Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Monday~

Good morning blogville!

I was out of town this weekend, so I didn't get to post a weekend reflection (sorry Judi). I did take the laptop to Dallas, but I was using dial up and it was so slow I couldn't even really do much but check email and then turn it off. I guess high speed internet is another thing to add impatience. Funny, I never prayed for patience. I guess I knew that to get patience you would have to have a circumstance in which you would develop patience. I am a fast moving, get it done fast kinda gal. This situation with Izzy has built my patience in a whole new way. Not only my patience, but my faith has grown by leaps and bounds. It is so strange to find yourself in a situation that not one person can make better. Only God. I began to rely on God. I always thought I had in the past, but it was nothing compared to how I seek Him now. I know that God is the only One who can heal my little Iz. I know that God is in control of everything.

We spent the weekend in Dallas, I think I mentioned that already... but, we went to attend a healing school. We also went last month, they are held monthly on the second Saturday of the month. We arrived at about 12:30 for the teaching that began at 1 p.m. and I think we left around 7:00 pm, so it was a long afternoon... especially for Izzy. It was again great information about things that interfere with life and cause sickness and disease. Thurman ( focused on wives and husbands quite a bit on Saturday. It was interesting. There was a woman who hated her husband, I mean hated him... and her children were sick, she was having repeated miscarriages etc. when she heard Thurman speak on this issue and her child was healed. It is an interesting testimony you can read here...
I think Matt and I walk in a love relationship for each other, we may need some fine tuning though.

We drove home Sunday afternoon, another long drive which I have decided I hate driving long trips... Matt offered to drive, but I hate riding more than I hate driving. So, I drove and it was fine. I am not complaining. I was blessed with great comfortable transportation. An interesting note about the drive... I usually fill up with gas before leaving town and then again somewhere in Texas on the way home. This one tank of gas lasted the whole trip! It was a supernatural gas experience for sure. So, praise God for good gas mileage, especially since it is $3.15 now! and what is up with that? It is eye opening to pay $100 to fill up your car.

I hope everyone had a good mother's day. I did I suppose. You read earlier that I had shopped for my Matt gift so it was kinda a normal day. When I got home Amanda has stayed here with my mom Friday night and then her friends stayed with her on Saturday night. She had cleaned the house and left a candle and note pads on the table for me. Very sweet. Bailey gave me some white furry flip flops and at our home congregation they passed out corsages for moms and he got one and brought it home for me. I thought that was pretty thoughtful for a 13 year old boy who had an out of town friend over for the weekend! Sweet kids. I am very blessed.

I don't have my menu ready for MPM, but I have to get me & Iz out the door in a bit to go to Bear and so it will wait until later... I am hoping to have a minute this afternoon to visit everyone and say hello. I have to go to target (did I just say I have to go to target?) ... anyway, I left Izzy's bullet blender that I make her smoothies in that I special ordered in Dallas (ARGGG)! So, I ran out last night to find target closed so I grabbed something at walmart which broke on the first use... I have also been given notice that if I don't start pulling my weight on the pool maintenance my hub is going on strike. So, I'm going to do some skimming and chemicals this afternoon along with the miles of laundry left here from a weekend away.

I'm looking for balance. I want to seek God with all my heart. I have a lot of jobs to get done, I have catching up to do. I just need to inhale, exhale... and then keep going. Thanks for all the sweet comments on that picture. I almost didn't post it because, well, you know we are all our own worst critics. But, it wasn't too bad and it was fun to see Carrie's pic of a real preggy girl. She looked so cute. Oh, I also got to hold baby Will this weekend. Julie lives in that area so she dropped by Saturday morning. I did her highlights and held Will. He is so tiny and cute. Izzy was pretty interested in him too. It was fun to see them!

We will be traveling to 18 years old tomorrow, Coach Jenny and Karen both thought that would be a good age to visit. I think it was a special year for them. Hopefully I'll have my menu up sometime and then TTT up tomorrow, so come back and play along, please.


HomeSchool Mommy said...

I'm SO interested in hearing more about your weekend! When we saw where you were headed, we wondered if you might be going down there for that.

I'm looking forward to playing TTT tomorrow. I will find some pics tonight...that makes it better, I think.

Joyful Days said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day, Annie. Your faith and constant focus on the positive always bless me.

Praying for energy and strength for your day.

Will ponder my TTT.

Sonya said...

What a full weekend you had! I thought I had alot to do until I started reading your blog! You seem to handle everything so well. I wish I had your strength there. Your kids were so sweet to honor you with all they did for you for Mother's Day. It seems that the most simple things are the most wonderful! I am hoping to participate in TTT tomorrow! I think I may be able to remember 18! LOL!

Sue G. said...

When things seem overwhelming, it's not one day at a time, but one minute/second at a time and the storm will pass before you know it. I'm praying for you and lifting you up!!

Barb said...

I'm doing exactly the same thing right now. I'm inhaling and exhaling and just putting one foot in front of the other.

If you find balance, will you please tell me where you found it so I can go get some? :-)

gail said...

It does sound like you had a busy, long weekend. Hope it was a nice Mother's day for you!
What kind of car do you have that you made that whole trip on one tank of gas! It's sticker shock for me when I have to fill up my 42 gallon suburban, ugh.

the night owl said...

You have been tagged...come to my blog and see .... Baba

Tiany said...

Annie, You know I have seen Izzys button all over the blogosphere and never realized she was your sweet little girl! You did have a very busy weekend, I am praying for you and praying that you find some moments of rest, peace and quietness along the day or evening :-) I will pop back in to see your menu later tonight! I am adding Izzys button to my sidebar!

Hugs & Blessings,

Jill Norwood said...

Wow- you're one busy gal. Hope the rest of your day was good.

Marcia said...

I think I must join these weekend reflection things to get it all in focus.

Annie, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I'm also a much better driver than rider (love how you said that - Dion just calls me a control freak) and I told him on our holiday that I really don't enjoy all that car time any more.

Your kids are really thoughtful - glad you had a nice mother's day. And a God-filled trip with the gas. I so LOVE little miracles like that, don't you?

Corrie said...

Glad you made it home safe & sound! I am planning to play tomorrow. I'll have to start thinking about it today. =) That was a long time ago!
Well, hope you make ie to Target!
Have a great day, friend!

Lori4squaremom said...

HI Annie,

I haven't been here at your blog for a've been busy!

Hey, sweetie, I tagged you for an "8 Random Things about Me" meme. Here's the link for the instructions

Hope you'll play along :)

In Him,

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend! So neat that you got to meet up with Julie and hold baby Will! I bet he's just adorable!

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend and that you learned a lot from your conference. What a long trip! I hope all of you can recooperate this week!

Have a blessed & rested week!

JennaG said...

You were very busy this weekend. I hope that you get the rest you need. That sounds like an interesting conference. I'm glad you have such precious, sweet children that make you feel loved and cherished.

KarenW said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! I am looking for that balance too.

annb said...

Elizabeth called me today to tell me about your post! She was totally interested in Thurman Scrivner and I am also quite interested in his teachings. You had told me about him a while back and I had looked at his website, but Elizabeth told me to be sure and follow your link about the woman whose children were ill and how it related to Thurman. I'm going there now.
I'm glad you got to visit with Julie and see the new baby. I always try to make Jody wait until the day - for gift-giving - because if I get it early it kind of takes away from my special day. He didn't wait this time either. He wanted to give it to me last weekend, but I talked him out of that!
Thanks for sharing your experience this weekend!

CoachJ said...

I am going to go read that testimony later (I'm just too tired right now) but I'm anxious to hear more about your personal insights from this weekend. :) I didn't realize you guys go so often. What a great blessing to be charged up!

kim said...

Ahhh....balance the age old dilemna of motherhood. Keep breathing, and things are bound to settle down. You have very sweet kiddos and are very blessed. I will try to play TTT this week, although I will not have any great pictures of myself, I can expose how old I am compared to so many others who play along! :)

Kim said...

Wow! You have been really busy the last few days. Try to catch up on some rest this week. By the way, your menu for this week looks great!

IRENE said...

I get these feelings, too from time to time. I think it is important to just stop and listen to them, instead of pushing them away or overwriting them.
I received an e-mail today that made me stop and post about it. Do stop by and follow the links for some refreshment. I hope it helps.
P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your comments mean to me more than you know.