Monday, July 2, 2007

time travel tuesday ~ wedding edition

Barb suggested we travel back to our wedding day/time... I think after Mandy's (her daughter) wedding she just had weddings on the brain. What a fun place to travel to this week, huh? If you have any suggestions of places you would like to travel, please let me know!

Okay girls, what are your memories from your wedding day? Were you nervous? Do you remember walking down the aisle? What about the rehearsal dinner, anything special happen that night?

I'll start with the night before my wedding... Friday, June 16, 1989. We had rehearsal at the church and then went to Eddie's steakhouse for our rehearsal dinner. The main thing I remember about the rehearsal dinner was when Matt's mother stood up welcoming me to the family, saying they couldn't have chosen a more perfect wife for Matt. This led to my dad standing up to welcome Matt to our family. I could hardly bare it. I had to sip my tea the whole time to keep from crying. By the end of the dinner I was a basket case so we went to our home to be and talked until midnight... because he couldn't see me on the day of our wedding, right?

me with my brothers
My mother worked so hard getting everything prepared for my wedding. She made my wedding dress, made the cakes, did the flowers... I was so indecisive during those months of planning I'm sure she wanted to shake me, but she didn't. She just tried to make everything perfect. Since then she worked in a wedding shop and learned a lot about weddings and has commented on how much better she could do it now, too bad I'm done with weddings... There's always Amanda, then Emelia, and then Isabelle!

The day of my wedding was almost surreal. The wedding was planned for the afternoon. I went and had my hair done by the stylist who had done the trial run a few weeks before. I hated it this time. I then came to the church and french braided all the bridesmaid's hair (& candle lighter....) and then my friend (and Mary Kay consultant) proceeded to do my make up. Hated it too! Way more makeup than I normally wear.
The rest is a blur until I got to the doors and the music started ... my dad looked in to my eyes and said, "Are you sure you want to do this today, you can always change your mind." I thought to myself... don't make me cry now!!! This is the picture taken right after he said that. I really don't like this picture of me, but look at my daddy's eyes. He loves me so much. I love this picture of him.

Here I go ... down the aisle.

Matt and I exchanged vows and talked and even joked a little during the ceremony. We were very nervous (and young).
Here we are "cutting the cake."
There you have it... my wedding day, we'll save the honeymoon for another time (or not :o).

One last thing. Matt's only requests when we were planning the wedding was that he wanted black tuxes and a particular song. I can't remember now but think it was 'time in a bottle'... I didn't grant either wish. It wasn't intentional, I was just in some kind of weird bride daze. (and doesn't he look just precious in that ivory tux?)

I can't wait to make the rounds to read about your wedding day!


Joyful Days said...

Mine's up! But I had a head start because I had done my wedding story earlier. I had a dramatic entrance!! LOL.

Gorgeous pictures, Annie. You are a super looking couple.


Nancy Face said...
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Lauren said...

What cute memories! Thank you for sharing them.

Nancy Brown said...

How cute were you! I am warning you we are still the newlyweds!But I traveled this week !!

kim said...

OH Annie--you were a lovely bride. I love how your dress and mine, actually covered us up a bit. That is how it was back then. My daughter had quite a time trying to find one that wasn't strapless or spaghetti straps when she shopped for hers two years ago.
Your story was sweet and I am looking forward to reading every one else's. This theme was a great one. :)

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a great memory! Your pictures are wonderful and you both make a great looking couple. Thanks for sharing.

Jodi said...

What a cute couple!! Great memories. Mine's up.

have a great Tuesday!
Be blessed!
♥ Jodi

Anonymous said...

Annie, I love the rehearsal dinner story. And, you can certainly see you Dad's love for you in that picture. I enjoyed reading this!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

This is so much fun! I haven't looked at my wedding pictures in quite some time! You guys were adorable. Thanks for hosting :)

Sara said...

What a beautiful wedding dress! Mine is up.

Loving Annie said...

Oh Annie, you looked so very beautiful ! And what a lovely princess-perfect dress ! It almost makes me cry to look at how romantic it all was in the pictures you shared !!!!

I've never been married, so I have no stories about that day to share - yet !

p.s. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings by not tagging you on that one meme. I hate hate hate doing them, and I always feel bad because I can't pick everyone, and I like all of my links !!! And you are one of my most loyal commenters, too ! I just may post next week and ask that no-one ever tag me for anything specifically because of that.

Hope you and those you love have a wonderful Tuesday !

Loving Annie

Coach J said...

I'm wondering how tall your daddy is. We both have tall daddies. :) Another thing in common!! :) Your pictures are great. And I love how you said what Matt requested but you didn't grant either. I kept asking dh what he wanted, but he would never tell me anything!! I wanted us to sing together, but he didn't, so we didn't! Anyway, mine's up now, so you can come see.

Michelle said...

I had to laught that he only had 2 requests for the wedding and you denied him both! LOL

Beautiful pictures! You make a great looking couple!

I was thinking we could do a favorite vacation or something like that.

Anonymous said...

What great memories! Very nice photos too!

Barb said...

My word, you were a beautiful bride, Annie. I cannot believe your mom made that gown. It's gorgeous. You know, I did a lot of the prep for Mandy's wedding, and I'm a seamstress, but I can absolutely assure you I'd never have offered to make her gown. Your mother did an awesome job.

OK, here's a confession. I suggested this theme because I WAS in wedding-on-the-brain mode and I truly love reading about people's weddings and especially seeing the beautiful photos. But I didn't have a wedding.

It was the second marriage for both of us and we took my sister and his brother and went a judge, got married and then the four of us had breakfast at Coco's and everyone went back to work. LOL

Seriously. There's nothing for me to post about. If we ever renew our vows, I'll post about that.


Barbara H. said...

How pretty!! Love the picture of you and your dad.

Jessica said...

Wonderful pictures and great memories! My dad asked me the same thing before he walked me down the isle, lol!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I loved reading your wedding story! The pics are great....LOL about the honeymoon!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, how very sweet!! :o)

I'm not playing along this week. David and I didn't have a wedding. We were married by the JOP, LOL. We *are* planning a big vow renewal back home in Arkansas (on our land, we have a huge forest and a creek running through it and that's where it will be held). :o) We're not exactly sure what year we'll do it but it *will* be done! :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh, this was a wonderful post, Annie. I loved the part where his mother welcomed you into the family and then your father did like wise :o) Also, loved your father giving you permission to change your mind if you wanted to :o) Dad's are so wonderful!

Boy your mom did ALL that. WOW!!

kim said...

Wow Annie--your mom made your dress?? It is beautiful and she sure deserves an award!
I never could have attempted that for Sarah and I refused to do bridesmaid's dresses too. We hired a friend to do those. I surely would have had a nervous breakdown if I had taken that on.
What I find especially amazing is that your mom did that using several patterns! What a special thing she did for you. :)
Off to read more stories. I am going in to work late today as my Sam started vomiting at midnight last night--- :( Daddy went to work this morning, Mommy gets to go in this afternoon.

jdoriot said...

This is a great Time Travel Tuesday! Your post is wonderful and your memories are too!!

btw...I always forget that you have your music on autoplay and it always startles me...which makes my entire family cackle! lol!! You'd think I'd remember! lol!!

Haley said...

I love your photos! :-) What an awesome look back!


Irritable Mother said...

Your dad's comment made me laugh. I suppose it could be a good test to make sure you're sure about your decision.
That picture with the cake is a cute one, and you DO look young. Wow! When we look at our wedding pictures I can't help but say to Brian, "Look at how much hair you had!" My how time changes us!!!

Jenileigh said...

Gorgeous pics! You were a beautiful bride! (and still are!) I enjoyed this! thanks for sharing Annie!

KC said...

What a pretty bride you are, and you mom did a wonderful job on your wedding.
My dad also gave me the opption to back out right before walking down, he said he didn't care one bit about the people out there or the planning and money and time that it took to get the wedding together, if I had any doubts at all, then this wasn't the time to do this, and he told me he would go up front and let everyone know if I wasn't ready to do this.. I thought that was the sweetest thing every taking care of his baby girl and all. When I told that to my husband he took it as my dad didn't want me to marry him. Until now that he has girls and he gets it now.
great TTT

Oldqueen44 said...

What fun memorites. You both look so cute and so young. Ahhh...Love

Karen said...

Great TTT! I'll put mine up, but I can't get my scanner to work, so no pictures:( Dang it. Maybe I can add them later when I get the bugs worked out.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your dress is beautiful! I have made wedding gowns, not my own, but can appreciate all the work that went into yours!

Tori :) said...

Oh! I loved reading your wedding story. Y'all are the cutest couple. :)

Vader's Mom said...

How wonderful! Your pictures are so beautiful. I've loved visiting some of your "people" this week.

justabeachkat said...

Oh, how beautiful you looked and how handsome he looked. Great photos. Love, love, love your dress! What sweet memories!

I'll see if I can find my photos so I can join in the fun.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Annie, you were such a beautiful bride. I love seeing wedding photos. I can tell the day was very special.

sheryl said...

You both look precious!! And WOW!! You're mom did such an awesome job on the dress and flowers and cake!!! It all looks so professional! Better get a head start on her 50th owe her big-time! lol ;)

Susanne said...

I loved reading this. You were such a lovely couple and that dress is just beautiful! "Weird bride daze". That's funny, I think I went through that too!

IRENE said...

You look so beautiful and you are both so young. I was moved to tears myself by what your dad told you. What a wise thing to say to your daughter, showing you stand by her in such a major decision!
I am sorry I haven't posted.Been busy with houseguests, but then we so rarely have people we love over here, so, it would be rude to withdraw myself...
Anyway, I am going to post about this subject, as I am a July Bride, as you can see on my sidebar!
Wishing you happiness and joy, now and always.

Marcia said...

You were so young!!!! I also get a shock when I look at our wedding pics. I might still do this one (in my own sweet time though) just for the memories.

Ours was TOTALLY different in MANY ways. But nice :)

Aren't you glad you don't have to go through that again though ?!

Marcia said...

Isn't Loving Annie sweet? I'm going over now to visit with her :)

BTW, I forgot YOU were one of my highlights for the week, so I edited my weekend reflection :)

OKGardners said...

Annie, I loved your wedding pix. You were just a very young girl in the photos. Matt has a young, baby face, too. I'm so happy that God continues to bless your marriage and family.

Betty G.

JennaG said...

I really enjoyed reading this week's time travel. I have always wanted to have a girl party where we brought our wedding videos and shared them with each other--very fun. You were a beautiful bride--and had a very beautiful wedding.