Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday blessings ~

Well, I'm sitting here snuggled up with Izzy in the midst of an ice storm that I didn't believe was going to happen. The weathermen have been announcing it's arrival all week and I have literally laughed in their faces! I have also laughed at the hoards of people running to get supplies to last through the storm. I refused to do that! Guess what? At precisely 4:15 a.m. this morning our electricity went off from ice on the electrical lines which resulted in a down transformer... it knocked out the whole neighborhood! Matt was quick to say, "I told you so!" even that early in the morning. It sure is dark without electricity, we're talking no lights... not even street lights! I felt like a hibernating bear. It was actually kinda nice. I did grab my blackberry and do some web surfing, like the electric co. and then the weather station to see the high for the day. Our power came back on around ten a.m. and we all cheered :o)! I then ran (really I did) to the kitchen and threw the turkey breast I had purchased to bake today into the turkey bag and then into the oven so it would be cooked for lunch. I let Amanda put potatoes in the oven and then she began "begging" for me to drive to pick up the boyfriend for the day since he would not be driving to church. I don't think he is familiar with slick roads... so I did. The roads really were not that bad. Just a few slick spots and the bridges were slick. I kinda like to get out when everyone else is in. BUT a quick stop into the grocery store showed me that many people were OUT. Most churches in our area closed for the day. Our church is canceled tonight, I would have gone this morning but we didn't get power in time to get ready. The turkey was perfect! I made carrots and we had rolls and the potatoes. YUM. I even cooked a frozen pumpkin pie.
Izzy is so much better today. Her fever is gone for the most part and she looks better. I am so thankful to all you guys for praying for her. God is so good.
I guess the only thing I have to do today is drive mr. boyfriend back home and hopefully that will happen before dark because it may get worse (I may actually let Matt do that)!
The kids are hoping (and probably praying) that school is canceled tomorrow. It could go either way. If you know the weather patterns in Oklahoma, we could all wake up and see a hot sun. Stranger things have happened, but this is supposed to stick around for several days.
I'm off for a piece of pumpkin pie! Hope you are having a blessed Sunday.

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Jodi said...

What a nice mom you are for going o pick up the boyfriend! Glad you got your power back and that Izzy is feeling much better!! Enjoy your pumpkin pie!

Tricia said...

Sounds like a cozy stay warm in the house day. I am glad you got your electricity back.

Karen said...

What a great Mum you are! You know with a 4 year old daughter I find it hard to imagine a time when boyfriends will be on the scene. Did it feel strange at first for you? I've never experienced an ice storm before.

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

So I am reading along, picturing you and Izzy wrapped up in a blanket and sitting by the fire. I can see in my head the storm and almost feel the cold. . . then. . . you say pumpkin pie and I lose the image and get hungry

I'm voting for school being closed and everybody sleeping in and hanging out in jammies together :D

Keep warm.

Loving Annie said...

I love the snow background on your blog, Annie ! Goes perfect with the storm :)

Glad that the turkey turned out so well, and that Izzy is feeling better.

Hope you have enough food in the house if the storm gets worse and you can't get out for a few days.

Do you have enough candles and flashlights ?

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

My dad called me this morning from Midwest City - he was fussing because they had sleet and snow. The man just doesn't know how to appreciate good cold weather. lol

Can you hear "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" playing in your head? lol

Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

Thanks for your reply Annie. You know in the last few days, I've felt to start praying for my children's future spouses (a friend added that I should pray for this inlaws too), so your comment about praying has given me a great reminder to start doing this. Bless you heaps Annie.

Yvonne said...

Ice is so awful to drive in--you are a wonderful mother to go get Amanda's boyfriend ; )

I'm so glad Izzy is feeling better.

Tori :) said...

My sister lives in Kansas and they had a freezing ice storm too- no church.
I'm glad y'all were safe on the roads and that Izzy is feeling better.

kim said...

ohhhh....I have only been in an ice storm once and all I can say is that I don't envy you--it scared me! It sounds like you had a wonderful and cozy day and I am so glad that Izzy is feeling better.

Guess what I did today?? Shopped! Yes....I finally got started and I feel much better. :)


justabeachkat said...

Well after my post yesterday showing our beautiful weather and beach, I feel bad knowing yours was so yucky. I remember when we lived in Nashville having days exactly like yours. It was kind nice every once in awhile.

Your turkey meal sounded oh so wonderful. My favorite!

I'm so glad Izzy Bear is better. I prayed, I really did. (see my post today) Give her a big bear hug from me.

Have a wonderful day.

Christmas hugs to you and Izzy Bear!

Nancy Face said...

You crack me up, laughing at the weathermen, tee hee! :D

Your lunch sounds positively SCRUMPTIOUS! I'm so glad the power came back on in time for you to cook it! :)

Such a blessing that Izzy got feeling better! :o)

I'm glad you were safe out on the road! Funny...I used to pick up Lauren's boyfriend Ted sometimes when he didn't have access to a car...good times! I really like it when the boyfriend hangs out at the girl's house with her's a great way for everyone to really get to know him! :)

oh amanda said...

Oh, and it's 75 here! Glad it wasn't worse and that Izzy is better!

Dena said...

Girl you better stock up for the rest of the winter - least you have the blackberry!

Sonya said...

I love to be stuck inside during a storm. I love to have a full pantry and sit back and munch all day. It's a wonderful excuse to stay in my pj's and wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket all day!

Coach J said...

Hey!!! Glad to hear that Izzy's getting better. And, I'm jealous that it's cold there. Not of the ice--but the cold weather. It's 75 here. I sat out in shorts yesterday getting a Christmas tan. Ugh.
Hope all is going well there, and the ice is melting :) I'll be talking to ya later...

Coach J said...

Oh yeah, I LOVE the look you've got for Christmas :) Very nice!

Lauren said...

Awww...what an amazing mom you are! Pickin' up Amanda's boyfriend :)

Our Peculiar Life said...

I laughed at the weathermen too!!! They usually exaggerate everything! I think this is the only time I can remember that they UNDER estimated!!