Wednesday, October 31, 2007

health care

When Izzy's accident happened, because her hospitalization was so expensive... the hospital administration met with us and discussed our health insurance policy. They were amazed at what wonderful health insurance we had. There was no cap which was very unusual. We were relieved to know that our insurance was in place and would cover our needs during this devastating time.

I mentioned earlier that growing up we had no medical insurance. A trip to the doctor or dentist cost so much money. My father worked as a self employed contractor, so there were certain months that were tighter than others. Usually the winter, and that was also when we usually got sick. I'm not sure that medical insurance was a readily available to self employed and small business owners as it is today.

After my brothers and I were all older, my mom went to work for the State. Now they have insurance to cover their needs as they grow older. I'm sure this is a comfort to both of them. Otherwise I would suggest they get a medical insurance quote.


Jessica said...

Glad you have good coverage for Izzy. ME fortunately gets extra coverage through the state because of her special needs. We have insurance but it won't cover everything she needs so it's good to have the state coverage to cover everything above & beyond. I don't know how we'd do it otherwise.