Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wordy wednesday

Whew, what a day! Wanna know what I did tuesday? I'll tell you anyway... I took the girls to school. Emelia had honor choir before school. Came home did laundry and fed Iz breakfast and then ran to Edmond for a quick errand. I made plans with Melody to do her hair after taking Izzy to school so I got Izzy fed lunch, and ready for school... took her to school; came home and met Melody. Ate lunch with her, exchanged gifts, and then highlighted and cut her hair. I took Amanda to the chiropractor (whiplash///headaches & backache), then dropped her home and picked up Iz... dropped amanda off to help Lorenzo prepare for his mother to come home... ran to beauty supply, then by lumber two for Matt (chainsaw blades ... did you see those pictures?) ... then picked up matt, ran to blockbuster, came home and put the quiche in the oven and started some spanish rice... Emelia told me she had an honor choir concert in 15 minutes so I turned off the oven and raced out the door with her... ran back in... made quick batch of guacamole and served dinner... fed izzy and put her pj's on her... ate dinner...did laundry... ran to pick up amanda... came home... wrote a few posts for money :o)... checked email... and now I am looking forward to bed. What a day!


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Yvonne said...

Hope you sleep well. You deserve a good night's rest.

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! I'm playing "catch up" on my blog reading tonight so I've been reading all of your posts I missed while on my trip. Oh.My.Word! You've had a terrible time while I was off having fun. I feel a little guilty. I guess everything is better now. I sure hope so.

Christmas hugs!

Haley said...

Goodness, you are such a go getter! :-)

Hope you got some good sleep!

kim said...

Wow Annie--those are the kind of days where I feel like there is no rest for the weary! Hope you have a good sleep--which is where I am headed off to right now! I have missed you and the rest of my blog friends--hopefully after the holidays I will have more time online!


Jenileigh said...

Busy day for us too. Can't wait for Christmas!!

Nancy Face said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I don't think I could EVER fit all of that into one day! I'm amazed and completely impressed! I hope you got lots of happy sleep and good dreams! And I hope today is more relaxed for you! :o)

Lori4squaremom ( said...

Annie, your schedule made ME tired :) I don't like, and I really mean DON'T like days like that. I like things to be slow paced and peaceful :)

SO glad that you finally have power, and I'm praying that all of the "mess" gets cleaned up soon for you guys.

How is Amanda feeling?

Love and blessings!

Dena said...

Wow! It sounds like I have missed A LOT! I can't wait to catch up - at least there's no school for a few days - or is that more hectic!

Sonya said...

I got tired just reading this post! Wow! What a lot of running you did! I have days like that sometimes and it always wears me out!