Thursday, May 10, 2007


I put a little update on Izzy's blog!


Haley said...

I take most of my pictures digitally too actually, and then just get them printed out out at walmart or somewhere like that.

Well, if you click on the link in my profile, you can read the sign-up terms for PPP. When you become a member you have to verify and sign-up your blog, and then based on how many other blogs have linked to you and how popular your site is, they give you a list of opportunities you are eligible to post about. You can pick and choose each opportunity and preview each one before accepting it. They show you on your PPP available opportunity page how much $ each one is worth. They pay you through a verified paypal account where they make monthly deposits into your bank through paypal! Phew!
Well there's that! If you have anymore questions, email me and I'll try to answer them.

I'm very exciting about going camping!!

Also I spent like two hours tonight trying to work on a new template and I kept messing it up, I think it's time for you to step in! Eek!
I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. At this point you could just make me a pretty template and I could paste it in the box....that's all I want! LOL

Sorry for running off at the mouth! :-)


Haley said...


I totally did it! Finally! It's not perfect, but I'm just proud I changed it on my own!


Haley said...

LOL! well after all that work I changed it back to the way it was...I guess it just didn't suit me.

oh well


Michelle said...

WTG Izzy! That is awsome and I bet you just had tears in your eyes hearing how well she was doing taking steps!