


Corrie said...

I can't belive another mixer died! I am having a bad morning and earlier, I actually thought of you and the glad game. Ha ha.
Thanks for making me laugh on such a crumby morning...and I actually played the glad game!

Marcia said...

Annie, I don’t know what is happening with our emails.

Did you get the email when I sent you my address for the keychain? It was on that same email – I said “I’ll send you my address but only if you send me yours too”

ROFL – me crafty?! You make me laugh!

annb said...

Why don't you have an "Izzy Blog design contest! How fun would that be? I would love to get in on doing something for her. You've seen my two blogs, but I also did one for another SIL, Sheila that you could look at. You can find a link for her site from "Each Day Is A Gift".
You know I used to have a magic bullet that I used for my protein shakes, but it did a long time ago. I actually bought a commercial drink mixer - like a "beefed up" blender. I love it! It works really well. I'll email and let you know how I got it for barely any $!
I also wanted to let you know that I received my order from Thurman and listened to the first one on my way to work today and was "blown away"! He is an awesome speaker! I'm so grateful to you for introducing me to his work!

Babystepper said...

I was just having my own little pity-party here, but I was glad to read your blog and shake myself out of it, a bit.

Somedays are just harder than others, but God has given us all the strength, peace and joy to get through them. All we have to do is ask. Thanks for reminding me.

Barb said...

Isn't that strange, that they would take her pepper spray? What on earth harm could she possibly do with that other than to protect herself if she had to.

I appreciate the care they take but it's not like she had dynamite in her shoes or something. Good grief.

I'll bet it's kind of quiet around there right now. But you know all your kids are having fun!

gail@more than a song said...

Exciting that you got to hear from her! It'll be fun to see pics later.
It seems like a kitchenaid should NOT have died this soon! Can you send it back or is it under warranty. A trip to Target is always good though!

Corrie said...

You are so fun. Thanks for the glad game suggestions. You were right on all of them. My day actually turned out decently once the morning passed. I really appreciate your encouragement!
Hope that YOU had a great day!