Tuesday, December 4, 2007

time travel tuesday ~ bad hair day???

We've all had them... the worst haircut or hair mistake ever! It didn't just go away either... Travel back to that tragic day that your hair went wrong. What happened? How did you deal with the problem... did it take a long time to work it out or grow it out?

The first thought that came to mind when I was remembering bad hair was the Summer of 1984. I went with my mother to my aunts house out of town. Her daughter was taking care of a church member's pool (my uncle was and is a church of Christ preacher)... I don't think she managed the chemicals properly because one day (really one hour) in that pool and my hair was florescent lime green. It was terrible!
We tried a few home remedies that didn't help at all. The front was still blond, and the back remained really bright green. I wore it frenchbraided that night for a movie outing. My braid looked yellow and green striped.
It was terrible!

The next day my SIL (who had taken cosmetology in h.s.) had the genius idea to pull hair bleach through all my hair. Gobs of green bleach came out of my hair.
It was terrible.

I was left with very very light, very very brittle, very very damaged hair. It took almost a year to recover back to normal. I cut it into a short bob to get the worst off and this all happened the weekend before I started my first year in High School.
It was terrible!

One thing I can say I know while traveling back to this situation in my mind is that it was all fine and my hair grew back... I also thought about my friend Melody. She got butchered years ago at the beauty shop and left crying with the shortest hair she's ever had. I don't know how long it took to live through that one... AND then the time I ruined Matt's hair. We were newlyweds and I didn't know to put the guard on the clippers, so I went straight over his ears and shaved his sides bald. He had really thick, black hair. We had to cut it 1/4 in. all over and blend the bald sides. It was pretty bad. The worst part is I couldn't stop laughing. He didn't appreciate that much. I think I laugh sometimes when I maybe should cry :o)!

Can't wait to read about your hair follies.


justabeachkat said...

FYI - your top photo isn't showing on my end? You might need to re-load it.

Funny (and sad) stories about your and Matt's hair woes. I've heard lots of people have trouble with pool chemicals.


Nancy Face said...

What a great Time Travel! The only hair woes I ever had to suffer were when my dad cut my hair with orange kitchen shears as a kid, and it was kind of crooked, haha! But nothing exciting enough to post about!

Your green hair story is a nightmare! AAAGGGHHH!!! I had a client once in the same predicament, and I learned a very unconventional yet effective solution, which didn't include bleach...but I must not post it! ;)

I LOVE that you shaved the sides off Matt's hair and couldn't stop laughing...that's AMAZING, haha! :D

sheryl said...

Ach! Having to start high school like that must have been awful!
Poor Matt ;p
Mine's up.

ZAM said...

Green hair! Despite my partiality to color green, I certainly do not want my hair to be that color. I can just imagine your predicament. ;D

KC said...

I had green hair a few times during the summer while I was growing up.. It never turned into any sort of tragic hair style though.. When I was a little kids and I thought it was kind of cool to have green hair.. Though my mom didn't feel that way so she went out and bought the shampoo that takes it out.. and Every summer since then I have had to wash my hair with that sampoo after swimming.. IIRC it is called ultra swim. I now have to buy something similar for my kids.. not so much for there hair turning green(though both Mr Man and Sweet Pea has had light green hair at one point) but because there hair gets so extreammly dried out from as much time as they spend in the pool.
I'm not looking forward at all to going to the dentist.. I have to do this dental work in 3 trips and this is the 1st.. I have my wisdom teeth and they need to come out.. So today is the 1st of 3 times I have to go in to have a tooth pulled.. I don't like going to the dentist on a good day.. so I'm sitting here with butterflies in my tummy worrying about the pain I'm going to feel from this.. UGH...

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I have had green hair from pools, but never that badly! I think my hair was bad during my entire middle school experience. BIG BANGS!!!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I had a friend that did that almost exact thing to her hair. Except, a friend stripped the coloring from her hair and dyed it to a half way decent color. But, man was it fragile. I thought it was gonna just fall out it looked so damaged.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Oh yeah! I am not seeing the top photo either. It's justa red X.

Barbara H. said...

Hopefully he laughs at the story now. :-) I can only imagine dealing with such green hair at that time of life. I was watching "Look Alike" an the TV Guide channel a while back, and one lady they worked on had greenish hair due to the kind of pipes in her apartment (I think I'd move!!) I can't remember what they did to counteract it, though.

This was a fun Time Travel.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Coach J said...

yeah, if that's a pic of your green hair, please reload it!! :)
I think I laugh when I need to cry, too! I've butchered Dh's hair before, and hoped he wouldn't notice. How stupid of me. I've gotten better over the years, though.

Anonymous said...

That would have been a great hair-do for an Oakland A's game! I too used to have green hair in the summer.

Dena said...

Your poor hubby! I have had pool hair in my day!

Kari said...

Oooh...green hair. Wow. I don't even know what to say. lol

I won't get into too much detail over my worst hair day...but remember back in the 70's when the "Dorothy Hamill wedge cut" was so popular? You're probably too young. But anyway...I got that haircut. And it would have been great, had it been cut into the actual "wedge" shape in the back instead of it being high on the right side, angled all the way down to LOW on the left side. I had half a wedge. And I was in junior high at the time. Yeah...I never forgave my aunt for takin me to that salon. I was traumatized for YEARS! LOL
Merry Christmas!

IRENE said...

Never mind Annie! Keep laughing at the funny things in life!

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Wow - you were punk before punk was cool. BTW - my blog has moved from practicalchick.blogspot.com to atomik-kitten.sisterrobin.com. I am still working on it, but that is where it is moving. I haven't moved everything (all the posts are moved; just working on some of the code and moving some widgets).

Theresa said...

I was just giggling at the thought of you shaving the sides bald-probably why my hubby doesn't let me touch his hair.

Yes being a swimmer I can imagine what that bleach did on top of chlorine- you are luck you had hair at all! But so true, it does grow back, and then we go get to get it cut again, go figure!

Great topic!

oh amanda said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed this one! I have a horrible story! I got it CHOPPED the day before our back to school retreat for 10th grade. I cried and cried...which is something I would NEVER do over hair. But the worst was when Scotty Wilkins, a guy who had been IN LOVE with me all freshman year, came up to me on the first day of 10th grade and said, "What happened to your hair?" *sob* I'm still not over it.