Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I've learned since Izzy's accident...

1. The only constant in life is God. Everything else is subject to change.

2. I am stronger than I ever imagined. God has provided both physical and emotional strength when needed. There were times when Izzy was in the Dallas hospital that I remember thinking she wasn't going to make it... I was in such dispair and was led to faith based teachings from teachers like Andrew Wommack that gave me hope. This led to days filled with prayer and study and hope.

3. The basic principles I have learned all my life have changed greatly.

4. God is powerful and has no limitations.

5. People are placed in your path at just the right moment.

6. There are no guarantees, so don't take today for granted. This is the only day like today I will have... appreciate it.

7. I love my kids... so much so I would do anything for them.

8. My marriage is strong. We have made it through some rough times and have continued to support each other and love each other in spite of weaknesses.

9. Patience is a virtue. From ordering equipment, to jumping through hoops for Tefra, nothing goes fast. I have never prayed for patience because I didn't think the lesson that would go along with it would be pleasant. I was right, it is not.

10. There are a lot of scriptures in the bible about healing. I never really thought about it, I guess I never really "needed" to think about it. But, there is a lot of comfort in those scriptures. I have a wall in the front room which is Izzy's therapy room that I painted some of my favorite faith based scriptures on the whole wall.

11. True friends are there when you need them and always ready to listen.

12. A good night's sleep is priceless!

13. There are many many children who have suffered similar injuries as Izzy's all around the world. Near drownings happen too often.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Thursday 13! Very insightful! I just have to say ..... bless your heart! My youngest daughter is chronically ill so my Mama heart can very much relate to yours! (((Hugs)))

annb said...

I believe, the lessons we learn when faced with events that we never expected to happen to us are some of the most valuable lessons we can learn during our lifetime. I can't imagine going through them without the peace and comfort possible only through a relationship with God. Thank you for sharing such an important part of your life.

Overwhelmed! said...

Beautiful 13 Thursday post. Thanks for sharing.

JennaG said...

I really hope you like the Karen Kingsbury books but if you don't--you don't have to pretend! :) I didn't think of it until just now but there is a little girl in the books written with Gary Smalley that goes through a near-drowning incident--if that would be too hard to read--you might want to skip it. She makes wonderful progress in the book...

~Telah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment today. Your 13 was very touching.

Kim said...

This was an excellent Thursday 13. I've seen how an accident or illness can change the entire family dynamics over night. (I'm a nurse). I'm glad that you have God to support you. Izzy's adorable in the picture on the upper right!

Kathleen Marie said...

What fabulous things to be realize and be thankful for! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" God Bless!