Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Reflection~

  • I posted an update on Izzy's blog earlier about her week...
  • The 3 year anniversary of Izzy's near drowning came and went...
  • Bailey got an award for all A's & B's! He is not the studier of the family so this was great! Although he is very smart. He just doesn't ever bring homework home... hardly ever....
  • I know it is almost Summer, the kids are out playing and riding bikes until dinner and then out again. They take time out for a quick swim and play more. I love this time of year when the weather is so nice for outside play time. It is so much better than being stuck in front of a video game or television set.
  • Matt and I did two fasts this week and I really felt like they were beneficial to our spiritual lives. I think there is a lot of power and revelation in fasting.
  • I got my hair cut Thursday and my eyebrows waxed... yeah!
  • Amanda made a 100 on her Algebra III test today!
  • Emelia wrote me a note for mother's day that she forgot to bring home for several days after mother's day but this is what it says...
    • I love my mom because she makes me good food. She helps me learn stuff. she is very nice to me. Love, Emelia.
  • Amanda left a handwritten card on the table (she cleaned the house while we were in Dallas) and bought me a elephant candle at target... Her card says:
    • XOXO
    • AMANDA- (yes, I assume my NHS straight A valedictorian daughter does know how to correctly spell mother... oh well, we take what we get right?)
  • I stayed with my menu pretty well this week... except on Tuesday it was so hectic I didn't get the chicken roasting in time so we had it Thursday... but I invented another recipe I have called "sloppy burgers."
  • The rosemary chicken was delicious by the way. I usually make it in the roaster, but did it in the crock pot instead and it was fabulous!
  • I blogged the other day about the new immersion blender from kitchen aid... it is really wonderful. I love it. I have made Izzy's shakes and it works so well. I used some of our spaghetti and veggies tonight and was able to make perfect food for her with that thing and then used it to make Matt & Amanda homemade cookie blasts (like sonic).
  • I'm enjoying the time travel Tuesdays... we went to 18 years old this week and next Tuesday we are planning to go back to our first blog post, post it and then tell about how and why we started blogging. I'm always up for suggestions on travel destinations btw.
  • got tagged by K.C. and Lori to do the 7 random things meme .... I've already done it, but here are 7 bonus facts you will be dying to read about me!
    • I love Sung perfume. I use it pretty much everyday (I'm out of laugh/Brighton my favorite btw)
    • I am very good at french braiding. I used to braid everyone's hair for basketball games and at church camp. I taught myself on my mandy doll.
    • I make a killer spinach dip! I'm kinda famous for it even though it is almost exactly what is printed on the knorr soup mix (just a few secrets).
    • My laptop died several months ago and I couldn't find anyone to work on it, so after I found out from Dell it had just run out of warranty... I took it apart and fixed it (Matt helped me solder the part) and reassembled it all by myself by looking at the schematic on the dell website and then reloaded all the drivers by myself!
    • I buy most of Izzy's clothes at gymboree, usually online. I love their outfits and matching everything and they are soft and comfy for her.
    • Most of my good IRL friends have been my friends for a very long time.
    • I like to fold t-shirts directly out of the dryer martha stewart style. They look so nice and neat.
  • I joined up with the good mail girls and have mailed out about 7 or 8 packages this week. It is so much fun to send things out and I know it will be fun when mail comes here too!
I'm thankful for~
  • Beautiful days.
  • Happy kids.
  • healthy kids!
  • Air conditioning.
  • coke with sonic ice.
  • my friends IRL and bloggy ones too.
  • God's love!
  • you, for reading all the way down to the last line :o).
Thanks Judi for hosting WR.


Ribbon Rock Star said...

You brighten my day, Annie!

Have a great weekend.


Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks. Learned quite a bit about you.

CoachJ said...

Tell me about the good mail girls, please....sounds fun!

Mandalyn said...

I've always wanted to learn how to french braid, I love spinach dip and use the Knorr mix as well (I add more Knorr mix to the dip--I like the extra flavor it gives), I love gymboree clothes and you really should meet my husband...he is very "ticky" about his t-shirts and scrubs. He loves to get them right out of the dryer and "pop" them to get all the wrinkles out. Then he folds them like they have just come out of the store. I've learned the technique myself over the years!!:)

Tori :) said...

Sonic ice is the best!!!
You are an awesome Mutha! ;)

JennaG said...

So glad you had a good week. You are very welcome for the package--I was just driving by a local store one day, and there was that "Believe" sign on display out on the sidewalk--I knew I had to pop in and pick it up for you.

Loving Annie said...

Hi Annie ! Hope that you are having a great weekend !
My Mom loves her immersion blender, too !
All the popular girls in school had french braids, so very cool skill !
And very impressive that you fixed your laptop yourself !
What is sonic ice ???

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Yeah...What's the good mail girls?

Ooh, I love spinach dip...Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

Lastly, thanks so much for sharing Izzy's life. My DearDaughter will be 18 months next week and she's just like Izzy because she does not like baths or water and frieks out all the time. We will be setting up our small 3' deep pool soon. We definitely underestimate our little ones and I am thankful for the awareness that you have given to me through Izzy's story. What's neat is seeing how she has progressed! Praise God!

In Pursuit of His Call

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, I'm so glad to hear the red Kitchenaid immersion blender is working for you! That's bad news for me though, I might *need* to add that to my collection. I'd love to make sonic blasts at home :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a terrific week next week!

Sheryl said... really amaze me! Taking your computer apart, fixing the problem, and putting it back together is can earn money for that!!

Michelle said...

what a great recap to your week! You sure did have a lot going on! I wish I could french braid!

KC said...

Love your weekend reflection.
and your 7 random thoughts. Thanks for playing along.

Overwhelmed! said...

Very nice post! Love your list of things that you're thankful for.

Corrie said...

Hey Annie,
It was fun to read about your week. Your blog always makes me smile.

Jodi said...

Sounds like you had a busy week!!

Haley said...

What is the good mail girls? That sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

You can french braid and fix computers?! I soooooooo wanna be like you when I grow up!!! LOL! That's just awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a great post Annie! Your children are so sweet! I am so glad nice weather is here too! Now my two can get rid of all their energy oustide! Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

I am going to pretend I did not read that you dismantled a computer, fixed it, and re-assembled it. I mean really, your husband hit the jackpot with you! You are the ultimate woman! Oh, if you want to send me anymore "good mail" I will take some spinach dip. :)

Love ya!

Amberly said...

I'm so impressed with your mechanical skills! I'd be terrified to take apart any electronic device, especially my computer! I'm sure the anniversary of Izzy's accident was hard for you, but it sounds like you had lots of blessings to help you through the week. What a sweet family!

mum2brady said...

Wonderful weekend reflections :) Sounds like your kiddos are amazing! Thanks for sharing Izzy with me, she is an inspiration :)