Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goodbye to Marmar...

Marmar, Matt's maternal grandmother passed away this week. She was almost 93 years old and living in Methodist Manor Nursing Facility in Tulsa at the time of her death.
She was truly the sweetest and most content person you could ever know.
About 7 or 8 years ago she broke her ankle and this ended her years living in Blanchard where she was a retired 2nd grade teacher. When she was still living in Blanchard we spent many weekends piling in her house. Those were really good times and great memories. She loved the kids so much. I miss her.
Matt and I went to Blanchard yesterday to meet with the preacher who would be speaking at her memorial along with Paula and John. We spent that time remembering things about Marmar and trying to convey her spirit to him. Afterwards we viewed her body. Although she looked good in spite of her last few months, it was still only a shell and not marmar.
Today was her burial and memorial. It was a crazy burial, it was like a blizzard from no where and we were all shivering and huddled up in the tent. Afterwards we went to the Methodist church to visit and each lunch while waiting for the memorial service. The preacher used all the words we had spoken and delivered a great sermon. Paula and Jane Ellen both spoke of their love for Marmar. I remember Paula said that her parents were the two finest people she had ever known. They were both very good people. I never heard an unkind word spoken of either. Although I didn't have the opportunity to meet Matt's grandfather Raymond, I have heard so many wonderful things about him. He died when Matt was only a baby.
We left the service inspired to be better people.