Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend Reflection #3

Whew... what a week this was!

I spent the beginning of the week preparing for the trip to Ponca City for our reassessment for Isabelle with the AIAHP guys from Australia.

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon out in the nice sunshine doing our history interview with Chad. It was a beautiful day, and it is so pretty in Ponca City. Izzy laid on a blanket while we went over all we have experienced the past six months. Later in the day Izzy was assessed. They checked to see how aware she was of feeling things like ticking her legs and arms with a feather, even pinching. She sure did respond to everything! They tested her tracking and grasp. She did grasp and release Chad's finger. She also grabbed his shirt and tried to knock his clipboard out of his hands. It was great!

We got in the hbot chamber 4 times this trip which is good, can't wait to do more.

We all enjoyed a meal together at Jane's house. They are such hospitable and terrific people. Their home is beautiful, it is historic... built in early 1900's by same architect that built the marland mansion in their town. It is around 8 or 9000 sq. ft. and is really full of character. We spent the night in the 'carriage house' where the chamber is kept in the guest quarters. We got up early to start more hbot for Iz.

Later in the day they gave us the results of all their testing. They were so pleased with Izzy. It was nice to hear positive information when much of the time it is so negative, but I am still reeling and overwhelmed by what we need to do ... I posted the results over on Izzy's blog.

Matt and I spent the day yesterday trying to find the things to make what we need for Izzy's new programme. Later I took Emelia to her cousin Brooke's birthday party at build a bear followed by pizza and ice cream. Too much fun! She did have a great time & it was a nice get away. Emelia is such a character. She was talking to me on the drive over about a little boy in her class and then said "relationships are tough." She is 8. UGH.

I helped at a baby shower this morning at church. It was a great shower and I enjoyed visiting with several people very interested in what we found out this week at Izzy's assessment. Finally, I went to the store and bought food I normally don't like to buy because poor Amanda and Bailey said we have nothing to eat :) There is food here... just maybe not their favorites. WE are stocked now and ready for whatever comes at us.

This was a good week. I am blessed.

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LoveMyStarr said...

Thank goodness for Izzy's positive progress!!

Yes, Emelia, relationships are tough!! I can't believe she said that! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! I would say you had a wonderful week!! :o) So glad everything is going so good!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about Izzy! And your Emelia sounds much like my 8 year old. I think we are in for it!~

Sandra said...

So glad to hear about Izzy :)

Sounds like you had a great week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be back to visit often :)