Saturday, June 30, 2007

weekend refection~

  • Izzy went to bear & school this week, she was a healthy little girl again this week. I cannot believe it is almost time for her birthday! July 26 she will turn 5 years old. I think because I am still carrying her around and doing all her care, she still is like my baby. I am going to have to change my vocabulary... Birthdays would probably make me very sad if I didn't rely on and believe in God's promises!
  • Amanda did a few jobs for Matt around the yard for $$$ this week, she then went to eat at Olive Garden and to get her eyebrows waxed... goodbye money :o)... at least the girl has priorities right? Oh, and the outing was supposed to be a "turn in applications for a J-O-B" and when I asked how many applications she turned in ... the magic number was "zero" because no one was hiring ya'll...
  • Me & Emelia had a fun outing Wednesday afternoon while Iz was in school. We ran errands, got her camp pictures, etc. She said, "aren't you glad I came with you, this was a great mother daughter bonding experience." I was glad that she felt that way! (I also had to wonder if it had anything to do with the snacks, pictures and toy I bought for her?... it doesn't matter she deserves it!!!)
  • Bailey has his little buddy here for the weekend from out of town. They are two peas in a pod and having a blast. I tried fixing some waffles and bacon for them to wake them up (at 11 a.m.) and they didn't stir. I guess they played that new wii game all night. Their conversations crack me up. I'm so glad Dylan's dad is willing to let him come visit since they moved away last year.
  • I operated on Matt's finger last night. He was doing yard work while off work yesterday and we have trumpet vines that are just crazy so he was whacking them and one went into his thumb and broke off so you couldn't pull it out. It just got worse and worse. Finally me, my exacto knife, and my tweezerman sharp point tweezers had to do surgery. Let me tell you it wasn't pretty. It's out though! If I could find the camera I would take a picture of how big it was (maybe it's better that I can't locate the camera this morning).
  • It's still raining!!! Last night I drove down our road and it is a river going across it. The second time I felt my car move a little. I'm still not complaining, but there is major flooding happening around here now.
  • I got a day off this week because I made the tacos and had lots of taco meat left over so the next night I took tortillas and refried (fat free) beans and rolled them up with a little cheddar and then put sauce over it and cheese and baked it... and while I was at the mall buying a birthday present, I poked my head in El Chico and ordered a set up (cheese sauce, hot sauce, chips, tortillas for only 2.99) and we had mexican food again. It all turned out very good...
  • So the next night (last night) I made the pork chops, but because the first time I used the grill I forgot to turn off the gas, I now have to go have the propane tank refilled so we had pork chop potatoes in the crockpot and I couldn't find the recipe so I improvised and they were yummy!!!
  • I am still watching it in the food area. Still enjoying the morning coffee...
  • I posted some fourth of July recipes for favorite ingredient Friday here.
  • Kat & Ohamanda gave me the rocker girl blogger award !!! So sweet, thank you thank you thankyou!!!
  • Me & Marcia were finally able to visit on her chat room! It was so much fun talking to her, I just wish I could hear her accent. Judi's was so much fun to 'hear' on the phone.
  • I won Barb's recipe party favor (well, I was one of 30... but still!)
  • I took this quiz on Nan's page and found out I am only 60% addicted to blogging, don't know if that is good or bad???
  • Jenna is a killer! (well, it was a pregnant snake but still :o)...
  • I mailed out those devo books to all of you who sent me your addresses. Hope they come today... I mailed them Wednesday afternoon (when me & emelia were out playing).
  • Lolly posted about pool safety! Thanks Lolly!!!
  • I got good mail!!! Thanks PJ, when I find the camera I will take a pic of the fun good mail you sent and how did you know I love strawberry licorice?
  • Happy Anniversary to Sheryl & Jenna!!! (No, not the two of them ... with their hubbies for goodness sakes)
  • sunshine
  • daddies... mine on earth (love him) and mine in heaven (love HIM!)
  • health
  • God's promises, they keep me moving, one step after another! Praise Him.
  • my friends... the ones I know IRL, and the ones I will know IRL someday!
  • YOU!!!

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Nancy Brown said...

WOW! Your a busy girl. I love your setup. Keep up the good work and your amazing food!! ! Glad Izzy is a healthy girl.

Debi said...

Sounds like a pretty darn good week! I just love reading your weekend reflection posts.

Judi said...

Whew. A lot more going on there than here! I put the Mister Linky up. Sorry about that. You can go sign it now!

I wish I could come for Izzy's birthday! I hope I get to talk to you this week!

oh amanda said...

You sound good & blessed!

Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday afternoon Annie !

Glad that you used your surgical skills to help Matt out !

Happy upcoming birthday to Izzy in July !

Irritable Mother said...

That trumpet vine in Matt's finger sounds nasty. Reminds me of the time I got an almost one-inch long sliver of wood stuck in my leg. Doc had to get that one out for me! I'm glad you were able to take care of Matt.
Thanks again for sharing your life here. said...

I have a special needs girl who turned 45 this week! Meeting all these wonderful bloggers has been so great for me! Everyone has been so nice!
Nancy has lupus and I am kind of crippled up, so we are more or less shut-in. I find it so neat to go out and read other blogs!
I have written more about Nancy and you can find that in my side bar. You have a very sweet and kind blog! Grams

gail@more than a song said...

You had a lot going on this week...the mother/daughter outing sounds nice!

I can't believe how much rain y'all have had! Still really none here.

Lauren said...

What a fun week! I can totally relate with your daughter who spent her money going out to dinner and get waxed. It's just so much fun!

That leftover taco meat concoction sounds delicous!

Barb said...

Reading your weekend reflections is the perfect way for me to catch up with your busy life, Annie.

I think I know what you're saying about birthdays - they certainly mark the passage of time - but I like to think of them as a celebration of life. Hard to believe Izzy is almost five years old.

There's no way I could have dug that thing out of Matt's finger. Honestly, I'd rather have my own finger chopped off that dig in someone else's. It's just one of those things that makes a nervous wreck out of me. It took me two months of working on it only occasionally to get three tiny thorns out of my own finger. I admire you. You're stronger than I am. LOL

You may possibly be the only person I know who's busier than me but you always sound so happy and upbeat, it's a pleasure trying to keep up with you! :-)

Sonya said...

What a wonderful week! I'm glad Izzy is doing so well! It sounds like all of your children are doing well! That is such a blessing. Sorry to hear about Matt's finger....sounds painful!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I just had to laugh about Amanda's outing! Sounds like a teenage girl to me! :)

Carrie! :o) said...

Glad you had such a good week. I had to laugh at how Amanda spent her money and then didnt submit any applications, LOL. Typical teen, huh?!

Elizabeth said...

Hi annie,
You sure were busy. I wanted to let you know how you help saved another child. A friend of mine's dd was going to put a pool in her back yard. I told my friend your story and I think her dd has decised no to put a pool in. Her dd has a 3 year little girl.
My friend is so thankful. She has been so worried about her gd being around a pool.
I love all the recipes you have on your other blog too.

Anonymous said...

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