Monday, December 3, 2007

thank you's...

I got the most fun goodmail this weekend from Haley!
It was a "believe" pin. I immediately put it on my sleeveless coat (I continue to call it that even though and probably because it drives Matt crazy!) LOL.
She also sent me a really cute ready to go photo album, a super cute card, and a ME magnet!

Thank you so much Haley. I loved it all...

Also thanks to Betty and Ed, you guys are the best!


Haley said...

You are so welcome! I have been assembling that stuff for weeks! I made that album and it just told me it needed to go to your house, since it's all about Faith, Believing, Hope. :-)

So so so so Glad you liked it! Seriously, just mailing it made me giddy! :-D