Thursday, February 1, 2007

Updates on my TT

Well, Tefra is supposedly approved as of today. I am now waiting for a nurse to call for a home visit to get the ball rolling and hopefully get Izzy's teeth fixed.
We made a brace type thing last night and it appears to be working okay. She wore her splints a lot today and was not happy about it but it's okay.
We had an interesting day... I was so determined to get her to school. I fell walking to the car carrying her. Yep, fell! I didn't drop her, I don't even think she knew we fell. I braced myself with my right hand and skinned it a little and my knee. I am praying I don't wake up sore tomorrow. Anyway, got her to school.. it was snowing heavily... I decided to carry her and push the stroller. The basket underneath came undone and the foot splints fell into the snow. After picking them up twice while carrying Izzy and pushing the stroller I got to the doors to find that the basket had wound itself around the front wheel keeping it from pushing... UGH! To top it all off I busted my nail of all the way at the bottom. The good news is that when I picked Izzy up from school they said she did really good today in the walkable.


Julie said...

The fall in the snow would have done it for me. I would have been sitting there, in the snow, with Izzy in my arms, bawling! I think and have always thought that you are one tough gal (especially after reading your Thursday Thirteen). You and Izzy have a lot going on and I will be praying about all of it. I'm excited that the Australians are coming soon. I want to hear what they say about Izzy's progress.
I have sickies home again today, and to tell you the truth, they are getting on my last nerve. I wish they would all get better and quit being so needy. There. I vented.
Love you!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, thank goodness your fall wasn't more serious!

Okay, I have a personal question for you. Will you email me at so that I can email you my question? It'd be helpful if you'd include a link to this blog in your email, to remind me of who I'm talking to (sorry, I get a lot of emails).

Thanks so much!